Saturday, November 21, 2015

Aaradhyam: Abode of Worship (Home Tour of Avilasha)

Starting the series of actual home tour with a cheering, soothing, soulful and sensuous home of Avilasha today. Her home, named Aaradhyam, exactly meaning the abode of worship, is a cheerful collision of international ethos reveling in a traditional culture.  From the good beginning with a focus mind, Avilasha, a clinical Neuropsychologist by profession, wholeheartedly enjoyed the entire progression of her home, starting from hard civil work to the detailed interiors. Her eyes for design got her through the stunning process of making her home while savoring slightest detail of it.

Multi-faceted lady has a knack of knowing gems of old and vintage furniture by giving them a facelift. She has brilliantly taken Do-it-Yourself spirit to new levels of sophistication in her entire home. After raiding antique dealers and few online websites such as ‘OLX’ she picked up terminated furniture pieces and gave them an implausible transformations by refurbishing. The furniture pieces around her globally decorated home are the testament to prove how well Avilasha has advocated successful DIY projects in her home. 
Old antique carved chairs were changed with black deco painting and black suede fabric to give a monochromatic feel
Brave hits of black and white pattern on the wall beautifully collide in this happy glam family room. The classic color combo black and white wallows Avilasha’s innate ability to be fearless, fun and bold for décor.  Some happy splashes of red assortments and expertly edited accessories emit the home owner’s unique individuality.

Enticing display of inherited and collected pieces
Every corner in this room screams of a story of inherited pieces of by gone era or the places they visited. Avilasha proudly broaches about the medley of accessories which epitomizes her true self in the room. She smugly points out at the inherited valuable pieces from her mother or curated from their distant travels. The copper incense stick holder, Kashmiri Kahwa teapot and the blue pottery plate on the table, she inherited from her mother. The spinning dervish’s plate doesn’t only add the pop of red on the wall but also hark back the memories of good times in Turkey they had. Two valuable brass plates and big pot at the lip of staircase are handed down pieces from her mother-in-law.  
Clean straight lines and nice curves on the arm rests on those chairs were perfect for a makeover.
The striking graphic punch with black and white stripes wall is grounded with a dramatic black and white rug. A wagon cart is pressed here into service as a very modish coffee table.

A solid teak wood table from an antique dealer is brand new after few licks of bold color.
The room sports strong red scattered around, by the same token, the dining area also has its share of red. The dining table was also a rickety old piece picked up from an antique dealer. Being it a potential piece, wee bit make-over is done with German Red color to serve her purpose.
Avilasha's private sanctuary, her bedroom is ingeniously designed to please all the senses. Her bedroom invites to wind down the hustle and bustle of daily life with ease. The most romantic and of course our attention grabbing four-poster bed is a show stealer in her bed room. The handsome bed is a result of  an afterthought of their travel to Turkey. Neatly propped cushions on the bed are blending well in richly layered room. The Moroccan mirror adds sophistication to an otherwise plain passion plum wall. Avilasha follows her own whimsy when it comes to décor, the far end yellow frames are the cushion covers that have been framed which definitely sums up the core of her style.
Guest Bedroom with Indo-Asian deocr
Rolling over next to her extremely calming place full of Zen vibes is her Guest Room. It is surrounded by an arresting charm of Indo- Asian themed décor. Starting off with the antique lotus Buddha tankha painting inherited from her father takes the center stage of her Guest room wall echoing her emotional resonance. The up cycled green wing chair is also a fruitful result of her DIY elbow grease.

To harmonize the appearance, she has seek the aid of more Zen décor accessories collected from their unforgettable holidays or travels to an exotic lands such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka and different states of India. Being an avid meditation practitioner Avilasha has added touch of calming vibes throughout the room.
Office Den/Media Room

Finest décor elements in her abode include an unmistakable and exceptional styles of Avilasha. The wit of using ordinary pieces in a modern way is an absolute pivotal to the heart and soul of her home. She proudly conjures up using a tea towel (the deer frame) or a loose poster (DO NOT DISTURB sign) freely mixing unexpectedly by framing them on a collage wall of her study room.

Frames are the art prints form San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts ( SFMOMA)
Her study room is also shared as a media room where largely scaled textured brick pattern draws the eye, which is actually wallpaper. Juxtaposition of hot orange with teal green frames gives a hip and retro look. The eye catching blood red rug is arresting the ultra-modern look of this room. Subtle texture of the custom made day bed adds comforting and warm atmosphere for those movie nights with buttery pop-corn.
Under the stairs corner
Before we conclude today’s home tour, sharing few festive corners of Diwali from Avilasha’s home. She decked up the home by hitting all traditional brass accent pieces giving them grand “Royal Rajasthani” theme around the home.
Knick knacks of brass scattered for a perfect festive ambience
The home truly dictates the wisdom of the lady's DIY spirit and interesting décor finds keeping her home alive. Do join her facebook page of Aaradhyam project where she has literally marked her thought process of every bit of it.  Thank you Avilasha, for opening the doors of your warm home for us. Wish you a all the very best for your future endeavors.

Hope this inspirational home tour will strike a punch to your deepest well of DIY fundas. Until we meet again, stay connected on Passion page of Facebook for further updates. I have few wonderful posts lined up for you all, so circle back here for more, toodles!

 (Images Credit: Avilasha via Aaradhyam project)


  1. What a beautiful home! A stunning combination of aesthetics and character. Love the colors all over :). Thank you for sharing a gorgeous home tour, Pinky :).

    1. Thank you Kunjan :) couldn't agree more! Happy to see you here :)