Friday, September 15, 2017

Traditionally-Desi (Home tour of Shweta Pandya)

Don't we all humans have an instinctive urge to mark our living space with our own stamp? Possibly surrounding ourselves with our favorite objects helps us affirm our identity. Though everyone defines and interprets décor in own personal way, and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of undertaking it. Our today's home tour of Pandya family is packed with ‘Indianity’, which is a perfect example of the adaptability and versatility of one such ‘Traditional-Desi’ décor style. One glance at the style and ambience of this home will persuade you to believe that this charming, gracious and utterly desi home has "A perfectly Traditional Indian Home" written all over it.  

Meet Shweta, the lady of the home and a warm and engaged school friend of mine whose childhood and India is spilled over into every corner of her home. Even though thoroughbred Gujju girl Shweta shifted base (Maryland, USA) far away from her home country, the idyllic days of her childhood and pastoral settings of India remained forever engraved in her mind which highly influences her decorating preferences even today. Whether it’s her home décor or personal dressing, she is aware and confident about her aesthetic preferences. With a saree love so strong, her panache for carrying it off with aplomb is unmatchable. Statement pieces of jewelry and big ‘bindi’ always finishes off her look.  
A mother of three beautiful children is tough on the exterior and a mush ball inside. Maintaining her nest is not easy with three kids but Shweta has discovered a Zen-like balance in her mommy life without a hair out of place. I was fortunate to meet and mingle with this girl friend of mine after ages during this summer. Lover of all simple things in life and passionate traditionalist is also an avid art lover who finds peace of mind in creating different pieces of art.
With her style and substance deeply rooted to Indian tradition, her doors open to this 'pick -me- up' space where ‘real’ her is welcomed. Treasured group of traditional objects are adding the dressy note at the end of a stair case. A jumble of disparate objects are united in an exquisite textural composition (those of you who are following me on Instagram are well aware about Shweta, who had shared this pretty corner earlier for my brass series).  
Her entry way is a clear declaration of her personal style and is perfectly imbued with the same sense of 'traditional-desi style' she gave the rest of the home. A musical troupe of ‘Ganeshas' are gracing her console table that greets every visitor with a cheer. Breaking the typical mould of mirrors at the entryway, taking the center stage here is a mystical Tapestry made of Kutch embroidery and mirror patchwork in vibrant colors of rural India. The final looks here are sealed off with ‘toran' (decorative door hanging). Both the decorative wall pieces Shweta lugged away from Gujarat, India. 
Rich color and texture denote Indian culture and these both elements are highly visible in the grand tone of Pandya family's formal living room. Being an ultra-stylist space this room brings visual and tactile powerful impact. To temper all the fancy sprinkled in the room, only few pieces of traditional ‘Sankheda’ furniture is employed here. Traditional swing is taking the center stage of the room where Shweta mesmerizes her childhood days.  
Sankheda Furniture is colorful teak wood furniture of Gujarat, India treated with lacquer and painted in traditional bright shades of maroon and gold (these they are available in variety of colors). It is made in Sankheda Village and hence its name. With its beautiful hand-painted motives and traditional method of ornamentation these furniture pieces are main point of attraction and the beauty in the house.

Just like me 'bling' is her thing. Brass meets her need in a very personal way. Pieces she has hunted and gathered over the decades from India and other countries are sited in the most unexpected places.
A deliberate effort has been made here to instil the separate dining room with mood and character. Considering the big list of extended family Pandya family’s dining room is a venue for parties, social gatherings and entertaining.  Shweta, who is also a pro cook, serves epicurean feasts in this very dinning room to her extended family and takes proud in bagging away all the compliments for her culinary skills.
Propped atop the dining buffet table are the souvenirs from Udaipur, India.
Handsome stones have the kind of versatility that makes them a good fit for any room. A potency of a stacked stone fireplace is an asset in a large and spacious family room. Shweta has used every inch of her compact fireplace area but in a way that never feels over done and or cramped. Her feminine allure is highly visible through the clutter of beloved treasures of all kinds.
No amount of drama can distract Shweta when she kicks back with a good book on her favorite spot in the family room.  She settles backs and concentrates in the afternoon here to embrace the rest of the day…oh, and sometimes power naps are welcome too.
The overall collection of her well attuned vignettes and décor accessories are an infusion of Indian aesthetics.
Relaxation comes in many forms in Shweta’s enormously large family room. Swathed in sunshine Shweta's family room is in charge to accommodate diverse activities where favorite modes of relaxation and recreations take center stage. Seating pieces are upholstered in tough as nails fabrics that can take daily wear here. Oversized and over stuffed couches and stacks of pillow denote predominance for comfort where Shweta  curls up  for a left over Netflix series, while her teenagers steal a couch to catch up their shows.
Traditional little touches are impressively dotted in appetizing corners of the home. The open shelf makes the perfect spot in the kitchen to display her Ganesha collection.
Her well-equipped kitchen not only compliments family's lifestyle but also works as a communal room in the family. Her teenagers sit and talk about their day here as Shweta washes and chops vegetable for dinner and the younger one sits with a paper and crayons under the watchful eyes of her.
Every element in the home is linked by a common theme of traditional décor. Her desi touch is intact and evident on the walls here and there around the hallways.

Even though Shweta changed horizons, her heart firmly remained in India. Though, her abiding love of all ‘desi’ things is softened and scattered throughout the home in its complete glory. Concluding this home tour with a thank you note and good wishes for Shweta and her family.

Hope you all my dear readers enjoyed this inspiring home tour. With festive season upon us, I am gallantly floating to bring the best of the décor this festive season. Until we meet again, stay connected on Instagram and Facebook pages of Pinkz Passion for further updates, toodles!

(Images are taken by Pinkz & Shweta. Please do not use the images without the prior written permission of the home owner and Pinkz Passion however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account)