Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Cheer!

Christmas merriment is settling in the Christmas caroling on your drive to work or while you sought the answer of the perfect gift for the loved ones in the aisles of the stores. With approaching Christmas holidays, the home will be affording a perfect flow of the favourite crowd around, so little sprucing up for the holidays and easy-to-follow steps are scattered here to get you ready for the season to exhibit the warmth and affection of the season.
A front foyer spreads a welcome even before you do and for me it’s a winning location with an interesting display to grace any occasion. 

Collection of some glittery, glitzing objects has turned a table into surface that sings a Christmas cheer.  I have narrowed the range of colors by keeping it simply traditional tones of bold red and green for the festive.
Again I ran an eye on what I had and deftly mixed and matched an eco-friendly way. Jewel colored baubles are placed neatly in a clear glass which is rested atop the candle wreath ring.

Don’t underrate the power of candles; they set a place aglow like nothing else can. Multiple sizes, matching colors, glass votive or simple ones are a budget friendly way to make over a room.  My chalkboard is also placed here with a quote to spread Christmas spirit. Few trinkets are chosen solely to rest on the table to add more detail. 
Few small Christmas figurines are dotted for a visual appeal along with a twig Christmas tree in a vase. 

My shadow box is a witness of my celebrated seasonal touches. With the bang of any seasonal styling, it gets the transformation from functional to fantastic.   

I combed through the bin of the Christmas storage and mounted up this look without letting my budget break any limits. Hope this post will serve you as an entrée for the ideas to kick-start your own, do share your thoughts on the post, here or on Facebook. Don't forget to peek in our dazzling Living Room bathed in all blue for this Christmas, toodles!

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