Monday, December 7, 2015

A fairy tale castle (Mihir Garh - A boutique hotel)

Embark on a journey with me, today we are heading to another signature boutique hotel, Mihir Garh, a place where holiday, escapism and nostalgia go hand in hand.
Mihir Garh, is a motivated and designed brainchild of a couple Sidharth Singh and his wife Rashmi. The duo uplifted their vision and expression of their individuality, all united by an attention to detail extravagant fortress hotel near Jodhppur, Rajasthan, India. With a desire to share this heaven on earth, a sophisticated sand castle rising in the  middle of the dessert was built with attentive and carefully chosen interiors by Rashmi. 

Cut out arches or "zarokhas" are windowed in different walls through out the property, giving them a royal and stylish touch or gadh.
Zarokhas in this area, with clever touches of red in traditional seating is richly layered.
Most marvelous shade of aqua blue is my absolute favorite. Here also the same blue with rich and sumptuous peacock painting are adorning another mud wall with "zarokhas", balanced by repeating the same intensity of peacock blue color in cushions as well.
Collection of stand out brass pieces are grouped on the coffee table and are also scattered around the room for classic and timeless ambience evoking the very much styles of "Maharajas".

Design and décor is done meticulously  by the owner Rashmi, customizing every detail. Jewel-toned fabrics and even the jewel toned mudded fireplace not only cheer the craftsmanship of the local artisan but also add a focal point in the room. With few collective brass concentrated on the table and side table increases the over all visual impact.

Garh with only 9 private suits and each room is a total chill out zone belting out the stories of craftsmanship of local artists, decorators, carpenters, masons. Each room is with private plunge pool and a terrace. 

Backing into the dunes of dessert

Wrapping up the post with the view which makes me want to exhale a sigh of relaxation, as I head back to reality accepting the cold winter in my part of the world. If you like to view more of it, visit here. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

Images: Mihir Garh

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