Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Color Crush!

Though I often find myself in the clutches of shopping tangle, there are the times when I know for sure for certain things I HAVE to, I MUST, I NEED to add to my décor. What thrills me more is that whatever new treasure I find, it magically expands to fit in my existing décor. When shopping God is on my side, I can’t help but collect things I love or catch my fancy (there…I said it…). This process though, makes my home ever evolving and interesting. 
Perfectly placed to catch the light
On few of such encounters, I happened to bump into a gaggle of these colored glass bottles and their perky and showy side, seriously made my mind to create a collection. For someone like me who doesn’t over-board on color and rather adds bits and pop of color in décor, these were just perfect. When it comes to our collection, we all are like little magpies ;). And today’s post is about roping you all into a saga of these uber adorable bottles and an unacquainted collection I happened to make.
I forked out these super cute set of bottles on a recent visit to “Hobby Lobby”, buried deep down in a clearance isle on 80% clearance of their original price….BINGO….there was no way I would have turned my back on them. The glimmer of an idea to bring them into my “custom styling” was good enough for me to become the catalyst that gave me the direction. Now they are happily layered to grab some playful use of color along with other things I love. Wouldn’t you agree that seeking out diamond in rough and seeing the potential within rummage is a great skill ;).
As you all know me by now, my coffee table is my fertile ground for my experimentation with pattern, color and presentation of my eclectic collection. Here are the votive candle holders from “Michaels” that came home (again on a clearance for $1 each). Entangled in the grips with the fact, I often find myself that leaving behind something that appealed to me is inevitable. Thus, after an inner battle between 'Love it' or 'Leave it'... these candle holders came home. Now every time I walk into this room, they instantly transport me back to my favorite store and that moment. These cups/candle holders will be now mixed and interpreted in myriad ways for positive results :).

Certain finds put me to the test…how far can one go for a deal? These vibrant mini bucket sort of candle holders from “Yankee Candles” are also a great deal and a recent loot. They turned out to be a real satisfaction score. Embraced with mix and match style, they make a statement piece placed anywhere begging an invitation for a closer look. Injecting them meticulously in a unique way and mingling them with the other accessories, completely erased the flat catalog feel and translated them into a personalized design.
From every story of my shopping gaga in the past, there is always something I picked or found with their future in my décor. Now they all happily co-exist in a diversely collected style which thoroughly defines me and my style. It is important to find out what moves you and let it tailor your personal style. Hope this post will inspire you to be the ‘Brand Custodian’ of your own style, in creating a successful and inspiring collection.

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  1. Lovely use of colorful votives. Inspiring post! - Paddy

  2. Where did u purchase those shelves in the first pic??