Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oriental Splendour (La Sultana Marrakech - Boutique Hotel)

Stepping our feet today at the door step of exclusive, La Sultana, a boutique five star riad supremely located in the very heart of Marrakech, Morocco. Where ancient culture, deep texture and rich colors cohabitate. Unique traditional architecture and authentic riad style property creates a feeling of an exclusive refined decoration.  I was bowled over by the traditional muse with modern touches and hence here I am to take you on a virtual tour with me.

Every square inch here is infused with whimsy and glamour bringing the cheerfulness of Moroccan artistry. The riad is totally empowered with vibrant lively patterns and fine artisanal workmanship.

Silky ethnic fabrics, colorful flirty rugs, carved wood furniture, large antique mirrors and forged metal Moroccan lamps bring these suits alive and engaging.

Strictly limited color palette frames this suite. Traditional intricate Moroccan stool and upholstered plumy velvety chairs pull the scheme together. Handsome giraffe here frames the door smartly, while the large patterned mirror draws your eye towards the fireplace.

Carved cedar wood ceiling, complicatedly carved marble brackets, dark salmon hues on walls with a mix of African accessories scream the traditional riad style décor. Loved the rare fusion of style and culture in this suite.

My personal favorite is the bedhead in this elephant suite, bordered by two carved elephant tusks. To unify the punch of pattern, exquisite embroidered quilts and blankets are carefully placed. Vintage styled Moroccan lamp adorning as chandelier adds the soothing and exotic mood in the overall ambience of this suite.

Luxurious pink marbles play a key role in this breathtaking spa. Wall, columns and floors are throwing a bold show here. Charismatic lined up Moroccan light fixtures are well-edited here. I wouldn't mind being treated with Moroccan traditional therapies in this glamorous elegance.

The terrace is bettered by unique lanterns employed perfectly for stunning evening effect. Dinner at this striking terrace over looking the old town with skyline will be the perfect end of the day after all the pampering. 
To see more of this unique and timeless "La Sultana" you can visit right here. Signing off today, but until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

Image courtesy: La Sultana Hotels

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