Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Copper Crush!

Today's round up focuses on copper. Traditional brass has been kept at the bay  and copper has been experimented for new glam on the coffee table. Usually I find myself stuck at the edge of my comfort zone with brass and easily pull desired results, but playing around with copper made me realize they also go with....well...everything. Classic look of nicely aged copper has freshen up my coffee table by adding up a little bit of shine.

These copper urlis (Tamba Kundis) were gifted by my 'Ma' many moons back. Every time I visit her, part of her home treasures are destined to come home back here in Canada. Though, she was determined not to let me steal away her copper kundis, hence gifted me 4 of new ones for my home. I love their unique versatility when it comes to decorating them.

The "kamandal" or candle holder was spotted at a yard sale for $10 on our last year's visit at cottage, as soon as I locked my eyes on it, I knew it was coming home. For someone like me who revels in antique could have no way left it behind. Without fretting over it has been added to my copper collection proudly.

Classy hostess tray is gifted by a dear old school friend who visited me recently. A perfect gift of a perfect piece that will be cherished for long. My mind is racing infinite ways of styling this beauty.  

A little bit of old and a little bit of new are mixed and interpreted myriad ways with positive results for this vignette. Hope this post will inspire you to check your attic for copper that can be dusted off and shined to bring in your decor. ( For brass cleaning: A pinch of salt and a lemon slice works best for me) 

Leaving you with my shiny coffee table, until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook page or Instagram feed of Pinkz Passion, toodles!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the House (Luxury Guest House)

The post on your screen is brought to please your inner decorista senses.  No I don’t want you to admire only with “Wow” or “Huh”…. let’s move on to see how this place is totally infused with glamour in every square inch.

Parking ourselves today at the doors of “On the House” B&B homestay in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, a tastefully decorated place where there is no fear, only confidence.  Aradhna Lanba, an entrepreneur who had dipped her hands in travel and hospitality, meticulously designed this home stay, where practical requirements of luxury hotels are well served with an ambience to woo away your fatigue.  

Surrounded by a hodgepodge of art on every wall, curated antique furniture and concentrated collection of objects make this glitzy living room a visual and sensual delight.
Dinning Area

Taste a bit of razzle-dazzle along with your breakfast in the dining area.  The touch of soft lilac purple color adds the character in this “Fairy Tale” room, making the space more inviting. By grouping assortment of plates on the wall, the dining place has been brought to life.

Gulmohar Room
Aradhna didn't stay locked in one style, instead she embraced diversity by creating all different bedrooms layering multiple styles. The very first thing you react in this room is the scarlet color. By adding a bit of sparkle and shine this aptly titled “Gulmohar Room” channels a “Maharaja” vibe.

Oak Room
Catch up a long day in the warmth of calmness in this “oak room”, where soft background with warm neutral color struck a balance by using olive green accent wall. The room is blended old world style with modern looks keeping most of the furniture marginal so that surrounding art work and accessories stand out.

Cedar Room
The baby pink on this femininely designed “cedar room” denotes fantasy. The fuss free setting sets the tone of comfort and repose to soothe tired travelers.

Terrace Garden
Wouldn’t mind to snack and chat on this terrace garden. Richly layered with colorful flowers and garden accessories, the place is perfect for solo brainstorming or group gossiping. One could easily trade the turmoil of their urban life on this peaceful terrace.  

A lady with discerning eye embarked on a project with a motto and the results are pleasing beyond measure. “On the house” is fashioned by combining elegance, ethos and era that reflects the style and taste of Aradhna. Click here if you are craving to see more colors of this luxurious guest house. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!  

(Image 1: Houzify,  rest all Images: On The House bed and breakfast)

Monday, July 4, 2016

With July, it's officially summer!

Much awaited time of the year is here. Summer delivers oxygen to our frozen souls; hence we wrap our arms around every possibility to enjoy it.
Charming jumble of yellows and green for summer on my coffee table

Summer for us, is all about spending healthy dose of family time as we notice the veil of childhood innocence is lifting recklessly with our younger fella whom we have babied so much. Priorities have shifted rapidly from blowing bubbles to skateboard stunts, from long bicycle circles to roller blades and playing catch to kicking hard soccer. With a streak of silver in our mane, this mother is dishing out you a sage advice to plan ample of family time together this summer; be it a drive through movie under the star lit sky, or all day picnic with gossiping gaggle or camping in evergreen vistas near lake water lazing on Muskoka chairs while roasting marshmallows at night….list to do can go on and on, pick your favorite and sprawl out more to enjoy.  

Though, at the moment, my mind has started to think and get the ball rolling on new decorating adventures of the ongoing work at home front. Our basement is shaping up where all our family movie nights and hosting-entertaining of the crowd will be offered.  Along with basement, we have taken a leap closer to Mother Nature by building a patio where cocktails will be sipped overlooking the pond in our ravine and where I might plop down with pile of books in sunshine. Big plans, huh? Well, summer is all about outdoor fun for us Canadian to soak up some vitamin D to survive for the rest of the cold months ;).

We do have few inspiring posts this month including something shiny and’s not brass, I tried my hands on copper for a change and loving the results. Queuing up also a wonderful tour of boutique bed and breakfast place that will make you weak in your knees. So, I shall see you around until than wishing you all a wonderful summer, toodles!