Monday, May 2, 2016

Greeting of May!

 As we go forward to a new month, new friends, new Buddha and new possibilities :), hope you all wiggled away your stress and now refined well for the week ahead. We crossed the mark of 3000 on facebook page and happy to have new friends joined the passion journey with me.

Lugging away all goodies is the best part of my hubs circling the globe ;). Last month, upon his arrival, we welcomed new "brass" Buddha from India, joining the growing gang of our Buddha collection.  Now he happily coexists with rest of our proud brass.  
May falls in one of my faves month where we could use extra little sunshine and wait for oh-so-liberating summer downtime. For now, we are nurturing the honest moments of parenthood with our older one back from university. Though, me and hubs dear often cobble together and ponder about these gadget savvy teen generation, but always end up playing bell curve of possibilities. Apart from dishing out motherly tips to her, we do enjoy generous, devoted and wise time while sipping, shopping and getting our pedi-mani done in the celebration of “Mother’s Day” month ;).

Today’s post marks 99th one and next one will be the long awaited 100th. It makes me proud to say I still find myself as passionate as I was when I started writing the blog, many a times I wrestled but I firmly banked on myself and climbed the wire just like everyone else did. To celebrate the mark of the hundred, I have stirred a cocktail of my favorite bloggers whose blogs uplift and inspire. I am not spilling the beans yet, let the things unfold organically in next post. 

Until we meet again, you may find me facebooking and instagramming, so, stay connected, toodles!


  1. Love your new Buddha Pinkz. Turquoise is my weakness.
    What colour did you choose for your toes? May your May be filled with lots of reasons to smile:)

    1. Thank you Arti, turquoise (sort of 'Morpinchh') is my weakness. Picking the colour at the spa, is always the hardest part ;) though, new hot is mauve shade :). Glad that you dropped by, you too have a wonderful May.