Sunday, May 15, 2016

Colonial Oasis - (Heritage Homestay Pondicherry)

Our itchy feet of travel, to intriguing places, has landed us today at a quaint coastal town of Pondicherry. A French quarter and a beautiful city which salutes the by gone era of French residency, where the buildings are still painted in pleasant muted shades and streets are laid out in a well-planned grid pattern to be discovered through unhurried strolls in the city.
If you are marooned working hard and thinking of a next getaway in a gentle laid back charmed place, where you might not encounter a luxurious, glamorous or a fancy service but an experience, that might throw you back in an era far far away, The Colonial Heritage Homestay could be your next stop. 

With everything remaining in its juice, The Colonial Heritage in Pondicherry is an old house converted into a guest house, which is placidly located around lush greens with finest choice of detailed décor. A beautiful colonial homestay, skill fully restored, developed and maintained with taste, gives the impression of an exquisite hospitality of the French in a charming corner of India.   

Architecture and touch of traditional antiques here don’t only flatter the style but they can immediately transport you in an era back in time. Compact areas, focused with history, are created with a charming jumble of traditional objects in this colonial style of living. A leisurely breakfast in this breezy verandah complemented with birdsongs in the beautiful garden would be perfect for anyone.  

Some quirky, fascinating, kitschy cozied up vignettes spread beautiful vibe and warm feel in the serene settings of The Colonial Heritage Stay.

Painted floors, antique lamps, and various distinctive elements which come together in a unique and rustic setting of the colonial stay sounds like a truly fab address for those who would actually want to taste the home-stay idea in this beautifully decorated old world place with full of charm and character.

The city may not be a proficient tourist spot, but with a number of alluring colonial properties offering the homestay, is built on the idea of attracting people where their eyes can rest and mind can wander while they enjoy some digital time out with feet up from the hustle and bustle of full-on life.

Signing out today evoking memories of yesteryear, until we meet again, stay connected folks and you all have a good week ahead, toodles!
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  1. Beautiful pictures.How wonderful to see the old homes turned into guest houses preserving the character & charm of a bygone age, charming antiques too ! Enjoy the city the Ashram, Auroville and the French Colony are lovely places to visit while you are there,Pinky.The fishermen go out to sea on their catamarans early in the morning against the rising sun, a picture perfect moment to capture.Have a beautiful holiday.Thank you, for sharing these pictures :)

    1. Glad that you liked the post Maya, I shared this heritage home which caught my fancy while searching something on the web. Blogging has made my bucket list of "places I have to visit" over flowing;). Seems you know the place quite well. Would love to visit in near future. Thank you for stopping by!