Thursday, February 13, 2020

Whimsically Ethnic (Home Tour of Poornima Murthy) Part -1

The month of February takes us just that little bit further into the year, while still retaining the essential freshness of new beginnings. That being said about beginnings, bringing you a brand-new home tour to kick start this year at the blogging front.  
With color and creativity at every turn, this home is a purposeful reflection of what the home owners truly love and how they live. Seeking balance between beauty, art and functionality with a touch of quirk this home tour will definitely strike a chord with you all. So, to make it up to you all for this admittedly long overdue home tour (and my absence on blog sphere), I have decided to feast your eyes and senses in three parts. After all, a home packed with tons of ideas and lots of guts deserves more than a single post. 
Beautiful homes always brim with multitude of beautiful things. Portraits of many lovely vignettes - all with diverse style, colors, accouterments, layouts and ambiance illustrate how small personal touches of Poornima has bring charm to every setting. With her impeccable style of displaying her collection and artifacts, I was not ready to let go any of the big or small picture that she shared with me hence this part - 1 will be all about an attention to detail look at her collection and vignettes.
Whether you like to go bold or subtle, I invite you to embrace the richness and radiance of this home where the home owners Poornima Murthy and Srikanth Murthy have adopted “The-sky-is-the-limit" approach.
With all the colors around her, I am sure Poornima has all the reasons to smile. Driven by sheer passion, this software engineer is an "all-rounder" when it comes to interior decoration and has crafted her home with a heartbeat. She excels in whatever she attempts and puts her best foot forward; be it a venturing into a new decorating project or humming along on a wonderful journey of raising her pre-teen boy. 
This Seattle home of Bangalore natives with deep roots of southern India encompasses both traditional and western ethos at the same time. A home filled with family heirlooms, vintage collections and fanciful finds pay tribute to Murthy family’s heritage and tradition.
Beefing up the colors, mixing and matching with splendid fabrics and cloaking every room in some-kind of eye-catching wall treatment is what Poornima excels at. But she credits some spirited ladies for fanning the flames of her decor passion. She loves the design sensibilities of few women who have top the bill in her book of decor and where she usually looks up to feed inspiration and motivation repeatedly.  
Spilling the beans Poornima declares: "I started collecting brass/art for almost about a decade now. Anu, from My Dream Canvas happens to be my first inspiration. Reading her blogs has rightly converted my passion of home decor stronger. Her blog is a major inspiration for me to start my love for suzani fabrics and vintage decor. It was via her blogs only, I learned about many Indian artists including Chandan Dubey. I proudly own many of her one of a kind frames and that Gauri head is also from Chandan's boutique. I personally admire another local artist is Meenal.  Art pieces from her PaintPotteryProducts are proudly dotted around our home. My anituqe collection is from various sources such as The Indian Weave, Indian Antique Store and few local Banglore stores". 
Poornima is the essence of this space, so her home reflects her life and personality. Poornima coins: "I love everything ethnic and bold decor in equal measure. I am the happiest when surrounded by bright colors. Due to the frequent transfers in my father's job, we could not keep any artifacts in our home. But it all began innocently enough when I used to enjoy and re-arrange whatever we had. Now my home is powered through reflecting my love and passion of decor that grew over the period."
"Go-big" decorating attitude is nothing new for Poornima. Playing with different colors combinations come naturally to her. She sees her home's vibrant colors as an antidote to her busy work schedules and school calendars and the blah gray days of Seattle.
The more personal your collections and displays are, the more of a unique character your home will have. Artwork, collections and heirlooms are soul of Poornima's home. When heirloom pieces are combined together with newly founded gems, they solidify a naturally integrated display. 
A sense of unexpected is always welcome in Poornima's settings. She experiments with ways to add her own personal flair to bring a touch of whimsy to make every vignette come alive. 
Poornima just like any other decorista, believes in the power of natural elements. Flowers and plants are added in most of the settings of her vignettes to get an organic feel.
Her every vignette in decor highlights an important design lesson: Contrast adds layers and interest to a space. By incorporating colorful accents with the softer background she has created a look that's equally striking and beautiful. 
Poornima's home has got a very Indian flavor to it. Her amazing collection reflects her globe-trotting life. Her walls are the best story-teller of her home with the capacity to communicate and capture the very essence of her home. 
Riot of color and pattern in small confined areas are masterfully mixed in every setting. For Poornima, the bolder she goes the bigger the smile when she sees it.
Brave hits of color and patterns beautifully collide in this happy-glam home. Modern design infused with the ethnic essence proves a winning combination. This zen setting here is a part of her Yoga-Room....I don't think I would be interested in doing yoga, my eyes would be too busy with my flirty glances to see all the beauty Poornima has created around it. Will reveal the bigger pictures of all rooms in next post soon, Pinky promise :). 
As we wrap up this part -1 of Poornima's home tour, here is a final picture to pique your curiosity. I personally believe the glimpse of this picture is not enough to prepare you all for visual dazzle that you will experience in next part. Come along on an adventure with me and Poornima that's full of exciting new decor surprises in part -2. There is lot more to appreciate but until I come back again, let your imagination soar. 

I would like to give a special mention to Meenal at PaintPotteryProducts for connecting the dots with Poornima. When the opportunity to showcase Poornima's home presented itself, I jumped and rightfully grabbed it....and I am so glad that I did. The beautiful new connection that has blossomed along my passion filled journey is just precious. Connecting with like minded souls like Poornima who shares the same great decor passion as me is -hands down- the best part of my blogging journey. Thank you Poornima for giving me this opportunity. 

For the link of part-2 click here.

Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

(Images are from Poornima's home. Please do not use the images without the prior written permission of the home owner and Pinkz Passion however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account)