Monday, October 5, 2015

Pearl hotel tour

The magnetic pink city Jaipur is known for its bounteous allure and hospitality. Laying today in front of you, an exciting journey of one such luxury brand boutique hotel in Jaipur, dripping with true desi details. An extravagantly designed vibrant rooms of Pearl Palace Heritage Hotel in Jaipur will catapult you glancing at the beauty and perfection of the décor. Each room is transformed with an entwined story of Indian heritage by exercising mixing modern and traditional. Without a moment of hesitation, I knew I had to share this with my keen readers.
Nirvana Suite
The very Nirvana Suite was a sure fire sign to take you on a compulsive tour of this boutique hotel. These adorning spiritual and multi-coloured effigies paying a tribute to Buddha here. The appearance of the room is extremely influenced by “Ladakh” and the devotees of Buddhism residing there and in the surrounding region practising the religion since last 15 centuries. 

Kutch Room
The Kutch Room evokes a sense of being in the village of Kutch in Gujarat.  Earthy materials like bamboo, clay and timbre completes the backdrop of this bhunga (a traditional circular house in Kutch, Gujarat) imitated room. Mirror studded wall conveys the perfect traditional character in the room.

Indus Suite
The warli folk painting throughout the Indus Suite serves as an ethnic ambience of Northern Maharashtra and also an envy of any Warli painting lover like me. The traditional art captures the real essence of folktales and traditional stories of life and social occasions. The uniquenss of the paintings lie in the fact that it’s done on a mud wall using single color only.

Nilamber Suite
The delicately intricate pieces of mirror express the sheer serenity of this Nilamber Suite. Crisp blue background by the bed and ceiling is a form of glass medley work. To give the utmost experience of this mosaic work to dwellers, a crew of professional artisans were invited from Udaipur. 
Madhubani Room
Drooling over the Madhubani atmosphere, here, which is meant to exhibit the mystical presence of Indian style paintings and the essence of the authenticity.  Each and every detail painting depicts the occasion and festival. The well-appointed family of artisans completed the work to accentuate the charm.
The travel bug inside me is in his high spirits after taking you on the tour now and tempting me to cherish the day by waking up in one of such serene rooms, I wouldn’t mind, would you? Though the actual tour of the rest of the boutique guest house is on my  bucket list next time when I step my feet in Jaipur. For now visit right here to steal a complete look. Until we meet again enjoy your rest of the week, toodles!

Images: Pearl Palace

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