Thursday, October 1, 2015

Falling for the FALL!

It's October already and yet Toronto was drenched in a steady drizzle of fall rain as potbellied gloomy dark clouds were scudding across the sky officially declaring their seasonal off.  As long and hot summer days end, so does the wheeling of seagulls and reflection of sparkly water in our ravine pond.

However, after one of the hottest recorded summer I am looking forward for some cooler temperature. Can’t wait for our family room windows to frame the nature indoor, I tell ya, a good view in your ravine is a real plus in fall season specially. Huge bank of windows will speak to the view and will bring in the stunning backdrop of nature indoors while I sit back and settle in my cozy couch with that warm chai in hand, pure bliss, isn’t it?

 As an inviting extension to the season, I created some quick fall fix on my fireplace mantel.  These “seasonal mantel moments” I look forward every now and then. It was about time for me to bring that happy touch of fall colors indoor as well.

My serving tray here adds a focal point of the décor. You may have seen the tray taking several rounds on my desi twists of coffee table styling. It worked out as a perfect piece to start by adding up other complimenting fall tones such as these candle holders, where I switched the regular glass votive holders to the hue of fall color ones to brighten up the place.

The jug was a great deal at Michael’s clearance for $3.00 which I picked up casually to use, worked its charm with dry wheat stalks. These very old dry stalks were hiding in one corner of our basement since long, I am happy that I didn’t toss them away and now they look at their best. Fresh aromas of cinnamon scented pine cones and few traditional fall embellishments paired with flickering orange candle easily creates a charming display.

My cute little chalkboard gets updated at every mantel makeover. Probably you noticed it in Valentine MantelDécor as well. Now its adopting welcoming fall sign here in a grouping of a vase and a candle holder. High and low and that’s how they roll, connect them by colour and height to keep in proportion.

Soft background with warm neutral brick wall adds a perfect backdrop for the mantel. Now who wouldn’t love to curl up next to this fireplace?

Key to tying together a large look is to pull together everything in same tone. I created the mantel apt for the fall tones with what I could rummage through my storage.  These items were collected or picked over the past few years. My eco-friendly way of decorating outlines finding beauty in forgotten pieces. Stop and park yourself before you whisk to create a scheme or décor. Run an eye on what you already own and work with it.

Finally, I am ready and determine to enjoy fall to the fullest, before the weather turns out really cold. Relish the gorgeous colours of fall and warmth in the air before winter bursts in. Until we meet again, stay connected on facebook, as a long string of happy posts are lined up for October, toodles!


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