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Rashmi Krishnappa - An Inspiring Artist

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of a subject art, I personally feel it is a mirror of artist’s inner self and unique individuality which is bound by anything but their own imagination. Being surrounded by the artist of the home, I have deepened into the understanding of the art through her eyes.  Though, our today’s self-taught artist Rashmi Krishnappa firmly interprets art as a creativity and imagination combined with loads of love, patience and tiny bit of skill. 
Recreated with an outline of a clip art on a colored paper
Our today’s spotlight is on an inspiring artist whose work is only anchored by mainly two gauges paper and pen. Her body of work can be called pen-art or ink-art using micro pens such as gel pen, sharpie pens and all kinds of markers in varying sizes. I have often witnessed my young lady in the home keeping herself busy doodling while talking on the phone or day dreaming despite studying for an important exam. After eyeing Rashmi’s work I realized that the focused art evolving beneath your pen is the creative process that starts with just a doodle. Rashmi derives inspiration for her art from everyday events and festivals. Her right combination of various art involves intricate patterns, tattoo designs, Mandalas, anything related to Hinduism. 
Rashmi, a software engineer and a mom of 2 beautiful children, rekindled her love affair with art after a gap of over 20 years. The lady, who left her art love many moons ago, is now shining brightly through her work. Rashmi coins: I rediscovered art and I find it very relaxing and therapeutic, I continue drawing now because it makes me feel good and I love it. My oeuvre includes influence from Zentangle and tattoo designs and my patterns are also influenced by madhubani, Warli and henna patterns. 
Creations of Freehand mandlas
Sharing the inside scoop, Rashmi proudly claims that her art work exhibits the inspiration from two of her favorite artists.

Bharti Dayal - I love Madhubani art form , though my art is predominantly pen art it is heavily inspired from Madhubani (in addition to zentangle , line art and doodle) , I love BharthiJi's style and it was one of my inspirations for getting back to art after a gap of 20 years.
Kerby Rosanes - does doodle art with intricate patterns and lines, in my art gallery, most of the art pieces are inspiration from him.
Traditional conch inspired by Tirupathi Balaji

Rashmi's intricate art work seems time consuming and demands patience, though she quotes: Patterns come easy to me so my art may not be as time consuming as they look , recently someone asked me to draw a realistic drawing and now that did not come easy to me at all. It really depends on the piece there are small illustrations and patterns I have done in an hour or two, medium sized art works with lots of details take me 6-8 hours, which I usually spread out in 2-3 days as with busy routine life, I put 2 hours a day for my passion.

Rashmi’s work is acutely rooted in Indian influence, being far away for the country her origins are strongly grounded with India.Even though she left the country 14 years back, her paintings are often garnished with dollops of Indian touch and magic. Firmly keeping the Indian roots alive for herself and her growing kids Rashmi believes: I try my best to keep our Indian roots alive not just for myself but for my kids to be able to experience a portion of the beauty of Indian culture we all got growing up as kids. Indian art is beautiful. I see beauty in anything Indian be in dance forms, patterns ,painting or even clothing.  I love recreating those in my own way in my art. Nothing is more satisfying to me than detailing out a spiritual piece related to my roots.
Indian festivals inspired work
Unleashing her creativity took some boldness, self-assurance and little faith in herself after a long gap. As Rashmi claims that “life” was the only challenge she had to face to chase her dreams. While building blocks of her career via engineering, job, marriage, and after being a mom, she could not nurture her creative spirit, though she did put her creativity at the best in her kids art/craft projects.
Inticrated sketch of owl done in 2 hours
Apart from her growing Instagram page, she recently leaped on facebook page, do join her page to see all of her creative work, right here. Rashmi’s future plans are still in pipeline to give her creativity a platform where she doesn’t intend to make a career out of it but would love to retail her art work in near future. Down the line, her further plans also include to teach art to kids and spark their interest towards this diversity of pen-art.
The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol drawn freehand inspired by a tattoo
Rashmi shares a good piece of advice she picked up through the years for those who are still trying to reach out for their creative calling. Challenge is within you, do what you love and do it with love. It has been expressed by many people over and over again - Please spare time for yourself and for what you love.
Amazing and unique transformation on a Starbucks cup
I strongly predict a bright and famed future for our uber talented lady of today's show. It was my immense pleasure to feature your awe inspiring art work on my blog Rashmi, and we wish you all the very best for your bright future. To get connected with her and see more of her art work, you can connect on instagram page here and facebook page here.
Until we meet again, see you around on facebook page of Pinkz Passon,toodles!

Image Courtesy: Rashmi's Instagram page and subject to copyright.

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