Monday, May 23, 2016

Traditional Touch

I absolutely love the natural color and rustic appeal of terra cotta. Though, unlike India where there is an abundance of such artifacts found almost everywhere, sadly in my part of the globe, to enjoy their charm, we only have to cautiously lug them in our handbags from our visits to India. Few slices of such earthy clay wonders are shifted on the coffee table.
As you know my personal treasures are the essential finishing bits around my home, and few of these long forgotten treasures are called in service. Ever changing eye catching display  on my coffee table is always welcomed here with artfully placed vignettes of accessories.  

To complete the ethnic vignette I have paired my kutchhi handbag as a base of the vignette. Few clay wall plaques which have followed us from our previous home are placed to link them visually. The darling little Ganesha here is a thoughtful gift of a dear friend who knew our collection was lacking a clay Ganesha, and he is now added as our cutest member in the growing gang of Ganesha :)  

The colorful and bright effect is making me wonder how an artisan creates these tiny details and textured pieces in many shades with just a fistful of clay. Whatever will be the era, the charm and instant glamour of terra cotta will always be pretty inspiring, until we meet again, stay connected on my passion feeds of facebook or instagram, toodles!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feature at Once Upon a Tea Time!

Social media and blogging has bridged the distance with many like minded people and once such personality is Priya, who blogs at Once Upon a Tea Time blog and circulates a monthly e-magazine. She has also accomplished an online market with global vendors offering variety of different products under her belt.

Her blog OUAT proudly featured our home, highlighting how we have preserved our traditional bone by layering our treasured collection of “Ganesha” while reflecting global appeal.


Our home for us is an epitome of our passion and dash of our individuality and similar fervor can be seen throughout our home.

Head straight to her blog and have a look at the complete tour right here and stay connected on facebook and Instagram, until we meet again, toodles!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Award winning chutney (B'khush recipe contest)

I'm ecstatic and over the moon! This yours truly, Pinkz, seized a recipe of chutney at 3rd place in a recipe contest on B’khush (an online magazine for South Asian Women and run by South Asian Women from around the world). Here is my take on the recipe and the story behind it, down the road you may read the recipe of my chutney and give it a try. 

Many childhood memories lurk when I try my hands on a spiced up, mouthwatering recipes similar to my mommy dear. Though, my culinary skills are not impeccable like her, but after dealing with patience, disaster, wonder and finally approval from my family and friends, I consider myself lucky to have honed the cooking skills to some extent after trying out most of the signature dishes.  

Though, today`s recipe, an epitome of goodness, is an impressive fusion recipe of chutney made with generous amount of walnut will not only jazz up any meal or snack but will leave your taste buds tempting for very long.  We, Gujaratis, are versatile eaters and ever willing to try any global dish with great glee but without frazzling for any other global recipe; I reached out to this traditional chutney for B`Khush contest.  A bit sweet, bit spicy and perfectly flavored with whole lot of fresh spices is a sprinkle of applause for my friends who have always been there to rescue me with my cooking encounters.

To prepare this easy-peasy chutney:
1 bunch of fresh Coriander (thoroughly washed)
2/3 chopped green chilies
2/3 cloves of garlic
Fistful of walnut and sesame seeds
Salt, cumin powder, lemon and jaggery according to your taste.
Whip everything in a mixture (Add bit of water if needed)

Chutney is ready to complement your favorite snack or meal. There is a fat chance of you falling in love with this recipe if you like your food, fresh, flavored and fully loaded with healthy goodness. So, when you host your next crowd to bond over a long chit chat or to tackle any happy moment, try out this spicy, tangy chutney to please all the senses.

A big thank you to each and every one and a big bear hug to those who took the time to vote and show your love and support for me. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Colonial Oasis - (Heritage Homestay Pondicherry)

Our itchy feet of travel, to intriguing places, has landed us today at a quaint coastal town of Pondicherry. A French quarter and a beautiful city which salutes the by gone era of French residency, where the buildings are still painted in pleasant muted shades and streets are laid out in a well-planned grid pattern to be discovered through unhurried strolls in the city.
If you are marooned working hard and thinking of a next getaway in a gentle laid back charmed place, where you might not encounter a luxurious, glamorous or a fancy service but an experience, that might throw you back in an era far far away, The Colonial Heritage Homestay could be your next stop. 

With everything remaining in its juice, The Colonial Heritage in Pondicherry is an old house converted into a guest house, which is placidly located around lush greens with finest choice of detailed décor. A beautiful colonial homestay, skill fully restored, developed and maintained with taste, gives the impression of an exquisite hospitality of the French in a charming corner of India.   

Architecture and touch of traditional antiques here don’t only flatter the style but they can immediately transport you in an era back in time. Compact areas, focused with history, are created with a charming jumble of traditional objects in this colonial style of living. A leisurely breakfast in this breezy verandah complemented with birdsongs in the beautiful garden would be perfect for anyone.  

Some quirky, fascinating, kitschy cozied up vignettes spread beautiful vibe and warm feel in the serene settings of The Colonial Heritage Stay.

Painted floors, antique lamps, and various distinctive elements which come together in a unique and rustic setting of the colonial stay sounds like a truly fab address for those who would actually want to taste the home-stay idea in this beautifully decorated old world place with full of charm and character.

The city may not be a proficient tourist spot, but with a number of alluring colonial properties offering the homestay, is built on the idea of attracting people where their eyes can rest and mind can wander while they enjoy some digital time out with feet up from the hustle and bustle of full-on life.

Signing out today evoking memories of yesteryear, until we meet again, stay connected folks and you all have a good week ahead, toodles!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Post Celebrations!

As we are settling into a new week, I am still under a hangover of post celebrations, which we sailed through this weekend. A total “feel-good” weekend with unending supply of love made Mother’s Day and 100th blogpost celebration at the top notch, which I still can’t stop gabbing about. Thank you each and every one for showing much love and support to my wonderful risking decision of blogging.
Kick started weekend with a pleasing surprise of cake and flowers by kids under the sure guidance of hubs dear. Mother’s day this year, knocked out all previous ones as we, bunch of dolled up moms, were flabbergasted with a limousine ride with some terrific arrangements to a casino followed by a fancy dinner cooked by all lovely dads.
Though, greatly earned title of “Mother” reaches at a tipping point when you float amidst the trickiest time of their growing up, dealing with teenage conundrum. For now, learning the dictum of love and let go is helping me overshadow their teenage tantrums ;), as I am dawning on the fact, that both will be embarking on an independent path pretty soon.
Hope you all wonderful moms out there had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones. With spring on my horizon, and young lady in the house, if you don’t find me much here on blogging, catch me on Facebook & Instagram until we meet again, toodles!    

Thursday, May 5, 2016

100th Post Special!

Today, we celebrate significant milestone of 100th post of Pinkz Passion which seemed nearly impossible when I started to cut and paste my dream of diving into the ocean of design experience and décor mantras through my blog. Shuttling between my buffering thoughts, and sheltered existence, my blog kept building on the idea of nursing my passion of love and décor. However, it was not always sunshine and rainbows, but I just started following what I loved and everything seem coming together. Crossing the path with same minded friends, who sprinkled much love and response, strengthen the intuition and hence here I am, pushing the boat out for the 100th post on the blog :).

As we mark 100th post and Mother’s Day the same week, I want to celebrate by raising a toast to the platoon of women, mothers and bloggers who has had and still holds the charmed title of “blog guru” in my eyes and they are my absolute favorite boldfaces of blog fraternity. For no specific reasons, they all tie at the top of my blogger’s list.
  My Home
The mutual thread of traditional style, that I personally favour, is binding all of my favourites together. Sit back, relax and savour the cocktail of MY favorite bloggers and their equally creative homes, which not only characterizes their style minded personalities but also prompt their creativity. Most of the names you will recognize as they are the leading bloggers in the crowded world of Indian décor blogging.

A blog and a home with a perfect fusion and function of globally-desi style. Shruthi’s true labour of love, her blog, is still making décor headlines. TECD's stars, are on rise by working steadily, who recently made Shruthi bag away "Facebook Decorista "of the year award under her belt. Shruthi's unique ideas and creative flair have shined a lantern on my path strongly and she still continues to impress next wave of new décor bloggers, where she is serving global design inspiration via confident mix of her heirloom pieces and cheering diverse home tours of real homes.
Rich details, on Anu's MDC, have inspired many like me, where I spent hours repeatedly gazing on her posts and leave with a deep impression on every visit. Anu's home is a great mix of style that is flexible and continuously evolving. I love how glorious little touches of antiques are updated in her home successfully with contemporary details. Anu’s online boutique, with plethora of global décor goodies, has won many tasteful and traditional collectors' heart. 
S&S is where fashion fanatic, Jayashree, a lady with a beaming megawatt smile, passionately pours her heart and eye on fashion, art and travel via her blog. Never short of admirers, has Jayashree put forward her glamorous side in her home with explosion of wit and confidence. An art-savvy, whose love for 'Madhubani' runs deep, has also opened an outlet of teaching the art, where her creativity is being shared with other like minded souls. Each and every blog of hers, where she plants her thoughts into beautiful words, is very well received .

I love the way; Aalayam has laced ethnic simplicity via their blog. If you are a cultural decor buff, there is a fat chance of you falling in love with Aalayam, which executes traditional aspects deeply. In the midst of all the twists and turns of life, with their acts of creativity, they have set an example of possibility and passion. Aalayam blog, flavoured with Indianity, is breathing on heaps of praise and love of their readers. 

It is Archana’s profound desire to inspire others made her find her true calling (another “Rang” of her life) as young as in 2007. Rang decor blog is an extension of her creative soul, centred on one shared mission of serving others. I love the way, her home is dotted with fanciful and unexpected traditional touches. Archana, who has essayed the weighty role as a blogger, also embraces a title of chai aficionado, a powerful photographer and now entrenched more deeply in her creative persona by launching the brand of “Archana Srinivas Pottery” recently.

So, these are the blog pundits, who have top the bill in my book of women, where I look up to feed inspiration and motivation repeatedly. Their arresting, simple, and practically “desi” articles capture zeitgeist of home décor. However, reading these prolific bloggers might lead you to loose several hours of your life, which I assure, will be a pure joy and delight on every visit.
This honorary 100th post in salutation of these intelligent bloggers would not have been completed without an emphatic positive response from all of the above. Thank you all of you for making this honest and no extra sugar coated post happen :).

As we wind up today's post, signing out by wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day to enjoy with that extra little pampering and extra little cuddling! Until we meet again, stay connected on Pinkz Passion's facebook page or Instagram feed, toodles!

(Image credits: All the above images belong to that particular blogger and please do not use without their prior written permission or appropriate link back.)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Greeting of May!

 As we go forward to a new month, new friends, new Buddha and new possibilities :), hope you all wiggled away your stress and now refined well for the week ahead. We crossed the mark of 3000 on facebook page and happy to have new friends joined the passion journey with me.

Lugging away all goodies is the best part of my hubs circling the globe ;). Last month, upon his arrival, we welcomed new "brass" Buddha from India, joining the growing gang of our Buddha collection.  Now he happily coexists with rest of our proud brass.  
May falls in one of my faves month where we could use extra little sunshine and wait for oh-so-liberating summer downtime. For now, we are nurturing the honest moments of parenthood with our older one back from university. Though, me and hubs dear often cobble together and ponder about these gadget savvy teen generation, but always end up playing bell curve of possibilities. Apart from dishing out motherly tips to her, we do enjoy generous, devoted and wise time while sipping, shopping and getting our pedi-mani done in the celebration of “Mother’s Day” month ;).

Today’s post marks 99th one and next one will be the long awaited 100th. It makes me proud to say I still find myself as passionate as I was when I started writing the blog, many a times I wrestled but I firmly banked on myself and climbed the wire just like everyone else did. To celebrate the mark of the hundred, I have stirred a cocktail of my favorite bloggers whose blogs uplift and inspire. I am not spilling the beans yet, let the things unfold organically in next post. 

Until we meet again, you may find me facebooking and instagramming, so, stay connected, toodles!