Monday, November 9, 2015


As a herald of Diwali or any other pooja day, a precise corner in my home is always brightened up by Rangoli with riotous colors. I have doled out my share of décor via Diwali posts but when it comes to art by no means I am an expert 'Pundit" unlike my artist daughter.  

As usual after typical perplexing over the design, this year’s Diwali Rangoli design is created by stealing an inspiration from our artist daughter’s art piece. A bit of family team work easily kicked up a notch. Hubby dear drew the design, young fella mixed the colors and the lady of the home, moi, created the magic ;)
For those who are novice like me with the flow of vibrant rangoli dust, this easy peasy rice rangoli arrangement will set you all up for the day.
Offering some fresh spin on traditional decorating of rangoli by using few mirrors is my way of cheering the corner. So splash few drops of food coloring and plain rice to create the magic in few minutes. (Ensure to have your hands covered with gloves before mixing the rice with color)
Year 2015

Rice and mirror rangoli

Mirror & leaf template rangoli year 2014

Rice Rangoli 2013

Paisly and Diya with rice -Year 2012

A very talented fellow blogger Lakshmi has weaved the tales of Rangoli dictating every aspect of it very well, do pay a visit on her blog Celebrations Décor for a great read on rangoli.

Until we meet again, wishing each and every one happy festivities of Diwali, toodles!


  1. These rangolis are beautiful Pinkz. :). Happy Diwali.

  2. Beautiful Rangolis!! Is that a whiteboard or a white table?