Friday, April 10, 2020

Be my guest! (Guest Room Reveal)

 The world is being challenged with fear, frustration and anxiety with the sudden pangs of social withdrawal. As we face the unexpected circumstance during this pandemic, our life feels chaotic and seems it will take an eternity to see the end.  

During these difficult times, it's very important for us to recharge and focus our energy on other positive things. Channeling all our energy on creativity is the best upside of our quarantine – since we have both - time and incentive to knock out some of those projects that we may have put off. While doing so, we will keep ourselves grounded (and probably remain sane) throughout this chapter of our life. 
With the onset of summer on the horizon, I am dreaming of a back to normal life, where we will be hosting again too! Being said that, we actually had a long list of guests this year on our agenda from friends to family who were planning to visit us. I don't see that happening in near future but I am glad that we completed this long-due project of our guest bedroom done in time. 
We have a designated guest bedroom with an attached washroom and a walk in closet. Yet, we wanted to erase the visual clutter in the guest room when there are no guests around. So that we also can have an extra room on hand empty for more space that can be used for a variety of other functions aside from sleeping. We decided on a customized Murphy bed or a wall bed, which adds space and flexibility in our guest room. 

This built-in Murphy bed is both practical and stylish. It transforms the space into a welcoming guest room in a snap. We bought this Murphy bed in the early beginnings...about 6 years ago but today’s fold-up beds are becoming even more functional often incorporating a desk or even side tables. Besides it’s perfect for small space solution.   
We also customized the queen size bed with lights above for ease of excess for older guests like our parents or keeping in mind those guests who like to read before sleeping. Two side tables are from Bouclair store here in Toronto because things don't need to match it has to be mixed :). 

The opening space of the actual bed was quite tricky to add or hang anything since the bed had to be lifted away when not in use so I ended up stenciling the wall. I will save my painful stenciling story for some other day as it took me forever to complete this small portion inexpertly about 2 years back. Nevertheless, I am very happy and proud of the results ;).
Our guest bedroom has always been ready but now with new finishing touches (and my DIYs) it breathes new elegance. The full size mirror in the guestroom from Ikea is a great addition, not only for guests but also for me to check my final look in that mirror when the room is empty. 
For us, whether we’re expecting guests for one night or for one week, we always strive to make guests feel comfortable and at ease in our home. Nobody likes to watch their hostess scramble around to get things done after they arrive, so I take care of the guest room beforehand. I ensure to have things around for them by putting the things they'll need throughout their stay right there in the room. Some examples include books, water bottles, and towels. If you want to go the extra mile, have some flowers or plants around (yes, their addition is a heart warming gesture).
No room of our home is too small for grace notes of beauty. I aimed to keep useful and beautiful both things around in our guest room. From an antique looking four drawer Chester to an eye catching ikat lamp that improves a short stay of our guests. 
My creativity has soared in this lock-down phase and while achieving some great DIY results, I have been entertained, distracted and amused in equal measure. Also my fetish of kutchhi handicraft found a new perspective. Instead of hoarding these batwas (purses) in drawers, I decided to appreciate them on my walls. The kalamkari lamp is a DIY project, that you can check out on my Facebook here.
DIY projects aren’t always about the end product, and how useful or practical they will be. These DIY’s are very often about the process, which I have enjoyed tremendously in these days. Carrying forward the same theme of kutchhi batwa I DIY these frames too and they were an absolute delight to indulge into. Shall you decide to make one for your home, check this video. 

Here is the final look of how our room looks empty when the bed is stowed away. The space is perfect for my teen's friends to play board games and for me also to do my extra craft activities. But for now, until we have guests rolling in again and until I go on another vacation again....this room has been my 'stayacation' adda :) during this quarantine.

Adding on to an existing home is a long process that takes a lot of parts coming together. And if you are like me who is trying to get exactly what you want from the project, it takes forever. But I am glad that my forever has ended and we have completed our guest room. 

Here is the short video clip of the room, enjoy!

May this long weekend be filled with peace, health and restful moments for all of you. Until we meet again, seize the day and hang in there, toodles!

  • Custom Wall bed: Eco Wall Bed
  • The quilt and the curtains - Home Sense Canada 
  • The side tables : Bouclair
  • Tall lamp: Walmart
  • Mirror: Ikea
  • Antique cabinet is from one of the furniture warehouse here in Toronto while they were closing down the business.