Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jay Shree Krishna!

Lord Krishna, by whose hail, we start our day, by whose name, we exchange greetings to everyone. His divine existence can not be only felt in our temple room, but also he can be spotted stealing a look with his smirk in the rest of our home. Yes, even though, our “Ganesha” crew ranks at the top list, our “Krishna" collection is likewise appealing. 

Unlike last year's traditional celebration, this year's joyful celebration is different. For this 'Janmashtmi' we are venturing where we haven’t venture before. Letting you in today, on our Krishna collection with some ideally suited festival vignettes of “Krishna” theme around our home. These treasured pieces have not only witnessed our experience but they often unlock the past and let in the deeply held memories with them.

The very first is our natkhat ‘Bal Gopal’, (a kid version of Krishna) combined here with complimentary accessories to honour the piece. His giggling smile pouring out a dollop of ‘makkhan’ (butter) is amply evident for his love towards it. Curated from all the way UK, this baby Krishna was rescued from my son’s bedroom to share on this post. 
Few pieces of our collection tug at my heartstrings and this Krishna is one of those. His handsome pose is infused here with few pops of red and hypnotizing flames to fall in love impulsively. He came into our life as our wedding gift (many moons back) from family members.
Another flute playing Krishna is a family heirloom piece that we proudly own. With intact imprints of the place and the year (Haridwar, Ganga River, 1969) this piece marks the oldest of our collection. Holding the pride of the place in our temple, it is a treasured ‘handed down’ gift from my husband’s grandfather.
And few glorious touches of celebration on ‘Krishna’ theme around the home also include some flat lays. Another gifted piece of flute playing Krishna is a brass frame, which is casually placed for a decorative tone.  Lately, I have sparked my interest in a flat lay styling and still learning the tricks of building a theme but floating flowers in diyas created this vignette effortlessly.  
Now we leap towards the vignettes of eternal love. A soulful and sensuous “Radha-Krishna” sums up the core of my next 3 styling. The colors of the piece itself complement one another and to harmonize the appearance I have floated few same colored petals in a brass bowl. A yellow dahlia from my very own tiny garden champions a fresh approach on this swaying away zula under the ‘kadamba’ tree figurine.

A shimmering silver vignette with limited color pallet has been added on my wooden shelf anchoring another ‘Radha-krishna’. Krishna, as spotted here under ‘kadamba’ tree, is playing heartwarming tunes from his flute; while Radha here is simply curling up to hear more melodies.
No Krishna celebration could be over without mentioning his unapologetically mischievous “raas-leela”. A very old frame (which followed us in each and every home of ours, is entwined in many memories) portrays different gestures of Krishna playing raas with Radha. Another flat lay sort of arrangement to justify the look of the frame is banded together with little strokes of color to give a melodic appeal.

Celebrations also call for special recipes of the family...this 'Gujarati Panjiri' (made out of 5 ingredients) will rock your celebration. Recipe calls for dry roasted whole coriander, whole roasted fennel seeds, dried shredded coconut, powdered sugar and white poppy seeds. Grind equal amounts of every ingredient and add a drop of clarified butter (GHEE) and your Panjari for Prasad is ready, not only for Krishna but also to please your guests.

Signing out today's post singing "Happy Birthday" to Krishna and wishing you all a very "Happy Janmashtmi" celebrations at your end. Until we meet again stay connected on Facebook  and Instragram feeds of Pinkz Passion for more eye candy decors, toodles!


  1. Simply beautiful Pinky! Just reading at the end of Janmastami but will surely try Panjari Recipe next time. You blog took me in a festive mode. Colourful Radha Krishna and the second picture of Krishna with flute are the best. Jay Shree Krishna!

    1. Thank you Heema, so happy to read from you. Jay Shree Krishna.

  2. Beautiful stories of your Krishna collection, as beautiful as these vignettes!
    Jai Shree Krishna!