Sunday, December 20, 2015

To the glorious 2015....

In the silence of the early wee hours, snatching a moment here amidst the peace to report our year end post.

As the holidays are approaching, I will be missing in action. Yes, we will be off the map and heading to create another memorable vacation and catch up with some much needed family time since the older one left the nest. We all are keen and so ready to get extra spoiled with lots of sunshine and grey sky and blue ocean sort of escape.

You all have been a real treat of my blogging. Even though, blogging was something I certainly did not plan on or thought of, though sharing bits and pieces of my life with you all, folks with good taste, has touched many lives and have made many wonderful new friends. Thank you for being there and tying me in your life. I had a great year connecting with you all, even though I am still learning to harness the expertise of the blogging ;)

After today this Pinkz is going to hibernate until over New Year. So, here is a shout out for a great ending to a glorious year and a toast for a wonderful New Year to crack open new decorating ventures. Until than suspend the guilt and indulge in the Christmas goodies , spend time with your loved ones and enjoy your holidays peeps! Do stay connected on my Instagram gallery to travel along with me,  toodles!


  1. Hi Pinkz, Happy new year in advance and its been really a pleasure looking at all the little details you do everyday taking time. I know how hard it is being a working mom and maintaining the house with our own taste. I look at your blog when ever I feel I dont have time for all these..... get a little inspiration to re decorate :) I never saw any decorations from you for bathroom and bedrooms and patio. When ever you get a chance please post them as well. Thanks

    1. Thank you Navatha for taking a moment to connect and sending your love. Bathroom, bedroom and patio are all under process as our home is fairly 2 years old. Hoping to document these projects this year for all my lovely readers like you :) Keep visiting and enjoying :)