Monday, August 8, 2016

Taditional Soiree

I leave no stone unturned when we have to plan an elegant evening at home but on a recent visit to New Jersey at my brother’ place, I chanced upon planning a perfect soiree for their house warming. For someone like me who believes in a traditional approach it was just perfect to inject some "desi" touches with blissful colors to support the occasion.
With many thoughts in my radar, I grabbed few of the simplest accessories from my home that would blend beautifully and build a scheme. Along with my all-time favorite Indian dangling and bandhani dupattas came along few brass diyas. The cloth frame of “Ganesha” here is a return gift from a dear friend’s wedding, which I had adorned previously in our temple room here.
The speciality of “Gujarat”, these bandhani dupattas were about 100 rupees each and on my demand hubs dear got them from Kutchh. He knew I will definitely find a way to use them; hence he picked all possible colors for me. Now they are part of my any cultural décor.  You may read all about my Bandhni Craze" here.
Rich glows from diyas lend an added sparkle on the table. Since I reside in a country where flow of regular flowers from home garden is not possible due to cold winters, I have supplemented these artificial rose petals from Ikea store in my décor so I can use them as and when I want.   
Strong background with inviting palette of traditional accessories made a strikingly beautiful place for all our family pictures for the occasion. The atmosphere of celebration was graced by lovely guests who were greeted by this portrait and probably made their short stay for selfies ;). 
And one last image of this beautifully styled side table with "Pinkz touch" which I shared on my Instagram feed after the ceremony.

Hope this post will broaden your aesthetic sensibilities and bring the best of the simplest ingredients you already own. Until we meet again, have a great week and stay connected on facebook or Instagram, toodles!


  1. Subhadra LakshmananAugust 8, 2016 at 10:53 AM

    Such a beautiful decor Pinky, so in love with the vibrant colours, patterns and pieces you have chosen. The lovely Bandhini dupattas steal the show and wonderful ideas and tips for decor dummies like me...awesome post!

  2. Beautiful decor Pinky! Loved the bandhini idea, it actually took me back to my college days when I would never leave a chance unturned to flaunt my colourful bandhini dupattas and suits! Great post.

  3. Thank you ladies :) I second your words for Bandhani. I proudly own every color of Bandhani sarees, it is "must" in my wardrobe even today ;).