Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fabric Wall Art

Canadian winter has lashed its wrath outside so I am venting my creative fury onto you. With cold weather in the forecast and fire places working hard, our whole attention turns indoors. In my efforts to keep decorating wheels turning through these lousy winter days, I succeeded to uplift the room and my spirits by making these fabric wall art for our home that I have been wanting to share with you :). 
This DIY post is also perfectly befitting our first blog of the year as I represent the refreshed setting of our living room. With delicious doses of color, this newly done fabric gallery wall is adding pizzazz without depleting my new year’s décor mantra (learning new DIY & make the most of the things I already own)
I was tired of staring at the same old wall. With a fresh frame of mind and some inexpensive frames I happened to transform these traditional blouse pieces and a beautiful kurti (dress) sleeves...yes you read it right...sleeves into art pieces. These pieces were not originally designed to hang up on a wall, but once I saw their potential, I’ll never want to take them down. 
Luckily I had a picture of wearing the same dress that I used here to make these art frames (trust me I felt so awful to cut up something so pretty). I also happened to click few phone pictures to show the process. Here is the collage of making of it.
I personally think, this is a great way to re purpose traditional clothes which are too old or damaged to be worn again, especially, if they have been handed down by older generations and have a personal meaning attached. An old saree, dupatta or any leftover small pieces will give a good kiss of color to your bare walls. Using embroidery hoops is also an interesting idea to show off a traditional piece of fabric. If not fabric, you can use curtains, shower curtains or even beautiful scrap book papers to make these frames...possibilities are endless.

I am fairly in the camp that believes that small punches of color makes a room come alive. With bold injection of juicy hues like these frames and cushion covers from Bristi, the decorative success is achieved more easily than expected in this living room.   
These frames can bring instant color, a custom look in your décor and can be a great update to any room with a pocket friendly budget. 

Go ahead, be inspired and start creating your own fabric wall art. Don't forget to share and tag me on my home decor feeds of Facebook or Instagram if you happen to make few :). Until we meet again, toodles!

P.S. Do take inspiration from another DIY gallery wall that is adorning our foyer. Here is the link.