Thursday, August 27, 2015 around with your memories

I had briefed in my one of the earlier post "Down the memory lane" about my love of savouring the memories via tangible photographs. Today’s post is about my fervent art persona. Way before entering the blog world, my hands were fully dabbled in other crafts and hobbies.  

Jumping off to the point and on today’s post of scrap booking. The concept may be familiar to many of you. Scrap booking is a book; carving your own memories. Pictures can pill over the time but not memories. Stories of our family life grow and change through years and as an era pass by, they appear way too far than your known reach of memory. Scrap booking opens up a stream of variety to record your family’s ever describing family saga. 

My first foray in scrap booking started with my artistic daughter, when she was preparing one for her school project. I have been big on printing pictures for as long as I can remember, but this was something fresh to me. My daughter plays a large part in shaping my aesthetic as well my approach to scrap booking. 
Instead of having photos on CD’s or any other multimedia device that no one will ever get sight of. Creating scrapbooks can be a brilliant way to form a tradition where your children would be delighted to take a glimpse into the memories they have created in our life.  
In today’s fast paced world, life goes by so fast and memories tend to fade away. Scrap booking helps you preserve these special memories. In fact, this is the primary reason why you should scrapbook. It allows you to keep special moments alive and gives you physical keepsakes of experiences, people, emotions, smiles and places.
Don’t let memories of those great trips fragmented across on a CD, or phone or lying around in a hidden corner,create a travel journal with all the keepsakes and transcript by pulling them all together so you could leisurely leaf through and live through the trip again. Crave out some extra space and tame the clutter on your phone pictures by giving them a new form of scrap booking.

Those who know me personally well; they know how affectionate I am about real photographs. They have flipped pages of my photo albums many times and have been also enforced to appreciate jam packed books of memories.

The key purpose of my formation is to keep those special moments alive. A creative freedom and outlet to keep your inner artist alive. 

So, what are we waiting for, let those creative juices flow and spill over your stories of few chuckles of children, the world legendary monuments you visited, old friends and close family you met and experienced a new lifestyle throughout the journey. Hope this inspirational post about scrap booking helps you discover the artist within you. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Summing up the solitude

Here I am, leisurely hitting the ground running after the roller coaster of a sweltering hot weekend. Toronto is sizzling under the heat wave for the rest of the week but might as well enjoy before I enter in my fall nesting mode ;)

Our home, for now, is empty as kids are shipped off for an interesting venture of a whole week camping, leaving just two of us around in the home. Unleashing all the bottled up wishes of being “alone” and enjoying every bit of it. Savouring our freedom by treating ourselves more than often dinner dates with that chilled (all mine) Piña colada ;), long breezy walks and late night movies. Though, it had made us sense how lonely we will be when we get the label of ‘new empty nesters’ with our first child leaving us in couple of days to start new journey of her life. Comforting thought of having the younger one, the recipient of all well needed attention, is still with us and it's enough to restore our souls.

We both have hard time clutching the fact that kids are old enough to face the world on their own. Though, this detachment will expose new ways of thinking and learning for them along with new opportunities waiting to be tackled from the reality of their comfort zone. Quite positive that everything instilled in them until now, will have them ready to face the new world challenges.

 Though, I get much time without having to worry about cooking, feeding, cleaning, this solitude mode of life is now serving us an opportunity to build and find ourselves. Along with the pleasure, much needed task at home front also got taken care for. And as you know, that led me to spend some inordinate amount of time in doing what I love the most. Our Guest Room is shaping up and I can hardly wait to share it with you all.

Extra shopping hours could have led the budget to break its own boundaries, but I tried to stay contained with what I have. Few long forgotten pieces were brought back in to the life by resting on the coffee table. 'Swastika Ganesh' came home as a gift more than a decade ago, which is presently adding the aesthetic beauty and charm. Tried to boost up the appeal by adding few more brass after exploring many different ways. The flickering light contributes stunningly impactful appeal on the vignette. Few pieces of my collection have sentimental attachments and others like the ’Swastik Diya’ was added to the collection from a recent puja ceremony at my friend’s.

My collection is growing and going but I don’t ever want it to complete. I cluster my finds in clever ways that allow each item with even great decorative value that it might otherwise have. I hunt for something new and wonderful in something I already have. Eco-friendly decorating is to be able to see the prospective in existing pieces. Of course, the pieces have to be styled and edited instead of covered and cluttered taking up space in your closets or basements.  
Empty moments and mummy thoughts led me to loosen up the emotional apron strings here. For now, this free bird 'mom' is getting back to dreaming of those frequent, tighter, and loving hugs from kids until we bring them home.
Until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook, instagram or Pinterest pages of my passion, toodles.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fashionista Fiesta - A celebrity home tour (Manish Arora)

Designers undoubtedly choose the language of color to communicate. Freedom of dipping in the pool of possibilities to foster the perfect color choices is deep seated in designers. They haul around hundreds of shades of color to pick the perfect one. Today's post gives visual record of one such designer. 

Manish Arora, the fashion aficionado, is the most renown and inspiring fashion designer. The Indian designer Manish is branded for his high-class stylish and trendy play on colors.
Along with his designer clothing, the bizarre color palette in his color rich home reflects his frisky logic, opulent mind and of course his Indian affection. Color is often forerunner to fashion for these designers who marvel at having good eye for it.
A designer who seems to justifiably known for bold and brave colors proudly claims that he is not afraid of colors. A monochromic color scheme all the way through the apartment involves the use of different hue in varying tints, tones and shades.
Keep your eyes and heart open as we head into Manish Arora's colorful world.
A neon pink poodle and a robot dog greets his hot pink entrance. Quirky and fanciful tones are set from the entrance for you to seek out unexpected.
Lush and dazzling arrangements make the entire space glow. His collection of Persian dolls at the entry way and few sacred and epic figurines beautify his engraved fireplace mantel. Hot pink had to be slapped six times more than regular coatings to achieve this bold look in the room.
Hippy black and white rug and threesome of rimmed aluminum lamps above the wooden table look stylish to serve the meal elegantly. To take a note, extensive mishmash of chairs were scored from Paris flea market.
The designer chews on only cheerful entertainment hence, ‘Tom and Jerry’ takes frequent rounds on his home screen projector. The second hand sofas are also refurnished in Manish Malhotra’s signature print textile. Drama and excitement completely set the stage in this room. 

The kitsch and retro look decodes the designer's style mantra. These perky tangerine trims mixed with bright mint green define the space brilliantly. The kitchen is the smallest part of his apartment as the designer never cooks.

A thread of the same bold minty green color is continuously curving through the visible space to create a connecting link. Few of his playful manga comic characters are mimicking on the shelf along with peculiar collection of clown hats.

The eccentric arrangements of several souvenirs fetched on his travels are worth mentioning. Tiniest pieces of his collection enhance the charm to the décor and depicts the stylish personality of the designer.

Multiple bold colors and patterns are all jumbled together on the bespoke wall of prismatic glass panel, a statement piece created in India. It doesn’t only reflect the changing nuances of color but inordinate amount of natural light is also flooded through. Don’t forget to glance at the big strike - the rosy pink claw foot tub parked pretty on these elegant Parisian tiles.
Designer’s slumbering “adda” is rather calm and quiet. Posing above the bed is stag skull and antlers add the countryside hint in the room. The floral beddings are again from designer’s own collection. Grouping of trinkets decorates the fireplace mantel of the bedroom. Repurposed movie theater seats and taxidermy oddity of a parrot completes the designer’s personal sleeping quarter.

Wasn't it a flight to fancy? The designer revels in color using it in every nook and cranny of his apartment. Psychedelic swirl of colors states the story of designer’s joy and personality.  Carefully chosen unusual hues of bright colors beg you to stay and play all day. Concluding the kaleidoscopic tour with designer's happy go lucky words:

“My design aesthetic is all about happiness. You can feel happiness when you enter. People smile when they enter my place and smile again when they leave.”

Until we meet again, stay connected and have a splendid weekend!

Picture Source: Via Lonny

Friday, August 7, 2015

Artist... in the house - 2

If you barge in without a brief knock, in to the topsy-turvy muddled room with a teen, who is  busy collecting her thoughts and cranking loud on ‘Drake’ songs; you are precisely in my artistically engaged daughter’s room. The 17 years old, who exists in her own world surrounded by squiggly scribbly paint tubes and palette filled with sequence of color, is our proud artist of the home.

You will never find any precise clues to measure the craziness of our oddball.  When colors start to flow, nothing matters to her, she travels to her own artistic beats. She is gifted of seeing beyond ordinary by building solid layers of paint. Her current vacation life is copiously focused in working tirelessly and energetically in putting her innate talented art into making master pieces. She is highly enticed by the elephantine countenance of big pot bellied GANESHA, just like us. Hence, her almost all creations evolve around his different "avatar".
Artist: Pushti

I had to twist her arm (teenagers, I tell ya) to write up few words for her own creations, I managed for few and rest I had to end up writing but here we are. Join me as I rejoice the pleasure to share the part -2.
Mirror worked "Ganesha" with lotus.
 Ganesha and lotus go hand in hand in this pictures. A lotus flower always looks clear and pure beneath the murky waters. Just like that, the lotus in this painting is a strong symbol of beauty beneath darkness, which is represented by the black background. the Ganesha sits in the middle of the lotus as he is the god of new opportunities and luck. In my opinion, I feel like it is important to be bold and stand out in darkness when given a new opportunity.
Hibicus headed "Ganesha"
 This painting is a remake of a wonderful artist "Kruti". This specifically caught my eye because of the contrast of blue and orange against the black. It was a great pop of color. Moving on, the orange flower resembles "Ganesha's" crown and I felt like it was a unique choice to use a hibiscus as they are tropical and the most beautiful flowers in Carribbean. This one is my absolute favorite.

"Ganesha" on Lotus
The painting originally was supposed to be an outline of "Ganesha" but once I saw the salmon color in my paint box I knew it had to be used. The simplistic image on "Ganesha" really embodies how powerful his power is. The flower at the bottom makes it seem like he is emerging from the petals which I feel gives a strong pop of color and resembles how "Ganesha" is everywhere from nature to family.

Chakra "Ganesha"

This colorful piece was really fun to paint and is something that I look forward to doing again. The colors I used as a wash for the background is to resemble the "chakras" the one inside us. I see them as vibrant and beautiful and I just wanted that to be expressed on my canvas.

Mirrored peacock
Just like the tranquil creature, I wanted for this painting to capture how beautiful and timeless a peacock always looks. The feathers contain the typical mix of a natural peacock color plus gold to symbolize "old is gold". No matter how many years these creatures have been around, their looks never go unnoticed. Small detail of mirror work need to add some dimension in the background and feathers.  

As I take you onwards for these last pieces: 

Color Stroked "Ganesha"
Her creative spirit is deeply rooted with the art but when teenage life triggers the mood swings and particular creative thoughts flow, signature piece like this particular "Ganesha" takes place. As a result of her vision and courage to think differently, we see new master pieces being built in no time. This one is her first piece officially sold.   

Ekdanta "Ganesha"

This Ganesha is a thoughtful gift for her very dear friend. With her inner edit button and lots of artistic potential she easily gives bare canvas a splash of wonderful colours. Our heart goes out for the eyes of her every creation. The soulful eyes evoke the peacefulness in every piece.

Aum "Ganesha"

When I was about to publish the post, a new creation was formed overnight and I had to include it. For most of her creations, she shakes her world all night long, just as this Ganesha was created by burning the midnight oil to complete. Though, final pay off is amazing.

For now, she is completely stirring the excitement of 'escape' phase of life. She managed to squeeze in one last piece with very much detailed work just few days before she embark on a new journey. 

If you haven not had a peek in part -1, head right here to read all about it.

As I conclude the post, artist in the house is all set for her new chapter of university lifestyle. We are about to dive in to the empty nest syndrome which will end the early journey of our parenthood. With the pressing ache of separation we will be sending the young adult to start the new phase of her life. without her glamour in the home, things will not be the same but we both are happy to see out little girl shining brightly.
Hope you all enjoyed this colorful journey with us. Do take a moment to pour in your thoughts here or facebook page. Until we meet again, toodles.
Canvas paintings by Pushti Shah
Styling and Photography by Pinkz
Inspiration of each piece was sourced from internet.