Monday, October 29, 2018

Diwali Flatlays

Short days and chilly temperatures don’t seem so cruel when you love to decorate and celebrate the approaching festive season. I have started putting on the glitz to kick start the madness and magic of Diwali at my end. From rustic to glam and goldly to earthen, the possibilities are delightfully endless when it comes to dazzling Diwali décor. Just like last year, I have whipped up something bolder and playful this season for my Diwali special flat lays. 
Flat lay is a perfect way for me to experiment with clusters of my favorite thing in  new combinations to spread the festive cheer. Come Diwali, out comes my hidden treasures. They are actually nostalgia bearers. Taking them out each year is like discovering pieces of history. Updated here are some old standbys and left new classics untouched for Diwali flat lay styling. 
Some colors have power to transport you, red itself being a spirited color, it adds lot of impact and vibrancy anywhere you use during festive season. A classic look of red and gold that never dips out of style here looks sassy and stylist with little bit of green thrown in.
I went for a traditional look with a twist by hopping the fence for this flat lay. Instead of implementing the typical gold details, I enjoyed toying in calmer shades with soft and delicate pastel hues of silver. Mishmash of unrelated things lends a wonderful texture and vibrancy here. I have a thing for all ‘bajoths’. I own quite a few of all shapes and sizes....Did you notice?? In mostly all flat lays I have used different ones….go check it out.  This rectangular one is a new addition in our collection that I recently fetched from BAPS temple in New Jersey. 
I absolutely love the natural color and rustic appeal of terra cotta. The Vintage bits and pieces of terra cotta never fail to add festive vibes in any corner they are placed. Whatever will be the era, the charm and instant glamour of terra cotta will always be appealing. The natural ones as well as the newly fashioned diyas look gorgeously eye catching and chic in this mod meets old scheme. Last few marigolds that survived the cold front came in handy on this flat lay :).  
The terra cotta love continues in this last flat lay also as I had to style and show off newly fetched diyas from my recent India trip. Beside their decorative look, I always look for the ones that can fit the tea-light candle. It minimizes the mess and hassle of working with oil.
Flat lays work as a visual delight; it is a quick, simple way to show off my collection in a creative way.  A strong luxurious statement through my shiny brass, play of flickering diyas and swapping out the accessories spread the perfect festive cheer. 
Hopefully these creative assemblage will put your creative juices into overdrive, so you, too, can craft a festive look that’s just truly your own. Circle back again to see our "Diwali Exchange" post to get you Diwali ready. Until we meet again, toodles!