Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And we nailed it.....Our Mask Wall!

If only our walls could talk...while our walls might not be able to talk, we are surely making them a talking point in our home. I believe that walls in our homes truly have the power to speak volumes about our lives and our deep love of collecting pieces. 

With our overflowing collection of tchotchkes from around the globe, my creative idea of a “mask wall” had started brewing ages ago. Now that our basement is done, we had many more walls to free up our creative thoughts. And finally my vision could result into a reality with our own one of a kind wall! The wall was reserved, at the foot of the stairs, from the moment it caught my eye and it was a perfect canvas for showcasing the treasures of our masks.

After attempting one here in our living room and one here in our temple room, we were ready to tackle another one with aplomb. Though, I would be one lost woman if my handy husband wouldn't stand next to me for any decorative front at home. He definitely packs his patience and bears out my bold enough (read crazy enough) experiments with equal fervour.
And just because every new decorating project requires a brilliant fresh scheme I opted for a bright hue of ‘Bean Bag Toss’ paint from ‘Para Paints’ to make the masks stand out. While the rest of the basement walls are done in warm grey this perky shade flawlessly brightens up 'mask wall' display.
Our little wall is finally developing personality reflecting our passion. Each piece here tells a story of the places we have visited and sparks memories of interesting travel tales. The wall is also an ode to those beautiful years we have spent in Africa. In addition to those lugged away pieces in our carry bags from Africa…few masks from our tropical vacations to Cuba, Mexico, and one recently from my last trip to USA are also adorning the wall. Two large wooden panels on sides were shipped back to Canada from Africa.

These two little guys on the floor are actually stylish and versatile seats that I carried back with me when we moved to Canada 20 years back. They fold up perfectly to take on adventures or to move anywhere in home as an extra seat. The saddle leather on top is hand dyed and hand stitched in Africa.
Besides being a fashionable focal point while running up and down in our basement, the mask wall is now sure to kick fire a conversation with our guests. 

Hope this wall has inspired you to kick start your own gallery wall project. Don't stifle your creative thoughts and start tackling one because the best thing about gallery walls is....everything and anything can go!  There are plenty of more sites to scroll and surf through for your imagination. I would love to hear your feedback on my attempt, do drop in a line. Until we meet again, see you on Instagram and Facebook, toodles!  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine.....

Okay, folks, so here is a post after looooong. Trust me, I have been struggling to get back in the blogging groove after our recent trip to India. Every morning (even after three weeks) I pinch myself, rub my eyes and shout out am I really back ;(. Moreover, the frigid cold weather blanketed more than 15 cm of snow in Toronto this weekend to bruise my already wounded spirit. For now I have funneled all the pain and here with you all to talk about love . 

Though I have shared inspiring enough posts on V-day here and here in past years, this year I am sharing something personal that I thought is cute enough to broach the topic lovingly. 
Valentine’s Day is never anything extravagant except a day for us to celebrate our love for one another, a day to celebrate the time, past and present after spending two decades together. Yes, we 'the oldy-goldy' celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in December and today's small post is about our small celebration we did to celebrate our togetherness. Though now after twenty years, we need something different to feel intoxicated and that's a complete different story ;). 
The party took place without breaking any bank in our newly finished basement and with the company of all loving close friends. (The whole celebration was a surprise and I had to churn it out in the small span of 2 hours.) Simplest, playful and practical pieces were given unusual touches apt for the celebrations. Tissue paper flowers and candles were perfectly paired in sync with the theme. For some personalized touches; Treasured memories of our life captured in photographs were displayed in giant frames. To throw in some laughter funny "Somee cards" were replaced in old frames. Personalized water bottles for all guests are “Pinkz” specialty for any big or small events at our home. Shadow box displayed some serious calculations of our overall math of 20 years.

And here I am with my ol’ pal, a fellow mischief maker and a husband….sending cheers for all those couples who always find ways to rekindle their love after soothing rhythm of many years of friendship.

And lastly I am thankful that we have Instagram and Facebook where we could stay connected (when you don’t find me here) for our social media soaked regular days. I will be back soon as I have lot to share and show. Until we meet again enjoy your V-Day. Stay connected, toodles!