Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

May your Christmas be blessed with peace and joy. With the year end 2014, sending you the gift of lots of love, luck and happiness. Winding up with the last post on the blog along with these wishes. It has been a pleasant journey of my past couple of weeks of Pinkz Passion with lots of enthusiasm and eagerness. I want to thank each and every one who supported my passion showing their faith on me or encouraging me and making me feel "best is yet to come".  

Thank you again for being with me at every step.  With the new year beginning, hoping for another eventful and exciting year with you all. Hold my hand and walk along as you have until now for the journey of my passion and let this grow in the New Year.

Gathering up a long string of thoughts for the new year to share. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the festive season with family and friends. Have a Merry Christmas and welcome New Year with a bash! Until we meet again, toodles! 

Images: All images are mine and please do not copy without prior permission.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jovial Tablescape (Christmas)

Christmas in this part of the world is mainly shopping, cooking and socializing with favourite friends or family members. Looking forward to holidays and taking some time off to relax and socialize with friends during this Christmas season. The Christmas mood has started in my home. After many years, we will be home for Christmas. Hope you are through with your shopping, wrapping and hiding the gift part.

Many happy memories will be created and laughs will be shared at gatherings of course with plenty of food.

When it comes to variety of food or menu we always pen down the recipe, follow many recipes on you tube and even steal one from friend's dinner night. We spend enough time creating a recipe, but forget to make that mealtime presentable. You don't have to be a professional but with a desire to create and with frugal budget, there are countless way to create that great tablescape for any occasion. Trust me, in couple of minutes things can go from mundane to magical.

Sharing few ideas of my tablescape of the season. It allows me to express my creativity with adding  my own personal touch. I used up things around the house to add interest to the table.

I kept it simple with similar or repetitive items to pull everything together.

Baubles borrowed from my Christmas tree and some clear glasses with candles created the festive look on my table.

Couple of candlelit will create a visual appeal!
This stylized table full of festive colors and favors will impress any guest who happens to drop by.
A large lantern with some baubles as a center piece 
I had bought quarter of Ikea lanterns couple of years back and I use them frequently for my décor purpose. Adding personal festive touches will heighten their beauty.  

Few Ikea lanterns were dazzled
 Few medley of Christmas colours will add some excitement on the table. You can also tuck in a Christmas ornament or personalized letters on the napkin rings. That is on my to-do list for next tablescape arrangement.

Red, Green & Gold colour scheme!

The ideas are so broad and possibilities are endless to decorate the table. Hope you spoil your family and guests by treating them on fancy festive tablescape. WOW them with your inner creativity and quick and clever ways! Best of all, have fun! Until we meet again, toodles!
All Images are from my home, clicked by me, please do not share or use without prior permission.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

For the Christmas Spirit

Is it Christmas yet? The sparkling lights, fancy décors on city streets and humming the Christmas melodies on the go or playing in pretty much all shopping places prompt you to get ready for Christmas!

Sending you some scenes of festive celebration in my home. Also stocking full of wonderful ideas for you all to inspire and beautify your home to create memories.

A beautiful Christmas tree is for sure but there are other extra touches that make the holidays memorable. There are plenty of simple and time saving ways on internet to get ready for the season.
You need not be an expert crafter or decorator. Little time, little imagination and litter efforts will make you all ready.

 I enjoyed decorating every bit of it. Whether it was crafting or switching stuff from here to there for that proper look.
Paper cupcake holders were all ready with some folding and gluing as a fire place mental décor. 
A holiday display in my shadow box
My Chalkboard has been a very good asset of my family, it doesn't limit for a day to day quotes only, I ensure to use it for all festivities and special occasions.
My chalk board all decked up for the season!

Make the atmosphere alive by displaying unexpected ways like some Christmas lights or ornaments in a glass jar or a candle holder to add colours.

A quarter of candles make a pretty table top or mantel decoration

Our most of the ornaments are over 15+ years old. We used to have a very tiny tree when we initially started our life in this part of the world. I use the same ornaments every year and cherish the memories attached with my children's childhood. Few of them are the ones they made in their kindergarten classes.  I have kept them as their childhood keepsakes and display without fail every year on my tree. Thanks to my photographs printing hobby, today I am able to share you the first tree picture which I happen to find in one of my album collection. This pictures is of our 1999 Christmas.

Our very first tree

It looks like it grew older with us ;)
And at last some night shots with Christmas lights in my home. Putting out lots of candles can enhance any décor. Along with Christmas lights, it just adds shimmering effect in the atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed the holiday touches in my home. Wishing you all the best for your festive journey. Enjoy decorating and more importantly have fun! Singing out and awaiting to hear your home stories of decorating. Enjoy the holidays and spend some family time and create memories.
 Until we meet again, toodles!

Images: All are my home images, clicked by me, please do not share or use without prior permission!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Down the memory lane

Have you ever took a stroll down the memory lane? Try, take some time out from your busy routine or on a weekend and take a trip with the past treasured pictures you have with your loved ones.

I am definitely one of those tech savvy person, who loves to play around with gadgets, but when it comes to photographs, I prefer to gaze at a tangible picture rather than looking on a screen. The pictures we take these days end up only online or on our computers.

I believe a hard copy has it's own presence and authenticity.  Probably printing photographs have gone down but not with me, I still have our four- shelf mini closet full of photo albums of each and every trip or our kids' irreplaceable memories.  Every time, page after page of an album reveals more stories of the event. The scenarios come out live and you actually feel being in that moment. It wins out over our TV time in those winter days when I take them out often to rejuvenate their childhood.  These photo albums are one of the few attraction that gets appreciated by our guests also. 

Enjoy some shots of my lazy afternoon.

I happened to spend a lazy afternoon walking down the lane with one of my favorite album.

 It is like a tradition for me to take out those albums momentarily and refresh my memories at least once in a year.

Our wedding album to celebrate our 18 years of togetherness.

Pictures are snippets of our life, keeping our memories alive. Do consider giving photographs out as a gift. May be a serving photo tray, a couple frame for a get together on a new year's party gift  or an album to keep those snapshots handy. Shower your family and friends with gifts they can appreciate rest of their life. Until we meet again, toodles!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bandhani Craze

Happy December - Let's welcome the last month of the year. I am excited and looking forward for the holidays and much needed break of being MOMMY. For now, let's hang on to those few days before holidays. Though I have a few posts of holidays décor unveiling soon for the season, so ensure to have yourself connected on facebook page for more updates. At a moment, let's get going with another décor post.

Not sure about how many of you will be in the same mind as me for the love of Bandhani or tie dye which doesn't leave without fascinating me every time I come across one. Tiny square dots,  vibrant intense color, how could you not fall in love with it? The word originated from Sanskrit - meaning  "bandh". It's a tie-dye process of traditional art originated from the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is a very skilled process which involves dyeing, wrinkling, and tying of a fabric with a thread at various points to create variety of different looks on a piece of cloth. If it is your favourite too, have a peek in to the making of it here. I have tried my hands on it in my childhood, I would rather not write about the out come. Though I am a proud owner of the bandhani Sarees in almost all colours.

It was like a must element for a girlhood when we grew up. Bandhani has its charm at any occasion or time of the year but specially in Navratri and wedding seasons the need is highly demanding. Depending on the festivities - more decorative work with mirror and pom-poms are done to give a richer look on the bandhani.

Be it in a form of a saree, a dupatta or a shawl, bandhani has its charm all over me. In today's fast paced global world, the vision for bandhani is not limited for just dressing ourselves, it is also used as one of the strong décor feature.

I use it to give traditional touch in my décor frequently.  Sharing some snap shots of my home with the colours of bandhani.

My shawl as my throw in my family room.

The house warming ceremony

The center piece with bandhani sarees
The recent backdrop for the photo booth

Some traditional hangings and collectibles.
I hope you enjoy the post and will think out of the box when it comes to play around with your bandhani by adding it in your décor. Until we meet again, toodles!