Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Plethora of fantastic treasures

Blogging has been my utter good fortune for meeting wonderful people who share related interest and passion as me. Today’s post is about crossing the path with one such personality down the road of blogging via Instagram. We share the same passion of collection, so join me as I take you on a story of joy and pleasure with bounty of brass as we explore a wondrous and full of pride brass collection of Shalu Prasad. Shalu’s home is a mecca of drop dead gorgeous brass pieces. Inspired vision, sentimental echoes and plenty of classic Indian charm drips through every nook and cranny of her home.
Traditionally beautiful antique pieces favor Shalu's  true passion for brass and antique with a talent of pulling it all off. In a span of 18 years Shalu has garnered a staggering amount of collection. Intriguing mix of antique and modern points out intrinsic character of the lady in the house.
Artfully piled and decorative display of brass richness defines Shalu's pervasive visual knack. With her own unique appealing styling in clever ways, each item in her home is bursting with greater decorating value than it might otherwise have.                 

She started feeding her passion for hunting and gathering in her young age to create her own special world of brass. Shalu's exquisite refined taste since her early years of high school made her to put down her name for an ancient cabinet which was being used by her grandma. She proudly claims to possess the same till date.  
Each antique in her home whispers stories of the past, how magnificent to have family hand-downs, and even better if you enjoy them just like Shalu. She has inherited exciting antiques from her grandparents, parents and in-laws. Shalu slated her blossoming interest towards collecting brass has also been nourished by her friends who have generously contributed to her brass collection.
Age has its advantage when it comes to brass. To prove this Shalu has confidently feathered her displays here with a naturally aged patina covered genuine bronze figurine, giving it an old world ambience. Lightly tucked in colorful flowers make the strong statement of tying old with new.
Shalu firmly believes that antiques are thrilling and always full of surprises! The whimsical pooja plate once belonged to Shalu's grand mom now displays some mix of her antique bronze, copper and brass pots. Not to overlook the timeworn background image, probably dates back from a print of 1950’s from Shalu’s friend’s mom’s attic adorning the vignette.
Few of her aggrandized pieces will transport you back to an idealized past era. A "Vajri" an authentic old antique of Shalu's collection sets the perfect example of being many centuries old which she scored from an antique dealer in Kerala (India).
If you are thinking to add some metallic gleam for the upcoming festival, start picking up ideas and inspiration from few of her revived and revamped corners occupying center stage for the upcoming festival.

Multitude of diyas on a plate can create a well-focused point of view during the festival time. With adding a hint of flickering diyas and by employing cheerful flowers you can perfectly warm up the Diwali theme.
With a discerning eye, Shalu has injected the warmth of elegant and dazzling pieces with rich patina to cheer up the festivity in her home. I love how tightly grouped flowers are giving a monochromatic decorative effect with the gleam of diyas.

Though Shalu decodes many of her collection haven't been yet photographed due to paucity of time. Being an adored and respected art lover, her skill with a paintbrush is more often applied to canvas for teaching paintings and sometimes taking orders also.
Hope you enjoyed bursting of lovely brass in an array of appealing styles.The serene and classy results of her passion mirror the quite taste of the lady herself. Thank you Shalu for sharing your breathtaking antiques, I being an avid brass lover can surely bring in a cot to live among your great treasures. Do get connected on Shalu's unique styling on her instagram page of templebells where she shares all things nice from her collection of brass and art.
At the passion casa, we have started to capture the spirit of Diwali. Until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook page of Pinkz Passion for lined up posts of the festivities, toodles!

(Images Credit: Shalu Prasad)


  1. Heartwarming post and truly a breathtaking collection of brass. It's always a delight to see Shalu's home.

  2. Recently visited Shalu's home in Disha's post for Diwali Decor Ideas, and now again here with her brass collection... I am in love with Shalu's home. Her passion of collecting brass is really commendable!!! Thanks Pinky for sharing such a wonderful post!!!

  3. Such beautiful collection, very diligently arranged giving each piece such importance and respect to people who have contributed to Shalu's collection is very well explained here!! Beauty of antiques and our rich tradition has no match ! Kudos to Pinky n Shalu����

  4. Thank you girls for stopping by to appreciate my efforts and Shalu's collection :)

  5. Wow..amazing Shalu..Thanks for sharing this Pinky