Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dazzling Diwali Tablescape

There is lots need to be checked off in coming days of festivities. Just like many of you, among the yo-yoing of Diwali shopping, cooking and making home ready to speak the spirit of Diwali I am also getting ready by giving final touches of festival.
The weather outside here is frightful but there is no better place to be than home for the celebration. Imminent arrival of Diwali is always a good excuse for putting up a play of lighting and swapping out accessories along with not forgetting friendly get together. Anyone who loves flowers and entertaining like me, Diwali is a perfect occasion to enjoy. Though, I consider myself a noob at decorating tablescapes yet I enjoy decorating table more than cooking a meal ;)
Table is an only place where details make difference, so create magic with little spark and elements that extol the joy this season. 
To add the perfect festive tone, I have added a hint of warmth by spreading out diyas. I have swapped out the overflowing bins and boxes of decorating this year by opting out the earthen diyas remembering our childhood days of celebrations by lighting up each and every nook of our home. Also our daughter will be missed during festivities due to her midterm exams, I have scattered out few of her jewels for shimmer and shine around diyas from her scrapbooking box on the table remembering her. (The self adhesive jewels are under a $ from Michael’s store, once fetched out for her project came in handy)
I always begin by reviewing what I already have. As I have belted out many times to step back and run an eye on what you already own for any festivities or décor, however color unifies everything, so pick your color scheme and use that to bring out from your imagination. I have started off with the ultimate traditional power couple of green and red combination for this year’s celebration.
Focus on beauty while setting the table. Here I have called on a brass kettle for a center piece housing red carnations to flow with my colors. An added touch of glamour covered the mod spin with traditional colors.
I have added more glamour of gold with a placemat and red charger plates to make it more festive.
Adding a plain runner is like an empty canvas. You can create a variety of moods by changing any color on that natural runner. I had fun twists spreading the jewels informally to create different looks.

Amidst all the frenzy, if you cringe at the idea of having to play with last minute details at your tablescape where guests are gathered to vibrant conversation and enjoy all the Diwali goodies,  adopt my super easy and quick formula to get the table ready in a flash.

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  1. Beautiful! Have a very happy Diwali. ..

  2. Thank you friends :) Wishing you a happy Diwali as well, circle back with me for 2 more posts on Diwali in pipe-line :)


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