Friday, December 21, 2018

Brassy Goodness (Home Tour of Anuradha Manne)

So how do you feel about brass? Are you a 'pro' or 'against it?' After being christened with the title of “Brass Queen” by my readers, I consider myself in the “Pro Brass Lover” category ;). However, our today’s home owner definitely rivals my love of brass. Adding just the right amount (in her case, oodles) of glitz and glam via brassy goodness their collection of passion has become something to be proud about. I am spellbound, bewitched and same time green with envy as I take you for the tour of this home. Whether you are a brass lover or still a little brass shy I hope this post will leave you inspired with new ways to bring some shine into your décor.  

Coming from Godavari Roots in Andhra, our today’s homeowner Anuradha who is settled in Kansas City, USA has an old affair with brass. Her initial encounter at her grandma’s home in Atchanta, where the entire living room was glistening with wall to wall brass objects inspired her. Years down the road, the collecting bug made her passion for brass turn into an obsession of sort. However, Anu credits the folks settling in Vijayawada (Fashion Capital of Andhra), from where her aesthetic sensibilities broaden and deepen.

When Anu settled down to USA after getting married with Srinivas, her real love for brass collection started forming. With the strong background and vessel of memories from India, Anu was missing her roots. In search of building a bridge between east and west Anu’s hidden passion for interior decorations started to boost up.
I literally jumped on this feature after looking at this brass overrode image from Anu. There is a lot to feast your eyes on when you arrive at her foyer. Everything here necessarily attracts all your attention. Being emotionally attached with brass since childhood, Anu wanted to give a grandeur look in the entrance and that’s it...from there she decorated each nook and corner (not even leaving a single wall) around her home. To jazz up the elegance, she gave some extra decorative treatment combined with complimentary accessories.  
After passing every house obsessed thought the couple decided to go bold and fearless on choosing the colors on the wall. As told by Anu, the couple wanted to stand out their brass collection, hence decided to go with gutsy decision of painting the down stair rooms in hot red.  
Anu often experiments with her elegantly appointed brass pieces by changing or moving them around for a fresher look. However, Anu says: " I would say it’s the last change...but it never is...I end up changing/adding stuff. My Husband says that he is the only one I haven’t changed ;), How can I? He being the Money bags :).”  Jokes apart, Anu considers her husband as her rock and support whose emotional support drives her. Anu has however successfully won to change Srinivas's décor perspective.  Anu sums up, “I changed him in such a way from a phase where he never had an eye for anything nor interested in decorating but now, he gives me ideas and suggestions with pictures showing different decorating styles. 
It takes a little faith, and some boldness to unleash the creativity just like Anu. The bold & fiery red color continues to surprise you in the couple’s living room. Meticulously designed and visually weighty custom-made frame with Tanjore painting was shipped all the way from Vijaywada, India from an antique restoration store. The trunk that serves the purpose of coffee-table is from World Market.  
Anu’s journey of collection is inevitably filled with patience, growth, frustration, satisfaction, surprise and finally great joy. She started decorating her home with “Made in India” stuff bought from here in USA (Pier 1, World Market & Home Goods stores) but her eyes are forever peeled for Indian artifacts. With internet reaching out to a vast chunk of global retailers it is easy for a brass lover like Anu who now frequently imports from India.
Anu breathes by this motto: “Find what you love and surround yourself with it, live with it”. She just buys the objects which she loves and finds a way to make them work together. Anu is an avid devotee of Ganesha and Lord Balaji while her husband’s family keeps faith in Lord Hanuman. Keeping the blessings of all deities Anu has collected all the variety of statues that she could find. She proudly says: “My Husband Srinivas Being named after Lord Balaji, I custom made Lord Balaji statue for his 40th Birthday. I think it’s a birthday present for me rather than him”. 

Bouncing her ideas off to her mother and sister in Chennai Anu has rubbed off her passion of brass on them as well. Knowing Anu’s passion of collection her mother and sister now ensures to gather and find true high-quality brass pieces from the interior parts of South or exhibitions for Anu. Anu is thankful for having these duo in her life as they cherry pick best of the pieces for her and keep the bag ready before she lands in India for a visit. 
Now we have many resources at the fingertips, resulting in a much wider choices to buy online. After filtering each and  every piece Anu takes advantage of online shopping and ships here.
Good flow is established by alternating the colors of walls from one room to the next one. 
The foyer leading to all bedrooms is also a visual delight where happy splashes of color and décor accessories have conjured up in dramatic setting. 
Just like her rest of the rooms, the couple has gone wild with the color in bedrooms which makes them exciting to stay. A dose of bravery with huge splashes of color really jumps out at this romantic Boho-style bedroom. 
A small lofted bedroom gets cozy in the layers of warm color tones. This little room maximizes its space without filling every nook. 

Closer look at the bed rooms styling where the touch of traditional makes everything else in tune with style. 
Every piece Anu & Srinivas have collected, has a story to tell and it is important for them to display it with care in a way that will enhance their living space. None of these collection have been created overnight, they have been a labor of love for years. Now Anu doesn't look for a piece but that special piece finds Anu's home to settle forever.  

Let me conclude the tour by asking which were your favorite brass, or can you even choose? I know I can’t! I hope you enjoyed perusing all the eye candy from her home. A huge thank you to Anu for allowing me to share your gorgeous home. Wishing you both the best of the world and of course the best of the brass :).

That's all folks for this year from blog as well. Will see you next year with fresh décor ideas and fresh beginnings, until then, wishing you all very happy holidays! Until we meet again, toodles!