Friday, March 27, 2015

Why one, when two can tango!

Punching things back to blogging by welcoming new members on the ride.  Happy Friday passion buddies! 

Come to every Friday, I start translating my world at my own pace.   My spirits get uplifted infusing corners of my home with fresh flowers. After a compulsive rush of fetching flowers home, I feel instantaneous need to create something. I have lost count of the number of times I created or arranged this pretty vignettes at home.  Itching with an opportunity to create something different every time with a bit of imagination on the decorating front always calms my day. After a play of couple of possibilities of perfect arranging, today I feel satisfied with my achievement of the grouping of these 2 beauties. Seeking out an unexpected result and sharing it by writing about your passion is a pure pleasure I have felt through this blogging world.
My fondness of flowers and fancies for brass enriches this décor of only two items.  Artfully paired Nritya Ganesha on top of two swan brass diya completely enlivens the space. Trusting my instincts, I bravely housed the spring blooms in an ice bucket. The ice bucket is an antique find from a yard sale which caught my eye while strolling through web ;)
I love being in the company of them on weekends, when I treat myself with a hot brew or a favourite book. Adjusting my eyes to their prettiness makes me feel energized before heading over to challenging piles of chores ahead.

Squeeze in the end of the week by detaching yourself with realities and soak away the worries with your favourite flowers. Get some more of my flower fancy inspiration on Pinkz Passion Pinterest page. See you real soon with a Pooja Room Reveal next on blogging until we meet again, toodles!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Desi Twists on Coffee Table

With the end of kids spring break, time to knuckle down to usual routine for many moms like me. Well, I did muddle through few days of break at work and devoted some extra time being in the hosting mode. My maternal success rate grows straight up in those exacting days when I get surrounded by being mommy dear to my little one with handful of other pre-teens. Few baffling deals of chess, puzzling strikes of carom board and exciting card games along with their compulsive use of consoles tied up their time along with mine making those popcorns and milkshakes.  Little glow of satisfaction on his face fills up tiny splinter of relief in me, being with him.  Though, after playing the gracious hostess, I did steal a dinner + movie date to kick back and tackle the week ahead ;) 

Let's dismiss the subject for now, and without further ado, get going to lend some off beat sense of style to our coffee table. Injecting a little magic to a bare canvas sitting in the middle of the room confidently adds wondrous drama. A definite place to impress your guests, with your added touch of flair to spark a conversation.   

Perfect bit of foundation for style and organizing on coffee table starts with a tray. Corral the clutter with a decorative tray. It tops up being an impeccable element in my upholstered ottoman. The tray can be easily removed for an essential extra seating in the room or to rest a foot at times when I slink away with  my book.

These dynamic tray duo takes endless rounds on my coffee table being the focal point in my family room with different avatars.

Handcrafted effigy of metal Ganesha placed on flower got his way to our home being a return gift for a wedding in the family. Decked up tulips adds a stylish flourish and inviting drop on this vignette. Playing with the height boosts some extra interests with accent pieces.

Spring is definitely making itself known around my home. Books are added to heighten the balance on my favourite Buddha display. An infectiously serene look on weathered stone Buddha was love at first sight and without me having to ask Aj,  Buddha was packed and ready to come home ;)

Some gorgeous pieces of repeating silver set on my bandhani throw are connecting element in this traditional vignette! Could be a perfect fit for a winter oasis inspiration in home. Pure silver Ganesha was another great hunt of Aj. Along with Ganesha few other additional pieces of silver are studded on the marble top. When radiant rays of sun pay visit to the bank of windows in the room, the bling bling sterling snips away all the fatigue.

A round tray could be a good bet to place minimal pieces. Three is a magic number to stage any object for a visual balance. Here traditional Ganesha gets hipper with modern spring blooms stolen from my daughter's room.

Silver, brass and gold have a way of promptly elevating any space. Real blooms adds an inviting touch on this traditional setting. I find flowers are complementing and easy to work with while creating any kind of look.  To make an impact of collectibles, leave some extra room to rest your eyes. Table mat added that extra pop of the red colour on this setting.

Not much fussy but casual grouping of three with a pop of solid colour favours these modern metal candleholders in this setting.

Working on these alluring settings did not cost me a fortune. I played safe by changing and rearranging things I have had for years to take on a fresh look. You may get lucky to find long forgotten treasures or décor pieces that will get you an exceptional look in your room.  

I feel a welcoming vibe every time I enter my family room gussied up with beautiful coffee table arrangements; some sort of cozy feeling of belonging there. Impress your guests or soothe your soul by blending style and casual colour combos with some easy on eyes and interesting pieces on your coffee table. Do share your thoughts or creativities of designing your coffee table, I would love to hear it.

As a result of overflowing thought clouds at my end, many started and scrapped posts are in a pipeline for circulation. Ensure you are connected with me on my passion ride on facebook for more updates and visually pleasing treats of beautiful snapshots from my home until we meet again, toodles!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Sunday evenings, jeez, how I long to last them forever. Oh, hello there, I am back after few days of hiatus. I could finally steal a moment to connect with you all from the hustle and bustle of a busy weekend.  I really had a tough one with the muddle of emotions as my daughter left this weekend for couple of days for her school trip. Being a mom of a teenager going away for 5 full days without us all by herself, I have to be honest, I was concerned. She is the cuckoo in our nest, her presence is loudly felt by the rest of the family members so she will be missed. Despite of my growing unease, I was prepared to let her go. I didn't wanted my strong agitation to cloud her happiness. After all, she has to be ready and empowered to brace whatever life would throw. In her absence, I stole her favourite marble Buddha from her room and set out to our family room to fill her in until her return. Hopefully his "Abhaya Mudra" will help me find my calm that is far eluded me.

On the spring note, despite of all mother nature's misgivings, finally, she is smiling at us with lots of sunshine and warmer days. Frozen winter wonderland with some interrupted paw prints in my backyard pond is now beginning to warm up and coming back to life. Lots of rays of sunshine are melting everything away. I am loving this transitioning to spring with longer days and warmer nights. My tulips are perked up in few corners of my home.

Not escaping the truth, the weekend is almost over but I trust you all have relaxed and gathered up the necessary shots of energy for the week ahead. Signing off with zen like calm until we meet again, toodles!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Indian Fantasy - Home Tour of a celebrity (Cher)

 I lately find myself buried in a book and devote some good time to myself instead of the hours demanded by routine chores. On one such browsing through,  I stumbled upon a book about the creations of the interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, where the master designer has created the dramatic looks for his celebrity clients. His designed celebrity homes are inspiring in their chic yet extravagant styles. He has perfectly blend contemporary with traditional look with some bold collectibles. Me, itching with a desire, decided to dig out more to share with my passion family. Let me attempt to steer you through one of such place. A beautiful home to a singer and an actress Cher. The Indian fantasy home that fits perfectly for "Maharani" or a Turkish princess just as she wanted.
The singer actress didn't wanted any color so the designer only used creams, whites and ivories mixed matched with ebony (dark wood). You will notice the touch of ivory inlaid decorated wooden furnishings along with many Indian deities and items from around the world.
An antique Indian carved wood portal frames the entrance. A detailed Indian temple carving guard the entry on both sides.
A perspicacious eye for antique finds of Martyn complements the entrance arrangement perfectly.

An early 20th century Tibetan tapestry is woven of pure gold thread and silver peyotes. On top of the coffee table Indian marble inlaid tray is holding an ancient Chinese guan yin statue.

The Indonesian bronze gongs are decorated by the stairwell. What more can one ask beside this perfect seating of the actress in the main living space, where she relaxes and enjoys the views over Los Angeles.

Mashrabiya screens has completely disguised the kitchen. Mashrabiya work is a most classy and beautiful wood work that the designer used not only in kitchen but many places around the magical home.

A neutral and relaxing powder room with Mashrabiya screens

Cher's spectacular, marvellous, magnificent and ... (I am running short of adjectives here)  bed is made from an antique architectural elements salvaged from Rajasthan, India. The triple arch entryway is a perfect find for her majestic bed. If you notice the bed's bottom panel drops open to reveal a TV that rises at the touch of a button. Hand embroidered silk pillows from Anichini (the most prestigious brand of a luxury textile) attire her bed.

The bathtub, dressed in 18th century carved panels from an Indian place is an actual marble stone.  Harem chairs are brought in from Syria. The ivory-inlaid elephant is an exact one I happen to own, not one but 2 :)

A guest room is dressed with a  private TV nook, where TV is installed inside a hidden panel. I loved how large antique Indian water vessels are placed with Turkish lanterns.
Sliding doors disappear with a view of Los Angeles and the ocean from her living room. A custom made Indian sytle chaise paired with small Turkish Table is where I am dreaming to be right now.
Wouldn't you agree that designer Martin Bullard has such a passion of perfection . Each and every bit is impressive. Just a piece of paradise with unique Indian touch. I agree with your thoughts ;) an actual visit will beat every picture but until Cher invites us, let's linger around in this temporary joy of being here until we meet again, toodles!
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebration of Colours - Holi

I always feel a sudden pang of sadness pricking through my thoughts at the bang of every festival. I am trying to unspool my mind to recollect my childhood memories of the upcoming festival “HOLI”. Being here in Canada for long enough, I feel it's been countless years since I became a part of this celebration now. I try hard to break down the thoughts of my brain remembering my HOLI, but everything inside me just swirls. 

For someone who grew up in India, and has "been there, done that" can never forget the fun, the energy, the noise and a joyful battle of crazy friends wanting to colour each other on this fun filled festival. Correct me if you think I am loosing part of my memory, but bustling people on the street, a bizarre scenario and colourful images of my friends’ faces are what I can gather up across my mind.

With few random images floating in the back of my head, I recall gathering up with the neighborhood for lighting up the bonfire on the holi evening:  celebrating victory of good over evil. Traditions related to the festivals vary all over India. If history interests you, find out more about the story of  “HOLIKADAHAN”.  

How can we not include the naughty and mischievous Lord Krishna applying colour on her beloved Radha. As an acceptance and popularity of their lovable prank the next day of holi is celebrated as "DHULETI".  A fair game of coloring friends or friend’s friend or even dozens of  strangers. If not dry powdered colours we use ‘PICHKARIS”(water jets) or even managed “WATER BALLOONS” fights. It was essential for you to look messy. If you wish to stay clean, stay home or else get used to looking weird for the day.

 Though for me, the best part was at the end, while you’re all scrubbed up after all day’s colourful “masti” and ready for enjoying delicious snacks and sweets made by mom.
To over come the battle of emotions, splashy celebration of joy has found its way to our home, come on in and enjoy the colourful tour of few corners.
Wooden Indian Music Figurnes
Front end is ornamented with spirited red & yellow. The Ganesha paintings complement the grouping of hand painted Indian music figurines. Each figure is playing different music instruments.
Colourful Daisies...nah, Holi Daisies
When I was considering to create the “Holi” effect at home, I had few vibrant colours of floweres in my thoughts but when I reached the grocery store in the quest of flowers, these colourful daisies were shouting out for me. I was completely overjoyed to have found them. I loved how I could incorporate them with my décor, rather they formed the exact lively and radiant touch I wanted for my home.   
Accessorize the new look with bright coloured pillow covers.

Couches are accessorized with colourful pillows to make the festival mood more stronger. Also, few bright coloured Ganeshas are reserved in the room to give the colourful effect and complement the festival. 

Red and blue my teeny-weeny "Ganeshji", a blessed gift from our very dear friend, sits perfectly on my coffee table to regard and remind the colors.

Green and yellow grouping worked gracefully on my side table.
This "Ganeshji" is another great find of "him" on one of his business trips. Since he is made out of ceramic, one of the arm is broken in the journey but his divine look , his crown, his "mudra" doesn't even remind us that he has been fixed again.
Multi coloured Fireplace mantel

Few bright covered library books and my multi-coloured glasses completed a picture-perfect arrangement of colours on my fireplace mantel.  I was been tempting to use these bright glasses in my décor, but never found any perfect theme to use them but today, I have blended them in my décor with these pretty daisies.

Now being away from all the festivities, we create our own ways to celebrate it. We find joy watching the giggle on our son's face when we share a story of funniest things we did with friends in our history. I have tried to fill that empty hole in my heart with few changes to overcome the grief for not being able to enjoy the festivities. Hope these revamping of colourful corners of our home cheered you and tickled your heart with your childhood memories. Leaving you with the  mist of colourful images until we meet again, toodles.