Thursday, February 21, 2019

Valentine Fun!

Haven’t you heard the phrase to party like there is no tomorrow? Well, I take that phrase very seriously and let my creative juices flow from the farthest depth of my mind when I organize one at home. I love hosting parties, especially themed ones where I can cultivate my style as a creative outlet and indulge into my inner fantasies. 
Nothing matches the exhilaration of organizing a theme party and nothing makes me giddier than getting ready for one. Whether you throw a theme party or not décor always plays a crucial role in setting the mood. 
The bay window in our basement takes a creative transformation for any party or special occasion and becomes a platform to showcase my whimsies. With little creativity and lot less money, my DIY decorations added a lot of glitz, glamor and glitter on this party. I choose to buy less and throw in from what I have in home. 
From hanging DIY tulle décor, to cut out heart shapes (from gift wraps) to centerpieces (shoe boxes hidden with gift wraps) to DIY personalized frames (with ‘Jo Baka” memes) to even water bottles and props....everything is DIY. Just the paper fans are bought in from Michael’s with my 40% off coupon to add more color.
Never underestimate the power of a decor. It has always worked that few decorations go a long way in getting people pumped about a theme. Some fun and fresh celebration ideas always give guests a chance to don their creative hats and channel their energy into their best look of the theme.
When I was pondering over about how to make the day extra special beside serving them to this home-made sweet treat of ‘Mawa-Malai’ kulfi...“Jo Baka” memes came to the rescue for the party. Taking care of every smallest details...I added similar frames by our drink station and dinner table also. Since the theme was entwined with reminiscing old college days, I made a frame for every couple using their old pictures with similar funny memes for them to keep as a souvenir (which everyone loved and appreciated the gesture).  

Hosting a party at home calls for an elaborate planning and each aspect demands careful attention when you are picky as me for everything to fall perfectly. Although at times planning and decorating may seem overwhelming, but decorating for a theme party is one of my favorite part. Once you start preparing, tending to each aspect one step at a time, things will smoothly fall into place.

Our stage got flooded with selfies, posing with DIY props, playful games and a lot of fun banter that left lasting memories for our guests, just as we intended it! Until we meet again, toodles! 

Here is the link to our South-Indian themed party at the same spot.