Monday, October 12, 2015

Navli Navratri!

There is something about fall, it's presence overflows with a joy of festivities. One of such is Navratri - The festival of worshipping Goddess Durga, celebrating a triumph over a failure and cheering our rich heritage has finally embarked. The musical festival of classy flamboyant outfits, the traditional garbas (songs), and above all, the devotional celebration. It would be a complete amiss if I don’t share my bit of joy and memories with you all being a pure Gujarati and a fervor garba lover. Out comes our dandiya playing Ganeshji to hit the perfect tune to start the festivities at my end.  

Sharing here are few snippets I have pulled together complimenting festive touches remembering nostalgic old days of Navratri. The long forgotten accessories, psychedelic chania cholis and keen dandiyas are highlighted here as they get ready along with me ;) for the festivities.

At the mark of this festival markets are geared up with colorful accessories and special dresses for the occasion. Especially youngsters start crawling in hunt for the perfect pair of outfits and matching accessories to jazz up their best look for Garba nights.
Hidden bare grounds are prepared for sparkling and glitzing nights of Navratri ambience and brought into best of their celebrity look. The most superior place on the ground is reserved as a special abode for Goddess. Every nook and corner is decorated with the riot of colors.

At the stroke of dusk, exceptionally dressed girls and boys in their traditional dressing would flood the ground with lots of laughter and giggles. We had best time of our young adulthood celebrating this festival. Many such celebrations are etched in my memories and are still recollected with a beaming pleasure in my eyes. Such golden days are hard to erase from your memories, wouldn't you agree?
Garba- traditionally sung songs are culturally rich and truly reveal the ethos of Gujarat. Oh, what fun it is to scream the favorite lyrics out loud while playing garba on the ground with friends. The playing or dancing of garba(the folkdance of Gujarat) is typically rhythmic and repetitive which combines foot work and fancy hand movements going in a circle. When the drummer strikes out a beat on a classical Indian drum, oh boy,  the tempo in the crowd rouses loud shrieks and yells on the ground.

Far and wide on the planet, Gujaratis have generated the rich heritage of Gujarat in their small zones as well. Being here in Toronto, we still rejoice the festival with the equal fervor. I am happy to the fact that our both kids are as ardent as me and look forward to revel in garba with us :). Of course, the celebration is not as similar as back in Gujarat, but not less either, we cherish the value of the festivities here with the same enthusiasm. Though, the chilly cold weather is cruel and that limits our playing indoors. Unlike these days fusion Bollywood music we restrict our songs to traditional garbas only. Gujju food stalls of KHAMAN, DABELI, KHICHU are savored deeply during or after the garba sessions just like back home.

You stand a good chance to witness an aura of grand festivity and divine spirituality with cheery faces and zealous souls during this festival month in Gujarat. An equal importance is observed for the nine divine days of the festival in other states of India as well worshipping the goddess Durga. Hope you also have a joyful celebration for the festivities at your end, until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook as there is a lot lined up for the month, toodles!

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