Friday, September 28, 2018

Aesthetically Evolved Home (Home Tour of Vijendran Family)

We live in times where we are learning to treasure the sensibilities of yesterday and catch new ways of adapting with the novelties of today. Staying connected with its traditional roots while embracing the imprint of western culture, our today’s home owner has explored something new yet have created a look that wasn’t too much of a departure from the classic style she loves.
Glistening with sophistication and heavily infused with the quirkiness of popular culture, the hidden gem of Kausalya’s home in uber chic city Chicago awaits discovery. As I delved deeper into the enigma that is Kausalya’s home, I came back charmed…so thought of taking you along, come on in!
Meet, Kausalya, timid yet headstrong sari clad lady who always manages to look perfect while dressing rich and looking classy in her gorgeous collection of Kanjivaram/Banarasi saris. Just like her home, she follows a desi style statement and carries the six yards elegantly that brings out the complete magic it has (I have secretly stalked and admired her sarees/dressing on profile pictures countless times ;)).

Mamta's Ethnic Collection is Kausalya's all time favorite destination for all her sari needs. Her extensive collection of saris are mostly from there including this royal blue she is adorning.
Every visual element in her home feeds the home owner’s life and travel philosophy. Kausalya’s home is a cultural mélange and physical manifestation of her and her family. The Vijendran family loves to travel and her home is full of things they have collected on the trips. The prabhavalli frames are custom made by none other than our talented Chandan Dubey, while the rain chains are from GoodEarth.
Another masterpiece created by Chandan has become a room defining element in this corner of Kausalya’s home, which heightens the visual appeal. Love Kausalya’s modern take on working with classic elements. Saturated colors from the art piece, intricate patterns from all the brass and tangle of greenery add a splash of design magic everywhere you look.
At first glance, this living room may look traditional but it isn’t really. While the pichhwai fits that mold, the blend of the furniture and extra tall windows are modern in every sense of the word. An exquisitely beautiful Nathdwara painting that lords over the fire place is another score from Chandan. Kausalya’s husband executed the pichhwai into a frame which is a part of the delight in this room. With an endless amount of lovely small candelabras and brass diyas Kausalya brings her creativity in this eclectic setting furthering "old meets new" mix style. The intentionally mixed up combination makes it a rich corner that’s unpretentious and instantly welcoming.  
The modern way to work with classic elements is to pick and choose your favorite and then layer them on…all the soft warmth and welcoming comfort you see in this room is the result of strategically chosen and laid out décor by Kausalya. The room is cozy, stylish but also tough where everything is placed to be loved, used and not worried about (when you have two kids, it is very important). Brass pieces in her home beautifully echoes her South Indian elements. Each piece is true to its roots and conjures up memories of decades gone by for Kausalya.
Kausalya’s home is an epitome of gracious living but it is her hospitality which makes her the hostess with the mostess. Hosting allows her an opportunity to nurture other relationships like her friendships. I am sure her family and friends who have had the taste of her parties must have felt like winning a lottery by attending her most stylish, lavish and well-connected parties. 

Here is a glimpse of her laid down table that she quickly and affordably assembled for a hosted party.
Her every table setting is an instant eye candy which hints of her reputation as finest hostess. Happiest hours are spent here for preparing the party by adding the impressive level of details.
Buying art was more of a social trend than a passion but with the Indian art pieces going through the roof on the global scene, it is now considered a precious investment. Such proud and precious Tanjore paintings here are made to order for Kausalya’s home from South India. When the dining-table is an empty canvas, keeping the design eras from competing, burst of colors are juxtaposed with brass artifacts. 

A lover of all things beautiful, Kausalya has explored artistic streak in her, while admiring the same, she takes classes of madhubani art from a very talented lady Jayashree from Sage & Slingback. Many walls in her home now applaud Kausalya's art pieces, cementing them as the happiest walls in the house.

Art and furniture pieces are often added or rearranged but the basic language of the house is always controlled by Kausalya. Re-purposing and restyling are what makes a home personal. The accents of Kausalya’s American home allows her the freedom to incorporate history and her roots in an un-fussy contemporary way. 

She loves the art that tricks you into taking a long second look. They are intriguing and witty which is exactly the style she wanted in her home for the mask wall.
Beautifully mismatched lanterns curated locally and through their distant travel have been given the right treatment. A stand out corner that stole everyone’s heart on my instagram feed is also my personal favorite corner in this home tour. Kausalya gave her travel passion a place to reside that was respectful and aesthetically pleasing. I am sure they look ethereal when lit altogether in the evening hours.

Considering the cold weather of Chicago, Kausalya has preserved and well maintained the green touch indoor with some real great indoor plants. 

As we conclude the home tour...taking a leaf from it.....whether something is on trend or not, true style is just about confidence and following your heart that will lead you to the most powerful results. Follow your “gut-feeling” because it is only you, who can take your home to the next level of luxury.

With this positively exploding greenery, we end this home tour here. I would like to extend my thanks to Vijendran family for opening the doors of their home for us. Wishing you all love, luck and happiness, today and always!

Until we meet again, stay connected and keep decorating, toodles! 

(Images are taken by Kausalya. Please do not use the images without the prior written permission of the home owner and Pinkz Passion however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account) 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ganpati Bappa 2018

Regardless where you reside, you are bound to be overtaken by the festive enthusiasm, where decorating is a natural extension and essence of the festival. My festive fervor shines through my decor choices. Bringing my signature luxe touch on this year's Bappa settings with rich and complex accents of brass is a pure delight. 

To ignite a new romance and unfold new décor stories at the herald of this festival, I moved forward in that eureka moment and revamped this wall in spurt of the moment. Now the new strong background strengthens the point of focus and spiritual ambience in our temple room. Here is the look of our last year's décor. 
More is marvelous when it comes to brass. I am addicted to brass and I use it often and sometimes unnecessarily. Best of the brass pieces are out on the table that add a visual delight in the company of our eco-friendly Ganesha. The strikingly bold and glamorous paintings of our daughter gives this setting a riotous splash on the wall. The ikat framed mirrors from our recent Egypt tour add enough razzle-dazzle.

Do check out her growing feed on Instagram here.. from where she also takes up orders of painting.

Despite the fact, how people love Ganesha, worship him with all their heart and hold genuine respect for him, how I wish we could maintain quiet dignity to this festive without commercializing it. The viral videos on social medias of throwing away statues of worshipped Bappa has dampen my heart and spirit of the festival. 
Ending the post with a hope and a prayer that more people can make a move towards celebrating this festival more eco-friendly way in coming years. Until we meet again stay connected on my Facebook and Instagram handles, toodles! 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes

Wishing you all joyous and glorious festivities 'Pinkz Passion' style. May Ganesha always shower his love and blessings on all of us. Here are some eye-candy images to begin the festival. 
'Happy Ganesha Chaturthi'

Here are the vignettes of Ganesh Chaturthi special if you missed on my social feeds.