Friday, October 9, 2015

Blissful Fridays!

It's Friday, yay! Are you all geared up for the weekend? I am, but Fridays are simply special when I act of being one free spirit and a lazybones. The chill in the air (sometimes) makes me turn a blind eye on chores and doing nothing becomes pure joy for me. Zipping up the drive way with your favorite Chinese take out in hands, and heading the front door with a thought of not rushing in to kitchen or no pile of dishes makes me in a very high spirit! As I melt away the fatigue of a week in front of flowers scattered on the console table with flickering cinnamon candles, aah, its during those days when unproductive Fridays seem like a pure bliss :)   
Though, these days, come to a weekend, we all feel like getting ready for a huge bash. The excitement of meeting our daughter on her occasional weekend breaks, begin to cheer every Friday evening for us. All the plans are swiftly postponed in the thrill of seeing her. Home gets buzzed with whirlwind of all of her favorite happenings. Obviously she doesn't strike an attitude of meeting us but we know the excitement equally dances in her eyes. Her approving smile being home tells us how happy she is with our presence. And did I mention about a cute smile spreads on the younger one's face to see her. Their playful 'masti' and loud screaming around makes the whole home cooing again.
Chitchat on all about her new life and taking a glimpse into the whole new world brings back the memory of our teenager life that appeared to have gone to a pot. Peppering her with the questions of new life may not be so cool for her but we are happy that the gap has forged strong bonds in our relations. For now, she is preferring the freedom that has comes with her new phase of life.
Amidst the all these frenzy, me and my daughter both are happily perked up for “Navratri”. A whimsical yet weighty festival and our absolute favorite. This weekend we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day weekend in my part of the world. An extra day off to be thankful of simple pleasure of our life, cherishing the joy of family and small world we are surrounded with. Until we meet again, stay connected you lovely peeps and don't forget to enjoy your Friday and weekend! Toodles! 


  1. hi,

    Love your sense of style and beautiful house, Could you please tell me about the accent wall.. did you put it up yourself or had it done?

    1. Thank you, the brick wall was done by a professional. You may glance at the complete look in the tour of Family Room!