Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Home - My Pride (Tour of Powder Room)

Each and every room of our home has gone under an exhaustive design process to succeed the preferred exactness, be it our kitchen, family room, living room or temple room. Using the same "mantra" in the bag of our décor tricks, our tiniest room in the home, powder room, has also been translated into a "aha" moment for anyone walking in.
Ever since we had sealed the deal for our new home, we had a fixed design goal for our petite powder room in the home. Leaving it dull because of the little space in the room was definitely not me. Though, unlike my other traditional rooms, our powder room has been given a shot of contemporary style with added texture, color and pattern.

Any small space is the perfect place to try out a daring wall treatment and our powder room holds just that bold statement without fear.  Adding an accent wall by stones or wall paper can brighten any space. For more timeless feel, we opted with natural stone backdrop, which adds the character and makes the space more inviting.
Visually arresting, vibrant and colorful accessories can be candy for eyes in the small space. Be in charge of the space you have in hand and choose the smart items to fit perfectly. Every small detail makes difference. Crisp clean towel, scented candle for a lovely aroma and fresh flowers (or even a single stem) exudes the quality of a good host when you have a company.
The vanity was another puzzle for such a petite room; but we ditched out the old boxy builder vanity and crowned one with a sleek basin design, where all our toiletries can be also neatly hidden.

Patterns via rug, napkins and handsomely framed mirrors like here can add more personality and rivet attention. Keeping the necessity of enough light in the small room, pot lights were dotted in the ceiling instead disturbing the textured wall.
Decorating rules can go right out of the window when it comes to decorating small spaces, where bold and brave steps can be banded together with a shoestring budgets. The room now not only greets our guests with style but also serves as a place for our new teenager in home to steal a reassuring glance every morning before heading out. 

Signing out today hoping that you are ready to take the plunge by these simple touches, which don’t take much effort to transform something outstanding even in the tiniest room of the home. Until we meet again stay connected on facebook or instagram feeds of Pinkz Passion, toodles!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Featuring our home!

Given the opportunity by any décor guru or a blogger to have our home featured is not only a proud moment for me but I firmly cup my hands around the opportunity nodding "YES". 
When Rachel - a passionate lady about interiors and celebration of design, offered me to introduce our home in her Tickled by Inspiration blog, it was not only an admiration of our home but also a proud moment for me to have been able to create a home which could be a source of inspiration for many avid décor lovers.

Our home to me is:
"An explosion of our wit and confidence, a charming amalgam of our personal treasures and deeply rooted love for all things Indian. Our enticingly displayed heirloom pieces or unexpectedly mixed travel oddities sum up the core of our style and our own personality. A motley collection of antique and unique Ganesha curated over 18 years adds the grace note in our home."

Do visit the tickled by inspiration blog to read the entire feature right here. 

I would also like to mention last month's feature on Ila's so very inspiring Indian blog Peacocks in the Rain which gave me another opportunity to highlight Pinkz Passion. Ila's blog is aptly inspired by all beautiful things in India.

My feature on the blog  focusing on our brass enthusiasts souls went something like this:

"Being brass the defining element, our home echoes our affection and flair of ethnic and traditional style . Our personal collections are the best candidates for defining our decorative palette.”

Visit the complete tour on Peacocks in the Rain, right here.

You may navigate yourself to such other features under the "Features" tab above. Up next on the blog will be my teeniest powder room feature, so, stay connected lovely peeps, until we meet again, you all have a wonderful week ahead, toodles!  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine Tablescape with muchos love

Every season is a reason to party for yours truly, who often takes the chance to chill out, entertain and create more memories, and this approaching “V” day wouldn’t be complete without one such bona-fide entertainment. If you are being buried for the last minute ideas, here are some simple ingredients to transfer your valentine feast into an impressive tablescape in matter of minutes.
Masterminding the drama with things I raided within my home
The tablescape was called in service for reconnecting with few old friends, our long due girls gathering was dawdling around the surface but when we all seized that chance of meeting, I knew I had to throw in some love and razzle dazzle to rekindle our friendship. With Valentine on the way, red and white combo worked the magic.
Dancing flames through red add the grace note on the table
Unlike last year’s valentine fireplace mantel, I didn't go overboard with hearts. Though, red being an energetic color itself, it didn’t take much time to turn that power of red into glamour. I conjured up my all red favorites around the house. These red glass votives caught my fancy during Christmas time and they came home with me. 

Red emitted more pulled together look
Simplest ingredients are transferred into something impressive. The red carnations were plucked out and floated in the red bottom dessert glasses to be a part of my tablescape. The different friendly approach for napkins turned out no-fail way to decorate the table.
Sunlight baths the room as I eagerly wait for my girls gang
A chorus of pleased eaters on this table elevated the great pleasure of meeting everyone. Our last minute impulsive party turned out to be the most spontaneous event. After the meal, we all curled up on the couch and had an extra touch of sweetness served in parfait.
Mesmerizing red and white carnation steal the show
If you are eying for an easiest and less stressful approach for your “V-day, then you won't go wrong spelling out your feelings over with this most plausible settings.
So, lit the candles, place a rose, play your favorite music in the background and enjoy the company while sparing time to spread your love for your loved one this “V-Day”.  Until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook or Instagram for more, toodles! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Love of brass

Brass for me, it's classic, always has been and always will be. The love for my brass, plausible and dazzling as it is, fits perfectly to raise and cheer in the month of February where love and passion celebrations are at the peak. Touring you around at each and every cranny of our jazzy living room, which is a gold alloy of brass. Our conscientiously put together brass collection makes our house truly a home with an expression of our individuality. It is my everyday gold that I wouldn’t trade for the world ;)

Aj, my globe trotter husband, should be positively acclaimed here for his keen eye for our proud collection. Additions, of any new pieces from his jet setter lifestyle, are pure joy and treat for us being brass aficionados.

Though, my design crush for brass definitely echoes my upbringing, where Aladdin’s cave kind of inherited goodies were over flowing in my home. The fancy of brass was initiated and pushed through as my mom exposed me to the rich decorative possibilities with her alluring brass.

Major makeover, of these pieces, works wonder on my coffee table, which allows me to play with unique and causal clustering with a fresh spin when the mood strikes. If there is a crowd or just me at home, looking at these well curated pieces always makes my heart leap.

Flash back of few years, jogs back into my memory of the days when we had the tiniest corner to befit whatever we had in initial stage of life. How the mild obsession kept on growing and when we inadvertently collected all these pieces we didn’t even realize, now any flattering phrase on our heaving treasures makes us full of pride.

Pieces with history

Many pieces of our collection have a colorful bygone era touch and/or story twisted. Such as this brass inherited pot housing white carnations is an antique piece which is over a decade old belonging to my grandfather. Many old memories hark back, each and every time I use it in my decor. The tall Diya in the second picture is my prized possession aged as old as my school years (precisely with me since my early teen years). As I recall the episode, that came home as a presentation of our cultural exchange program for Mizoram along with many other small brass artifacts. Lovingly layering it for my décor dredge up good ol’ school days and the fun time we had on that trip.
Though, cleaning is one herculean task that I tackle with good old tamarind way. Few newly added pieces hardly need any cleaning and shine bright always but old real solid brass with antiquated touch needs once in a while scrubbing.

Through our collection, brimful with outstanding pieces, our living room breathes elegance and simplicity. Combined with love and perked with passion, to preserve the traditional bone of us, our collection truly cultivates our personal style. Hoping that the tasteful and generous collector in us will share many more update on the space with the continuity of it.

Up  next will be the "Valentine's Day" tablescape. So, until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook or Instagram, toodles!


Monday, February 1, 2016

A month of romance...

Catching up after a heck of a busy day, trusting that with February marching in, your truckload of January resolutions are still intact and not drained to pipeline just like mine ;)
Weekends these days are much more perkier when we enjoy temporary joy of being with our older teenager visiting home and content to the fact that she is returning fully charged with love. Our weekend life now mainly evolves storming ourselves with loads of cooking, stuffing and sending off for our university gal. Though, when hubby dear gets busy in circling the globe, this mommy dear juggles to make this grind sound more of a pleasure than chore. Even though, our girl has started to get better shots of university life; I still find myself stitching the thread of unease while dropping her off, though I pretend to ignore the look of displeasure that crosses my face while waving her goodbyes.

Mother Nature in my part of the world is still surprisingly looking green. Massive snow storm in USA, which blanketed parts of USA in a single day, sent off an actual year's supply of snow, but nothing here. "No Snow" is a rarity for Canadian winter and it has started giving chills to all winter park resorts. No matter which side of the weather war I am in but for now no shoveling…yay!
On the blog front, I have got you covered with all necessary shots of love for the month of romance. I have roped in a tablescape made with muchos muchos love, a post drenched in for my love of brass, and a Buddha post probably will find a way out which is still in between edit-write combination. Additionally, I have a tour of the tiniest room in our home – Powder Room, it may be the tiniest but packed with décor punches all around and you don’t want to miss :). So, peek in again for a busy round of posts here on February. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!