Friday, July 12, 2019

Under the Deck (Tour of in-built BBQ)

As I write thisI am sitting in the late afternoon sun gleaming on the gazebo on our deck. Sun’s rays are warming my face as the crooning of birds in the surrounding ravine and the gentle occasional breeze are accompanying me. It’s a cherished moment of calm that is making me feel that I am in heaven literally and literary. The only side effect of summer is, I catch myself smiling more and feeling increasingly carefree during the longer days of the season.  
Summer is at the very heart of any Canadian, just because we have only handful weekends to enjoy summer here in Toronto. And to make the best of it, we spend pretty much every minute possible outside in our staycation (a.k.a. our backyard). This year also, with the hint of summer, we have been totally plugged out with our outdoor surroundings on our deck. 
But to extend the time we spend in the fresh air; we have created the ultimate outdoor oasis under the deck including an inbuilt BBQ station with an actual hammock because sometimes the simplest summer pleasure just come from swaying away on the hammock outside after dinner ;) . Never did I think I would enjoy an outdoor project as much as I have worked on our interiors but looking at it now, it is our perfect private spot to unwind. 
As an extension of our household, investing in the backyard of our dreams has enhance our quality of life and the value of our home. For our easy bare feet walking we have invested in stone interlocking from the front drive way to most of the backyard.  
One of my favorite thing about summer is to take advantage of the beautiful weather by dining outdoors! Given a chance I leave no stone unturned in styling my tablescapes, be it indoors or outdoors. Let the creative juices flow and make this summer the best summer ever for your outside entertaining.
Since summer style is all about ease. I have fun with no rules approach while creating tablescapes by mixing with colors, patterns and not to forget food and wine.  
When planning an outdoor space, it’s important to think about your own lifestyle and how you will be using this space. You should think of your exterior space as an extension of your home. We like to layer our outdoor spaces in a way that feels comfortable and practical for personal use or entertaining friends. For the very same reason, designing an outdoor in-built BBQ was an exciting moment for us. 

At times dealing with it seemed like a myriad of decision and rules so daunting but thankfully my expert BBQ loving husband tackled the task with ease. For smoky and flavorful meals, we also installed a smoker/broiler. For handling food or cleaning up as the party unwinds the built-in sink is just perfect in our outdoor BBQ station. 
Who says we vegetarians don't enjoy BBQ? Here is just a glimpse of our veggies getting ready for grilling. From grilled veggies to hot dogs and from garlic breads to burgers...our outdoor food fare runs till quite late.   
Now with a practical, livable space under the deck our outdoor entertaining is a breeze. No matter if we are having some family over for an impromptu BBQ party or are prepping for a Canada Day bash for the group of friends, the pleasant weather under the shade of our deck and relaxed vibe gives us the chance to interact and connect.  

I am honestly not much of those green fingered types who love to tend to their flowerbeds all afternoon. I am in tune with throwing down a pillow and soaking up some rays with a good book here taking the advantage of the surrounding scenery and the if you need me I am all settled here for this summer :). Until we meet again dear friends, enjoy your summer just because summer is too precious to spend indoors....toodles!