Monday, May 23, 2016

Traditional Touch

I absolutely love the natural color and rustic appeal of terra cotta. Though, unlike India where there is an abundance of such artifacts found almost everywhere, sadly in my part of the globe, to enjoy their charm, we only have to cautiously lug them in our handbags from our visits to India. Few slices of such earthy clay wonders are shifted on the coffee table.
As you know my personal treasures are the essential finishing bits around my home, and few of these long forgotten treasures are called in service. Ever changing eye catching display  on my coffee table is always welcomed here with artfully placed vignettes of accessories.  

To complete the ethnic vignette I have paired my kutchhi handbag as a base of the vignette. Few clay wall plaques which have followed us from our previous home are placed to link them visually. The darling little Ganesha here is a thoughtful gift of a dear friend who knew our collection was lacking a clay Ganesha, and he is now added as our cutest member in the growing gang of Ganesha :)  

The colorful and bright effect is making me wonder how an artisan creates these tiny details and textured pieces in many shades with just a fistful of clay. Whatever will be the era, the charm and instant glamour of terra cotta will always be pretty inspiring, until we meet again, stay connected on my passion feeds of facebook or instagram, toodles!


  1. Feel the same about terra cotta too, love this little Ganesha and his blue painted toes.Thank you, for sharing these cute treasures, Pinky, brightens up the week :)

  2. Nice to see such a cute Ganesha resting on colorful bag..