Saturday, January 24, 2015


A warm welcome to my blog party and  thank you so much for dropping by to say "Hello".

For those who have been visiting me since quite some time may have noticed the new appearance of my passion page... Say what? It is all dressed up for a party. Yes, a party... Me and my blog are attending a party hosted by Vicki from 2 bags full and this event is her third Annual "Grow your Blog" party. I appreciate her efforts and also her friends who are helping out to make this event another successful one. It definitely gives a chance to get connected with artistic minded people like myself, and make new friends. The more the merrier!

Lately I have been wondering after being part of the 'Blog World'. "Where was I ? What took me so long to be the part of this amazing world?" Not being too exposed to social media, my life was just limited to those who liked, commented and tweeted until I came across to this blogger world.

Now I am here to learn, here to motivate and here to give and take tons and tons of positive inspirations from all the lovely people around me.

A Little about me:

Just as you've read on my profile, I am a blessed mom of two beautiful children. Older one will fly away from our nest this year for her new life in university but thank god I will have 12 years old younger one, who is and will always be the baby of the house. Life has been a pleasure journey with my husband Aj residing in Canada for over 16 years now.

My phenomenal ways of decorating and out of the box arrangements have always amaze my friends or family. Be it a decorating any corner of my home in the most ethnic or traditional way, or an unusual party arrangement with some fancy surprises. I also win to impress them with one of our travel destinations scrapbook or an album I created. My influence on them tempted me to share my little happiness to people around me- thus starting my blog about my life.

Perhaps, I can not write about every thought pops up in my mind or every event I plan but by the mean of my blogging I can surely filter few of them and represent them for others to inspire or learn.

All about Passion:

When I started blogging my phone was over flowing with love and messages of my dear friends who were very happy about my new aspect of life. Pinky as my name, and passion as my game, the name of the blog didn't took a second to click in my mind since it was all about my passion, my way of doing.

Until now, I was connected to my friends via email or personal message to show something I created , share something for their inspiration or travel pictures to force them to visit one of the wonderful places we have visited. Now with my blog on my hands, my possibilities are endless. I have a place to share the joy about what we have experienced and recommend good things we have come across. It's now easy as I punch in few keys on blog and my thoughts are said and heard worldwide not only to my friends but also to all like minded friends like you.

Journey of my passion:

It's just been a couple of weeks since I started the journey and honestly loving it. As my creative ideas are unleashed, the readers are admiring my work and giving me thumps up for doing it. I have become a better writer, better thinker and better at my shutter skills to represent it all well.
Now I have actually develop an eye for all significant things around me. Though being a newbie to the blog sphere, I have the fear of my readers' acceptance, lots of should I or shouldn't I thoughts still shape up before posting. With their love of welcoming me on all I have done until now,  I feel, I definitely have a unique view and I have some inspiration to offer them.


Though, I have lots to learn and lots to accomplish before I come and stand up with many who have established their own identity through their blog. I am sure with holding hands of my readers and my blog buddies, slowly and steadily, I will find the path of the new little corner I created for all of us!
Thank you for being a part of this day with me, until we meet again, toodles!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mr. Sun....please shine down on me!

A brilliant ray of sunshine,  a styling d├ęcor magazine,  a sip of hot green tea,  and of course my YASH CHOPRA classical playing on the phone right now on a cozy Thursday afternoon. Thought to share my sunshine with you all so you can soak up some of it too.

There are certain days when he plays much safe and decides to take a day off. Though today seems to be his day, but don't get fooled by this sunshine, the temperatures are still not rising up.

We tend to make a big deal of Mr. Sun in our part of the globe. When I rewind my thoughts, I really conclude that I never cared about his presence in my childhood when I was growing up back home. In revenge to that he has landed me in a country where I note his presence or absence every single morning while dressing up my kids for school.

Well, back to the tea part! The green tea has replaced our usual cup of "Ginger Chai" these days. I came across an article with plenty of exciting usefulness of it. All about no harm but worth a drink  kind of philosophy sure made me give it a shout.

I was never crazy about the green tea the first few times I tried it. I used to make it all the time for my daughter but last couple of days I seem to fall in love with it. After a suggestion of my dear pal, I squirt it with a fresh squeeze of lemon and make my own green tea lemonade (of course without sugar)

Did you notice the tray by now? Yes, that's my photo tray which I heart so much and use it again and again frequently. This is my favourite piece of family room which often changes it's use as per the mood. You did took a stroll about my photo printing hobby here. I often change the pictures on this one as well. It just keeps all our memories alive. Every time I glance at it, I get the feeling of being in it. I didn't keep it to myself but I did share few of these as a present to my dear ones.

I bet you enjoyed a lazy afternoon with few of my favourite things and lots of sunshine. I would love to hear your ways to unwind and enjoy some of your very little "favourite time".
Do drop me a line with your thoughts until we meet again, toodles!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The the house!

I had this colorful story lingering in my mind to share with you all and finally one day, she allowed me to share it. I never thought of coming across to this phase of my life and sharing this beautiful story with you all wonderful people.

She? Yes, she is moody, she is flashy, she is dramatic, she is always in her own world and she completes herself being the tough teenager of our house. 
Just wanted to show case these pictures on my Facebook Page, but long thought on it made me crack the mystery and write about it also. The awaited artist post is all about our 17 years old daughter - Pushti - A born artist in the family, though she doesn't consider herself one but we are proud of her bountiful characteristics. 

Pushti followed art very interestingly since childhood,  she just enjoys playing with colors in any form, shape or size. Drawing and paintings have been her stress busters, she can spend the whole night listening to music and creating one of a kind painting for us. She is a self taught artist, but has been exposed to various art classes due to her intriguing passion for art. Be it a pottery class, or a sketching class or even making a wonderful scrapbooks of our vacation, it all fascinates her. She has been honored with plenty of Arts Award during her school life. Not only that, you may find her name on the wall of her previous school drawings as well.

I have captured all her school memories, those all little books and drawings in my treasure box, they hold beautiful memories of her childhood for me. 

She is lucky enough to be rewarded with all the art materials she ever wanted or requested as we knew one day, she will use it, if not now, may be down the road she will work with it.

Her Treasure Chest snippet
One fine day, we were surprised with first Ganesha drawing from her, which she drew and painted few years back. That was the first actual piece she made on canvas. 

Year 2011. 
These are some classics she drew for her school project. Disney characters came alive on her charcoal drawings. We have laminated them to treasure for long but some you may notice smudged out due to charcoal over lamination.

Ariel from " The Little Mermaid"

Jasmine from "Aladdin"



My Favorite Mickey & Minnie
Glimpse of Disney Collection!

The entrance is adorned by her beautiful paintings (Year 2013)
                        You can visit the front foyer of the house here for another glance.
The latest one: Version of Krishna & Ganesha (Year 2014)
                       A black and white Ganesha was given as a gift to her teacher last Summer.

Before and after picture (Year 2014)

My Artist!
Her each piece is worthy enough to frame and brighten corner of our home. 

Along with these memories, hopefully we will have few additions in near future. Though she has negative thoughts of persuing her career in arts and wanting to lead to Science stream. We have a strong vibe that she will realise it soon and end up doing what she loves doing on her own.
Hope you enjoyed the colorful journey of the artist and pictures with me. Stay connected, until we meet again, toodles! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Let's go fly a kite....

No decor, no travel - a note about an aching heart deep down wanting to run back to my home town just for today, and celebrate the festival full of kites.

At the strike of every festival I miss being in India, miss being with dear ones, miss celebrating the festival. Unlike my dear hubby who enjoys on behalf of all of us, when his travel schedule allows him to steal a day or two to enjoy the festivities in home town.

 I couldn't stop myself sharing about festival I haven't been able to celebrate since past 8 years - UTTARAYAN - MAKAR SANKRANTI (The Kite Flying Day). Since it was fast approaching I felt the need to dig down the old photos and share it with you all. I flipped down quite a bunch of cds before I could get you these snaps. These are our precious pieces of memories that came in handy to make you glance at the festival.

Those were the nostalgic days, when me and my brother would be so excited about Uttarayan and would start preparing for the day in well advance and the night before was the fun part! Making all the kites ready, pleasing puppa, convincing him to help us tie exact knots so we can finish early and wake up early for the next day. Making holes out of incense sticks and tying perfect knots of threads for tons of kites with proper measurement was my puppa's task. Oh, how I wish I could rewind that phase of my life and be in it again, how I wish I could show you our faces of that glee.

As I read on Wikipedia: Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rashi (Capricorn). The day is also believed to mark the arrival of spring in India. This is the only festival to fall on a fixed date every year.

Many preparations take place before the day. The markets would turn in to colourful garden of kites all around.

Beautiful - Colourful Kites

Kite Market

The manjha (the thread of the kites) will be made a special way, coated with powdered glass to make it sharp, one has to be cautious by covering it's fingers while preparing it otherwise the fingers could be badly damaged.


The night before the festival they have a special market called "HARAJI BAZAAR" (Bargain Market) To our surprise, you won't find room to step properly even at late night. People buy their kites at bargain price until late night.

Haraji Bazzar

On the Day, we would be up on our terrace at the break of the dawn without needing an alarm. We would be the first one on the terrace playing songs on our speakers without fear of getting scolded as that was our day, Uttarayan day. We would be at the very top of our terrace and see who else is up there to have contest with us. Yes, it's all about an intense fight between kites, between who can have their kite high up. It needs lots of attention and a partner who would hold your thread reel. Teaming up is necessary as the expert kite flier would fly the kite and another one rolls out the thread for the kite. Once the other opponent looses his kite we shout as loud as we could, we scream as hard as we could.....KAI PO CHHE....(remember that Bollywood movie, actually that movie gave quite a few glimpses of Gujarat festivals)

The tallest kite and the one up above all wins.

The sky full of colourful kites

How can I not mention the speciality food being a complete foodie person. Undhiyu ( a pure gujarati delicacy, though I can't make it)  and Jalebi are the must food for the day along with TIL AND PEANUT brittle.

My last year treat for the Uttarayan Day!
I managed this year - The Dry Fruit Brittle.

As the sun sets, the paper lanterns take place of the kites and you can see the sky filled with floating lantern lights. The lantern is tied at the thread of the tallest and steady kite.

Paper Lantern in the sky at night!

Along with tons of fun, few finger cuts and neck ache ensures you that you enjoyed the day. If you happen to drop by Gujarat in January, do taste the enjoyment of the festival along with delicious food. This festival must be celebrated in the other parts of India, but the greatness of the festival is only in Gujarat. It is known as Pongal in south India and in the north, it is celebrated as Lohri. Uttarayan, Maghi, Khichdi are some other names I came across for the same festival. Whatever the name you celebrate with, have a great time celebrating it.

Signing off dreaming my childhood days and keeping fingers crossed to take extended vacation or excused leaves to enjoy the day - One day. Until we meet again, toodles!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Raining white inside and out side....

And how is the weekend treating you so far? Me? I am just enjoying a lazy Sunday evening with a warm cup of coffee in "me" mood. Not a much coffee lover but when a teenager demands a coffee on a busy study schedule, mommy dear has to comfort with one. Thought to sip one for myself on this cold and dark (yes, it's already pitch black) evening. As said about this "me" time, I sense I have to get used to it being a mom of two grown up kids. Older one is looking out for universities this fall and middle school-er claim to be a big boy but is still a baby of the house! The younger they get, the older we feel. Though, I keep finding happiness and being busy in my own world - my home! I have always one or another corner to brighten. I keep something happening around myself what I enjoy doing the most!

Today I am inviting you at the foyer of my home. Throwing up once again my sweet little Neutral vignette inspired by the Winter. If your foyer is a big area or small, you have only that area to get or leave your first impression for your guests. The entrance deserves the attention not only to set the mood of your guest but it will give out the clue about what is yet to come. 

After Christmas colors, felt like we needed something calm than chaos. So, I gathered up all I could around the house running up in my daughter's room and my basement (that is where all my decor items land if not using them) to assemble all similar pieces together. 

Since Aj & I are an avid collectors of "Ganeshji", not only we get them home so often, we happen to have them as gifts repeatedly. This piece is one of my favorite one, out of all we have! It is a white Italian marble piece studded with "kundan" work with his little stand. Since it was all going to be neutral, these bright red and green colors were perfect.

Italian Marble Ganesha, studded with KUNDAN.

Lord Ganesha is considered as a "Lord of Beginnings" and one of the most divine god, I bet you haven't find him only at my entrance, you have seen him smiling and glancing at us at many entrances. 

The teapot vase is a new addition to my collection and matched perfectly with my grouping and added the much needed drama on the table. 

 Even though this is almost all neutral, there are bits of texture making it beautiful.  Reed diffuser sticks and few potpourri are enough to refresh the entrance with their fragrance.

The Final Look!

This is what it's dressed for now, but wait, I am not done. I want to share few previous looks of the same spot which I happen to clicked to share with you all. 

Again with all Brass Ganesha

One more,..

With my Buddha at front!

Hope you enjoyed my little corner of the foyer, and yes, don't forget to visit the artist of the house post for those beautiful paintings above the console table.
 I never feel finished about decorating any corner, it is a continuous process in my home. 

I hope you can steal some ideas from my creativity. Now, don't be shy, play around with your foyer with your taste. You will be amazed how your imagination will take its shape. 
See you around and let me hear all about your entrance. Until we meet again, toodles!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Finally Friday!!!

Hello folks, it's Friday already!!

Our winter is in full bloom, freezing temperatures and snow covered blanket is all you can see. Unfortunately I am not a sportsperson unlike my son who finds pleasure playing outside in the snow. I am one of those who enjoys watching him from the other side of the window, covered in a shawl and comfort myself with a cup of "ginger chai" instead. Oh, how I wish I could hibernate for few winter days! 

In my part of the world, wintery weekends are hard to tackle.  Thought of bundling up and leaving home is not that easy in negative two digits Celsius. Nah, not on a weekend at least! Our weekends are more like a family time. Some new try out recipes for dinner and a Bollywood movie is a must on those lousy cold weekends! Also have to squeeze sometime in for running around few errands! 


With that note, I want to welcome my new friends on Facebook, feels good to be connected with like minded people who have similar taste of decor and lifestyle. 

I want to thank each and every one (epecially those friends who are not social media addicts) still gets connected to read my blogs and send their lovely feedback to encourage me at every step. 
At this stage, my blogging world is intoxicating me to push harder, learn harder and present it to you all better. Be it an inspiring click of my lens or my writing, I want you all to enjoy every piece of it and be a part of my passion more often. 

Have a wonderful weekend and stop by again as next few weeks are shaping up to be a good one with few posts in pipeline for us! Till we meet again, toodles!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Party Moods of my Fireplace Mantel

A warm hello on a freezing cold day! Today's post is all about: Imagination, Inspiration and Celebration!

I am not a boutique stylist or even a professional event organizer but I am a ceative mom of 2 lovely children. For whom, I want to create memories, the unforgettable moments of their child hood on their special day.

I am just passionate about learning new stuff and adding my own unique touch to make it memorable.I hunt for cool , quirky ways of  entertaining and putting together unique themed parties for my kids every year, Be it a SPA-SLUMBER PARTY, A SWIMMING POOL PARTY, A SUPER HERO PARTY or  POTTERY PARTY. We have pleasure in creating and enjoying all. On this particular postyou will visualize the efforts of few magical parties we have arranged over the period of time. It's mere an attempt to create memories and make that moment alive.

An accent wall fireplace mantel in my family room is thoughtfully dressed up to fit these particular events. This is where I entertain and fulfill my party craving ideas. You are about to witness different moods of the mantel through out the year. Of course, I do consider having things simple, DIY, fun, crafty and budget friendly to our pockets.

11th Year Movie theme Birthday

My first share is a movie themed party for my boy last March. Everything from invite to dessert was addressed with movie name and themes.

DIY movie (Mr. Peabody & Sherman) ticket invite

A birthday banner with all birthday years & character cakes!

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Movie Theme party!

Mr.Peabody and Sherman personalized water bottles
with mouthstache straws!


Mr. Peabody and Sherman Cupcake tags.

Valentine's Day Mantel

LOVE- LOVE- LOVE, it was all about nothing but LOVE last Valentines!
This year being special with my blog on my hand, my mind is drooling over something unique, so, stay tuned with me for some creative ideas of Valentines next month!

Valentines Day 2014!

Sweet 16 for my girl!

Instead going fancy, we created fantasy right at the comfort of our home for our big girl! It was a surprise to her and her friends.

Sweet 16

Goodies were marked with tags!
Return gifts and some memories!

I have a baby book and school scrap book for both of my children and I cherish them very often. The baby book is all about their baby months, lots of silly pictures of their childhood. Also some special ones including their birth announcements and their tiny foot prints and hand prints.

It can be a thoughtful gift for a mom-to-be!

Carnival Theme Party

This was shared on my Facebook Page last November for my big girl who turned 17 in 2014.

Junkie Food Table
This was the most fun to create. It reminded me of my circus visits in childhood.

I Painted wooden alphabets on the banner in all red and white combination. Carefully made all typical carnival food for the party, including popcorn, fries, cupcakes, and my favorite cotton candy cones (made out of red and white scrap book papers). Mini chalk boards were used as food labels on this table.

All DIY Personalized water bottles and carnival food!

40th Birthday Surprise!
Who does not love a surprise party, and especially when everything was set up perfectly for a best friend! I was glad to host one recently at our home!

Any occasion, birthday or festive, my creative mind just grabs the chance and starts shaping the event. I quest to make every event special.  Some internet researches and my creativity made another party day!
 Used up some left over tissue wrappers of my Christmas gifts, some unused burlap cloth and tons of doilies sitting in my daughter`s drawer were handy enough to make the perfect set up. You may visit this video to learn the paper flowers.

The show stoppers. 
Picture banner with number 40 and my shadow box
with fancy birthday girl teasers!
If you are my regular blog reader, you may have come across my Christmas mantel or my Girls Night In mantel in previous posts.
Girls Night!

Christmas Decor
All you need to be is inventive and creative! Be resourceful and have fun creating!

This was my inspiration to help you throw a party they'll never forget!
I would love to know your party ideas or arrangements, do share your story! What special do you do on your child`s birthday?

Hope you find some inspiration in my little corner to plan your next event. My mind is in process of brainstorming new themes for the new party ideas now, be sure to come again and have a peek in my little  nook next time, till we meet again, toodles!