Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Splendors of Classic Traditional Accessories - Featuring Crafts N Chisel

When a business is powered through reflecting love and passion of Indian handicrafts that we all evolve in....brands like Crafts N Chisel is borned. With roots in India and wings in USA, Crafts N Chisel will be your one stop shop for the next level up in decorating your home. Learning from the trend of globe, collecting with an appreciation for the unusual and gathering from the diverse sources - Crafts N Chisel will help you bring the much-needed aesthetic stroke to your home via their extensive range of home décor products.  
Introducing Craft N Chisel
Indian handicrafts are making their presence felt across runways and have created quite a stir in home décor industry. Thankfully, we have sources like Crafts N Chisel at our fingertips, resulting in a much wider choice. This e-commerce website will leave you spoilt and show you the ropes and pave the way for your home advancement. Art and objects at Crafts and Chisel begs exploration that echoes splendors of classic traditional accessories.  
Marble Tile Diplays
When Megha got married and moved to USA, she was majorly missing the traditional touch in her décor. Raised in a tightly knit Indian family where Megha’s mom is an architect and brilliant artist, Megha was fed with the love of handicrafts, paintings and murals. Inspired and instilled by her mom’s artistic direction Megha had hard time meeting the pleasing and practical needs of fulfilling her dream home here in USA. To give free run to her more adventurous design inclination, she managed to ship home décor products from India for her home here in USA. Admiration of her choices in home décor by friends and guests let Megha unfold the dream of the brand Crafts N Chisel with a motto to bring Indian handicrafts to homes away from home. 
Carefully Handpicked Collection 
When it comes to your home décor – making sure it has layered collected feel means tons of tough decisions. Often what gives our home an authenticity is the visual stories of our home décor...our artfully edited collection with colliding eras and styles of our roots. Keeping the same in mind, Megha cherry picks the best of the authentic and quality pieces via collaborating with multiple artisans in India.  
Dizzying Array of Wall Decor
Let Crafts N Chisel relieve the stress and restore the fun while introducing you to their extensive collection of home décor products from the most sought-after collection. Quality and Customer Satisfaction being the success mantra behind this brand, Crafts N Chisel value customers and their needs more than anything. Keeping the assurance that customers are really happy with the product and service, they go the extra mile to fulfill it.  Their masterly vision brings not only best of the products but they offer free shipping and free return. 
Traditional Touch of Brass
 Megha has converted her passion of home decor into work through Crafts & Chisel by taking along many creative souls behind the brand to bring it together. She points out: “We are a team of young enthusiasts trying to bring rich Indian art easily to people. Here at Craft N Chisel we don't just sell products; we sell ethnic decor ideas. Every day we try to build new collections and styles around our products, keeping it interesting. With every product styling, we bring a little piece of us to people, our customers."
Classic Brass Decor
Crafts N Chisel has rightly won to bring the boldness in home décor via big and little strokes of their products. Their business breathes on about bringing unique and luxurious Indian art to homes in abroad. Apart from collaborating with artisans, they also design a wide range of products in-house which brings uniqueness in their products. 
As they embrace success …..they take great pleasure in their creations of Crafts N Chisel along with the love and smile they bring to their customers. 
Traditional Brass 
While focusing more on their dedicated collection, Megha coins: "The heart of our brand is detailed oriented and proficient handcrafters of India. We realized the reach is the primary issue for artisans to bring their art on a large scale. We are the bridge bringing the Indian traditional art from artists to the world, and also help artists create new products around their traditional style. We explore, curate and collaborate with artists specializing in different Indian handicrafts, and design and experiment in-house products."
Pleasing palette of Dokra Art and Leaf Frames
Indian Handicraft is nourishing in every sense of décor. But with Megha’s masterly vision and never-ending curiosity she brings in the best of both the worlds in her décor brand. Along with traditional she also injects a touch of bit contemporary in her products. Crafts N Chisel by all means embraces its roots but the products are also designed for a new generation look. 
Global Decor Accessories
Giving her creative persona its freedom Megha’s ability to see the light beyond dusky horizon has resulted in this brand. Now she has come full circle as a president of Crafts N Chisel. Result of her vision and courage to see differently has crack open the decorating choices for many homes across the globe.  If your home deserves a playful mix of these easy going yet undeniably stylish products, scroll into their website here and you are sure to be assured of quality and standardized services. 

Décor accessories always go on a long way ensuring our home possesses character and life. As we sign off, wishing Crafts N Chisel all the very best for all future accomplishments. Do visit their website here for more inquiries or product search. 

Their shipping and return is free worldwide for a limited period. 

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