Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!

Minutes ticked by and screaming cheers and yelling applauds gave a way to New Year, as finally we rang in 2016. Festivities are over, decorations are hauled away but the afterglow still remains and January is here, serving us a bit of a hangover from Christmas.

After chucking out mini hibernation state, this yours truly is back on her creative roll however still battling vacation blues from our vacation. Missing the warm feel of sun and sound of the surf ;) Though, winter in my part is tad bit gentle this year rewarding us many extra bonus days with warmer temperatures in December which is quite pleasing for us Torontonians. Usually temperatures dip up to negative 20 by this time of the year, so shouldn’t really grumble :)

As we "Shree Ganesh" New Year
Forefronts of thoughts are racing, as the beginning of the New Year is usually anxiety overloaded (for me at least). Few brain storming ideas are racing in mind for adding the new elements in our home and for now I am collecting all the thoughts and jotting down in my head, hopefully will be able to implement and document these design projects for you all in near future.
To start the New Year with right notes, many interesting posts are queued up for you all my lovely readers.  Brewing up a hearty home tour, calming Buddha post and there’s few more but I will leave it to you to find out later this month.
For now, let’s cling to our hopes of better things to come, staying positive is the only way to be to start this New Year! Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!


  1. Beautiful Ganesha! Wishing you a wonderful New Year , may his blessings fill all our homes this year & in the years to come :)

  2. Happy new year.. Hope through out the year you remain positive and achieve what ever you wanted to achieve..