Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Award winning chutney (B'khush recipe contest)

I'm ecstatic and over the moon! This yours truly, Pinkz, seized a recipe of chutney at 3rd place in a recipe contest on B’khush (an online magazine for South Asian Women and run by South Asian Women from around the world). Here is my take on the recipe and the story behind it, down the road you may read the recipe of my chutney and give it a try. 

Many childhood memories lurk when I try my hands on a spiced up, mouthwatering recipes similar to my mommy dear. Though, my culinary skills are not impeccable like her, but after dealing with patience, disaster, wonder and finally approval from my family and friends, I consider myself lucky to have honed the cooking skills to some extent after trying out most of the signature dishes.  

Though, today`s recipe, an epitome of goodness, is an impressive fusion recipe of chutney made with generous amount of walnut will not only jazz up any meal or snack but will leave your taste buds tempting for very long.  We, Gujaratis, are versatile eaters and ever willing to try any global dish with great glee but without frazzling for any other global recipe; I reached out to this traditional chutney for B`Khush contest.  A bit sweet, bit spicy and perfectly flavored with whole lot of fresh spices is a sprinkle of applause for my friends who have always been there to rescue me with my cooking encounters.

To prepare this easy-peasy chutney:
1 bunch of fresh Coriander (thoroughly washed)
2/3 chopped green chilies
2/3 cloves of garlic
Fistful of walnut and sesame seeds
Salt, cumin powder, lemon and jaggery according to your taste.
Whip everything in a mixture (Add bit of water if needed)

Chutney is ready to complement your favorite snack or meal. There is a fat chance of you falling in love with this recipe if you like your food, fresh, flavored and fully loaded with healthy goodness. So, when you host your next crowd to bond over a long chit chat or to tackle any happy moment, try out this spicy, tangy chutney to please all the senses.

A big thank you to each and every one and a big bear hug to those who took the time to vote and show your love and support for me. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

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