Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello Monday :)

Hello Monday, here I am scooting over countless chores and juggling with many balls at a time. Taking a compulsive break to get connected with you.  Catching  up with a quick post to gather all the energy I might need to survive for the rest of the week.

Unveiling today, another signature piece of Ganesha from our collection. His stress-free and peaceful mudra leaves a smile on my face at every glance.

Past few days have been working against the clock for me as we had a  “pooja” arranged at home this weekend. Lovely crowd of family and friends accompanied the occasion, hoping to share few glimpse soon J. Though, presently, I am turning a blind eye to all the chores on the horizon for me.

My agenda of the week is jam packed with tons of activities. Lingering haze of many draining dance practices and few final touches of an approaching weekend dance performance is etched on the screen of my mind right now.

Also, last exam of school life ended for my daughter, leaving us with a thought of how fast the life and childhood slip away so soon. We have hard time grasping the truth that daughters grow up so fast. Since exams are over the young girl has a fresh reason to go on a shopping spree with mom for upcoming prom.


The good weather is also to be blamed for being inattentive on the blog front. I have professed my official envy for those who can take pleasure of indoor and outdoor life throughout the year, but for us Torontonians, just few warmer months bring our "boring" winter life to some  "chatpata" weather. Hence, busy enjoying the first taste of sandal season after long.

Along with my ranting, I am signing off today with some beautiful blooms, though, I have pretty few posts in pipeline, so stay connected with me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, until we meet again, toodles!  


Friday, May 15, 2015

My Home My Pride ( Home Tour @ CDL)

This May, our glorious little home accomplished stamp of 2 years old and couldn't have asked more than a featured tour,  just to celebrate it.
Being one new schooler on the blog sphere, still struggling to graduate with the expertise of "Home Tours". However, with all my gratitude, want to take a moment to thanks Nayana and her blog "Cherish Dream Live" for raising an opportunity to showcase our home on her blog.

Our house hunting initiated with the gutsy thought of relocation 2 years back. Respecting builder's original version, in no time, our home was rising on a truly inspiring site from the ground up to achieve our desired perfection.

Living Room
We were keen from the day we endorsed the home. We savoured the entire process from building, planning, and decorating our new home. 

Laundry Room - Front Foyer - Powder Room

Connecting dots of our eclectic research and affirmative thoughts on decorating are still in evolution and continues to be so. We gave our best shots to reward exactness to every corner of the home.
Family Room

As I broach up words for my home:

"A bit of team work, bunch of our own gut feelings and a happy mix of new contemporary and few old classic pieces tot up our dream world. My design mantra is not strict or stuck on any fixed fundas, thus still struggling to compose an exact style of decoration. We both are house proud and, “our home is our pride!” Our home is filled with the layers of our own personalities!"

Leap over directly to the blog here and steal a complete tour. Until we meet again, my passion people, stay connected, toodles!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

As I struggle to compose myself, initiating the thankful note on this special "Mother's Day" to my two beautiful, thoughtful, encouraging and loving women  - My Mommy and my mom in law. Also sending special bunch of wishes to all the beautiful and wonderful mommies out there.

I, being one proud mommy today want to raise a toast to my own motherhood by taking freedom to indulge in some motherly moments by sharing a jubilant time of me and my rebellious, stubborn and quirky teen daughter & oh-so cool, curious and of course clever son.

We are getting closer to have an "empty nest" phase in our life soon as our daughter is seeking out opportunities for her further education. I have to step back and pause my motherhood as she builds her own hard and happy times life has to offer.

Stealing a moment here to realize how time actually flies and the little toddlers with whom we have built sandcastle are ready to taste the beginning of adulthood.

I want to share a cheer to the day I arrested the twinkle in my eyes about being mommy, and also a cheer to the day I felt I was on cloud nine actually holding them in my arms for the very first time.

Pure delight to hark back to those hugging and kissing toddler years where "do not touch" - "do not put that in mouth" was frequently playing like an old record.

The joyousness of schooling phase where chauffeuring around the clock either for swimming lessons or dancing classes never seem to end. Where frustration manages to often break its own boundaries, but I tried to keep myself contained and fully a mother figure image.

Gleeful, pre-teen years where we have struggled to defuse a constant ticking bomb somewhere in them deep down, where we just pretend to control the note of impatience.

And now flustered teenager years where they are just lost in their own thoughts and in a rush to embrace the adulthood. We factually have to turn a blind eye to them even though our inner temperature soars.

Unlike many mothers, I have also learned motherhood pieces by pieces but I have enjoyed each and every phase of it by loving both of them eternally. Thankful to be blessed and loved and to be a "MOM" to my children.

Few posts are already on the tracks coming your way. Till than enjoy the bonus of beautiful warm weather and your "Mother's Day" to the fullest until we meet again, toodles!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Home - My Pride (Tour of Family Room)

I know, I's post is admittedly overdue, but hey,  I was busy trying to tie up loose ends at my end, besides, better late than never. Moreover, I have a special surprise of a complete home tour :) real soon and you know I am good at keeping my promises. For now let's switch off from the world, as I steal you for a moment to take you on a tour of our handsome Family Room. 
As Gore Vidal once coined, " Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn" can be thrown perfectly to term our Family room. Room being our total chill out zone and tops up bearing lots of traffic yet it’s restful and comfortable for our recreational needs. A homely room for our fervent teenager to whisper gossips over the phone or a place for our cheeky cheery pre-teen to play a win –win game of chess with daddy or just for “us” snatching much needed comfort after a long-gone hectic day. Practical and peaceable style is brought to life by maintaining soothing feel in our family room.
Multihued stone accent wall creates a deep, warm envelope in this room. Winter feels whole lot warmer when you melt down and cuddle as close as possible by the warmth of the flames with a hot chocolate. Eye catching and impactful fireplace screen is a gorgeous focal point in the room to give the classy look. The same fire place mantel, where I exuberantly shake off my seasonal décor itch.
I am big on pictures, specially family pictures. Our previous home, the stairs were jazzed up with our memories of the places we have loved and lived. New home is also smartened with the wall of family portraits and is definitely a colorful personal strike in our personal room. 
The strong thought of  adding drama and excitement to the room, by exhibiting these portraits, was deep in my visual before the wall was even up ;) Though, we could actually execute the happening in last October as we waited for a perfect "Fall" season to capture these in our own ravine

These amazing clicks were captured by a very talented gentleman, who happens to be a brainchild of E-Motion Photography. Now, they lend added sparkle in the room by being on a primary wall, where you catch a quick glance as soon as you walk in the room. 
Some happy mix of my old signature collection and few new ones (which caught my fancy while new home shopping) overwhelm the abode. 
Though, I often change my perspective by changing and rearranging things we have had for years to take on a different look. I highly stroke on stirring things around the home to make the same place feel fresh and new.

The sectional couches are insanely comfortable with 2 detached ottomans. Numerous clever variations can be persuaded to organize the sofas. With an abundance of friends, ottomans multiplies the sitting ability in the room or they get dragged down by the fireplace or wherever needed. 
Necessity of a coffee table in our family room was never essential as ottoman topped with trays converts a place to serve and when not in service, those tired feet are rested on them. Oh yes, also a same place where all my cheerful desi twists on coffee table nurtures. 
Bank of windows not only frame the outside nature in the room but also manage to direct the perfect flow of sunlight to brighten the room. The one, by the window, is my coziest spot for a hot cuppa to perk me up when I listen to my favorite "saavn" music to quieten my soul. Overlooking the spectacular view, across the distant pond and its watery reflection on sunny days with increasing brood of ducks/geese, demands the focusing attention to suspend working against the clock, pause and love the moment.
New home commands confidence at times and leaps of huge trust while decorating but we didn’t get much trapped in thinking about how the home or room will come together, we assembled the room pieces by pieces like a puzzle and by adding some of our own design punches to fall perfectly in the rhythm we favored. 
Hoping that you could steal some inspirations from our family room to add some zest and spice up your family room! After bits and pieces, a complete home tour is ready for you. If you may please, take the pleasure of visiting the rest of our home here. Stay connected on facebook page until we meet again, toodles!