Friday, July 24, 2015


We crossed 500+ on Pinkz Passion facebook page last week and I am grateful to have you all joining me on board. Cheers to all of you for being a part of my passion journey. Happy as I can be, to be encircled by supportive and cheering loyal readers who happen to share the same wavelength as me. Always gratified to read your appreciating words, comments, messages and love, which absolutely warm the cockles of my heart.

Blogging, in these few months, has been a promising platform to showcase my interest and channel my thoughts. Along with a stream of boundless opportunities, it has also unleashed my vision to express my own practical décor chronicles. Stretching myself by hitting the books and resources, clicking the perfect shots with undaunted approaches (of course, after few trial & error phase) and sharing with you all has gained me a victory in documenting my passion . In parallel, I got connected to talented people and motivational supporters. Budding bloggers & a melting pot of friends have likewise showered support and as a result, progressively, my passion page is being seen and heard.
A fresh look of my old flowering vase and new addition to Buddha collection

You feel like a pop star when you take the first leap on to the “blog world”. You look at the work of others and think, “I can do way better” but the more you absorb, the more you comprehend how much work it takes to be a part of it. 

A new plus to Buddha collection

Blunders have been happened, after all, that’s how some of us got here. By dint of the those mistakes, we start to learn, trust and gain confidence in ourselves. I have had my share of initial stumbling block but the pleasure going down on this "path" has been worth everything. Slowly but surely, I have learned to turn a close eye to the people who strike me down and I have accomplished to embrace the motivators, who catapult me back to where I am supposed to be.  Now, there is not shifting reverse at this point.  

Beauties from "Farmer's Market"
By means of blogging, I found an outlet in showcasing my collection. Friends/families never discerned the treasured and emotional pieces we kept randomly scattered over the years. The virtually pleasing artful arrangements enhanced the overall impact of the pieces. Blog has succeed to laid a significant emphasis on their beauty and value of the pieces we curated over the years. My young blog now narrates the story of where we have been, who we are, and what has been our passion. 

An evening glow casting warm hues of sunny days
In this short run,  I have succeeded to lighten the heart of people and have touched many lives by injecting décor inspiration and motivation. The milestone has now fetched new ventures for the future. A gorgeous home tour, first time ever, is building up on the blog. Few artistic, inspirational and of course décor posts will be crawling up your screen pretty soon. Stay tuned on face book page for more updates.

Enjoy your rest of the week and see you around until we meet again, toodles!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blessings of Pooja!

Don’tcha just love summer? I dearly do. It’s disheartening to be cooped up inside all winter long. Being summer around, we are enjoying as much environmental pluses as we could before the uninvited cold winter days barge in. Summer, here, is all about outdoors. Weekends are jammed in cool natural breeze with picnics radiating whiff of the smokey BBQ parties in the pleasurable company of abundance of friends. A long evening strolls with a warm sun lit on our path of ravine. Few leisurely games of badminton and late night movies on Netflix officially authenticate summer vacation. Routine mornings are bit lazy than regular ones, as I also don’t mind joining my two munchkins by simply dozing off extra hours in the lulls of humming ceiling fans ;) On a long summer vacation day, with tedious routine, taking few breaks won't hurt!
You know me, I can burst all day long about my summer tales, but today’s post is about a blessing, a tradition, a celebration we held few weeks back in our home. I had briefed you earlier about a “Pooja” celebration. It has turn out to be a custom we cling to follow every year since last 10 years. But this year, being me on the blog circle, I had countless reasons to share the spirit and the portraits with my readers. 
Every year, we have long lasting family gatherings, on this particular day, when I apt to infuse every corner with fanciful décor. Revamping the rooms by pumping up enough volume of décor accessories is what I excel in. Massive make overs take place in my home for any special occasion. Though, I usually take a step back and run an eye on what I already own and focus on areas of potential displays.
The entrance was adorned with brass and deep red groupings. Grouping your collections in ingenious ways will qualify each item with even greater decorative value that it might otherwise have. Strive for something new and pleasing in something you already have.

As I have briefed earlier, entrance is a winning location. A short stay in foyer to enjoy the interesting display is always an earning point in the decorating game. Add the thrill at the entrance for the atmosphere of the celebrations by decorating with special touches. Antique brass is successfully updated here with contemporary details. A bright bloom of flourishing Dahlia, from my very small garden, adds the pop of colour and beauty.
Diyas are integral part of any Pooja, if not for “Pooja”, well lit candles are essential part of any bash at my home. Nothing beats their gentle twinkle glow for setting the tone for the celebration.

Put some unique spins on the familiar pieces by blowing them up. Flowers don't only add freshness in the air but also spruce up the room. They never fail to spread some glorious touches for celebrations in my décor.
Few of my exquisite pieces chosen solely for their beauty. Sometimes a little enhancement is all that is needed to transform from functions to fantastic. Besides, celebrations are great occasions for collections showcase.

Some soulful “bhajans” expressing sentiments for the love of God filled up the atmosphere. The presence of assembled guests singing prayers and showering blessings always leaves its abiding echo. We look forward to the day profoundly every year. We also happen to welcome an addition of new “Ganesha” to our collection on this day.

Grab beautifying opportunity for any significant, happy event and accomplish it with a great pomp and glory. Let your plenty of “desi” arrangements work the charm of putting the notch above the rest. Ensure to add your allure to any memorable event with spirited theme carried throughout the home. These are the simple pleasures of life we love to live in :)

Until we meet again see you around on facebook page/instagram page, toodles!


Friday, July 10, 2015

No place like home...

Nothing beats more than belonging in a blissful state of being home after a life affirming and wondrous vacation. Back to the place which triggers a deep emotional feeling of affection and acceptance. Getting all our acts together as we wrap ourselves back in the relishing comfort of our home. Though, still shaking off vacation buzz along with a long list of work entails. Still spinning my wheels and navigating journey’s up and down. Last week went by in a wink nursing the consequences of jet lag & with lingering haze of sleep. Yes, we were in post vacation blues ;) as they call it.
Regardless, how royal hospitality pampered you but resting your wearing feet and rediscovering yourself in your own home is a wonderful feeling. No matter in how luxurious dwellings we slumbered, but getting into our clean sheets and waking up in our own bed felt heavenly (in the cosiness of that special one and only pillow). In spite of how delectable diverse dishes we had but on our return all our heart was yearning for homemade heartily meal of “khichdi” with “ghee” (the best if enjoyed with bare hands).
After changing the horizon and kicking back to our comfort bubble, I had a great excuse to give my home a décor therapy (we all need one in once a while, wouldn't you agree?). I took the freedom to indulge in some decorating opportunity and plunked couple of my favorite objects on the table. Every single corner your eye might choose to land was brighten for an inviting sense. 
Decorating works as a remedy for me as it tears me away from all the anxiety and wallowing mood. Keeping the very ethos in mind, re-arranging was a pleasant compulsion and a welcome dose of sweetness. Flattering candle lights, and lovely familiar scents wafting from it realize us that, we are home.  

Definitely, coming back was a delirious feast, and getting back in informality and comfort, set us all free. Now, leisurely, we are soaking up vacation’s laid back vibe and rediscovering ourselves. Settling for ho-hum and adoring some definite perks of being home again. With summer vacations and warm up in weather, we have more reasons to appreciate out door. Long trolling in the ravine, late night movies with milkshakes and chit chats are getting us back to routine bit by bit. Tons to compose and share once we ease down, will be right back to you soon, until we meet again, stay connected on Pinkz Passion's Facebook page. Don't forget to enjoy your weekend, toodles!