Friday, April 5, 2019

Colliding Eras & Styles (Home Tour of Jayalakshmy Krishnamurthy)

Décor crazy, yours truly, firmly believes that homes are mostly a reflection of lives lived well and shared with near and dear ones. However, to find that true comfort, it is important to live in a home and not merely a house. But again, a house becomes a home only with the human touch where decorating is all about trusting your instincts, and your taste. 
Our today’s home owners have no style dictates and no “this must go with that” philosophy. Colliding eras and styles, their home is a delicious visual story of their imagination and seeking out things that they love to live with. 
Meet the spirited and sassy Jayalakshmy Krishnamurthy from Bengaluru, who is truly passionate about her home that she shares with her husband. Jaya blames her young age for this perfection seeking mindset for décor. It all began innocently enough and blossomed over the years. 

With their daughters studying abroad, the empty nesters are finding the other joys, which have kept them hooked to life. After living behind the rat race of IT industry, it is the right time to slow down and re-invent the new facet of life for Jaya and her husband. While doing some self-inquiry, the couple is now busy exposing the hidden treasure of our beautiful country along with sparing some time to pursue their creative interests. 
Jaya has rolled out a blooming front yard with riotous colors and greens. The view here can make any visitor feel instantly welcomed. I am sure walking down the path to her front door is always an experience, you never know what will catch your eye next- be it her occasional 'rangoli' designs, beauty of the front door or birds splashing in the bird bath. Jaya, I can go to great lengths sometimes to have such a beautiful porch like you:).    Traditional accessories and bold colors take center stage in Jaya’s home, where simplicity is at its best. Minimal, yet achingly beautiful pieces create a pleasing palette around the home.  
Old-world charm with an intelligent mix of form and functionality is evident as soon as you step in her foyer. Everything is thrown together, yet the relaxed mis-match of finishes and colors just seem so right. Jaya loves warm colors because she believes they bring out the best from wood, bronze and art pieces she owns. Simply by embracing her home’s readymade quirk of this under the stairs corner, Jaya has made that wall stand alone in the limelight by painting it in a brightly hued marigold color. The unusual pieces like Damachiya, plantation chair, the wooden pillar are from a store called Srishti in Banglore that has unfortunately closed down. 
Strong color can elicit a powerful emotional punch. The striking red wall brings a sense of high drama in her prayer room. This is what ever inventive Jaya has to acknowledge for using that bold color, “Red being an auspicious color, we decided to paint our prayer room with this color.  We don’t follow many rituals. However, we do celebrate all festivals and lit lamps. I love this place to meditate keeping the rest of the world at bay.”  

Sourcing true art pieces involves time, patience and luck and all of them highly favor Jaya. Original oleo-graphs picked up from Jew town in Cochin are gracing the walls of her prayer room. By re-framing and displaying these art pieces in a prominent place, Jaya enjoys them, looks at them every day and remembers what makes her happy.  
Be it a furniture or an accessory, every piece has been selected with Jaya’s eye for the exceptional, the glamorous and the quirky. Rhythm of unexpected pairings makes her home a unique mix of profound cultural elements. Most of the furniture pieces are picked up from different places in Bangalore.  
On an emotional level Jaya loves and admires all Indian art forms like Tanjore, Gond, Madhubani and Patachitra. Her coveted collection is displayed where they can bask in all their glory. Buying these art pieces and making them part of their home’s DNA is Jaya’s passionate ode to the world of art. She shares: I used to never miss any exhibitions. I learnt about different art forms by seeing and asking the artists who come to sell their art. I invest in these rare art pieces also because that is my way of supporting so many dying art forms of India.” 
Ask any décor buff and they will tell you brass is the soul of décor. A warm and lavish look is created through brass and other décor accessories around the home. With a twist of adding vintage pieces in her décor Jaya injects wit, history and nostalgia.  
Her refined aesthetic exhibits a honed approach. Every surface seems to erupt in mix of unifying elements and coordinated objects, is a testament to that fact Jaya has let her interiors unfold around her passion.  
With a penchant for anything with character, just like many of us Jaya unearths flea markets, jumble sales and/or even on street corners to collect a piece that tickles her fancy.
Jaya claims gardening is her true passion. Her testament is evident in every corner where potted plants have a pride of place.
Every room in Jaya’s home has a focal point, that is, one corner to which all eyes are drawn. By adding and changing the pieces around them, Jaya gives them a transformative effect. Mirror here on the wall is from Pete’s Furniture, Banglore.  
Jaya’s living room has a warm friendly glow just as vibrant as the home owners. A room where they are truly themselves, a space where they entertain, talk, read or just sway away on the zula at the end of a long day. Room can be public – a welcoming space for guests or private – a quite retreat for just them. 
Experimenting is always fun for Jaya, she believes, little risk just adds to the drama. Without a little vintage, sleek contemporary interiors can seem soulless. And, without a modern factor, vintage pieces seem fusty and staid. Yet, when they come together, interior becomes completely fresh and feels just right in her home.  
Jaya was gracious enough to share the sources of the furniture pieces. Swing is custom made by Dakshini Antiques and two sofas are from Maram.   
It seems like Bengalurian bound socialite are compelled to décor their homes in traditional tone, the availability of locale’s exquisite furniture, brass laden artifact stores and the history of the city- all demands it. 
That's all folks! As we end this tour, I would like to thank Jaya for her wonderful support and enthusiasm she has given me throughout the entire process. I heartily appreciate your efforts Jaya for dedicating so much of your time to this endeavor. Wishing you and your family the best of everything. 

Well, for you my dear seems like a home tour season is going on and looks like another one is in the offing soon. Can you look into your crystal balls and make some predictions about it? Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!  

(Images are taken by Jayalakshmy. Please do not use the images without the prior written permission of the home owner and Pinkz Passion however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account) 


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