Monday, November 27, 2017

Timeless and Unique - The India Craft House & Giveaway!

Keeping a finger firmly on the creative pulse of implausible heritage of India, The India Craft House has created a platform to preserve and promote the inherent legacy of Indian art, craft, culture and history in the global market while paving an outlook for the development of traditional artisans. With the onset of digital phase wherein people are aware of new trends and are not afraid to be experimental, The India Craft House products are adaptive in any décor trend you flirt with. Elegant, opulent and with just the right amount of spunk, The India Craft House products bring oodles of old world eloquence.
Ensuring a bright future for makers and to foster the development of skills that has been handed down over centuries The India Craft House has allowed both the seasoned artists and the new talent to thrive. Not only helping them find viable markets but to give an exposure, recognition and the chance to work in the industry The India Craft House has turned their attention to reach a wider audience across the country and around the world through their social medias.

Each piece, sourced ethically and directly from the artisans, is meant to start a conversation with its outstanding craftsmanship and lyrical aesthetics. The virtual library of art and craft of The India Craft House does not acquire a selection of work from coast to coast but also earmarks artists’ outstanding importance and collects their work at large to recognize their intrinsic beauty.
The attraction begins the instant you clap your eyes on the collection of ‘Dokra’ or ‘Dhokra’ crafts at The India Craft House. Shaped out of metal through ethnic method, this idiosyncratic design and forms echo the natural expression of the craftsmanship.  The rustic simplicity of ‘dokra’ art with high craftsmanship and artistic expression still converge the global audience.
To ground ourselves in our own history – our own culture in future also, one must support a healthy and vibrant economy of such innate inheritance. Following the same motto The India Craft House breathes on “doing well by doing good” philosophy. By offering authentic and genuine products The India Craft House ensures to sustain artisans’ livelihood.
Decorating trends come and go, but the allure with Indian art has endured for a life time in a global market.  Indian art has cemented its place as being culturally diverse and distinct while growing international interest. To give a raise to our ancient history of art, The India Craft House brings a collection that reflects the inherent expression of artist’s feelings and stories of an era gone by. Kalamkari, Madhubani, Phad, Kalighat and many more forms of art that have survived generations can be added in your décor or something you can pass on down to next generation.  
Put your best look forward while donning a handcrafted appearance. Feel empowered and accomplished while dressing up in the jewellery made by local artisans. Not only for your attire, has The India Craft House owned a vast selection to cater the need of your entire family. Check out their virtual library for bulk orders and occasional gifting as well.
Learning the trend of the globe, The India Craft House collects with an appreciation for the unusual products where practical requirements to support an artisan is all served. Building a better world by promoting and supporting artisan, The India Craft House has prospered in keeping the vision and brilliances of Indian art and craft alive through their efforts.  

As we sign off, wishing The India Craft House all the very best for all future accomplishments. Do scroll through the virtual library of The India Craft House here. Follow along The India Craft House on Instagram here and Facebook page here.
And now it's time to announce our giveaway. The India Craft House has a beautiful giveaway for all the readers of Pinkz Passion to celebrate our three years of blogging. One lucky winner will be winning an exclusive multicolored Kantha silk scarf. The stole is just perfect to suit your traditional attire or to wrap around your modern style dressing. You may also use it as a runner on your coffee table or throw on your couch to add some ethnic dash to your décor.

Follow along few simple steps as stated below to participate in this wonderful giveaway. 

1). 'Like' the pages of Pinkz Passion & The India Craft House Craft House on Facebook.

2). To double your entry, follow the Instagram feeds of Pinkz Passion & The India Craft House

3). Leave a comment here or on Facebook page or Instagram feed of Pinkz Passion mentioning the actions you have followed.

It's as simple as that. The giveaway is open from November 27th to December 9th. The lucky winner will be announced on December 10th (Sunday). 

My gratitude extends to The India Craft House Craft House for this wonderful giveaway. The contest is open to all the readers worldwide. Good luck dear readers!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Three years of blogging....and counting!

I am pleased beyond measure to share with you all that today marks the third blog anniversary of this Pinky’s passion journey. Three big years of blogging are down in the books. My gratitude extends to all those who have embraced the creative route with me along this extraordinary path of my life. Thank you for all your unflattering love along my bumpy ride of blogging which slowly and patiently I have learn to drive on.
This darling little passion page has been my creative baby and it has been a blast keeping it going. One has to enjoy and stay dedicated in order to keep it up and oh boy, I have enjoyed it with all my heart. It’s a lot of hard work, ups and downs, and late nights but so much joy has come from it too. I feel happy being with you all,  I am excited when I am taking photos for my posts, I am gratified with the ideas I am having, I am contented with the opportunities that I am accepting and I am even better-off with the opportunities that I am turning down.
It would not have been possible for me to come across such a pool of people if it weren’t for my blog. Through blogging, I have met some amazing people, who have always weighted in on every post of mine and with whom I have a solid relationship and bonding. I have even made some of the very best friends (some beautiful blogging friends). Little did I know that I was creating a family of sorts. You have been so darn good to me and you all are a big sizable chunk of my presence in the blog sphere so just thank you straight from the heart. 

As I end today's post, I am hoping to have your backing and encouragement as we continue to share our home décor stories in coming years. Inserting a squishiest hug for you all until we meet again, toodles.