Monday, March 30, 2020

Whimsically Ethnic Kitchen Tour of Poornima Murthy (Part-3)

Part 1 purely moved you, part 2 raised your spirit but part 3 will feed all your senses literally and laterally. Welcome back, with PART –3 of Murthy family’s heart of the If in case you missed part one and part two, you may head here and here to tour this envy-inducing, richly layered home, where every corner is exquisitely adorned. Mind you, just like the rest of the home, their kitchen is also a high style status. Since there is lots to bite and chew, do stay a while.
Design guts often leads to interior glory but her Kitchen is the epitome of her design sensibilities. Kitchen, being the magnet of the home, Poornima collated the top kitchen design ideas with a confident mix of traditional and contemporary trends.
Trends are exciting and who doesn’t want the latest things in the kitchen. Poornima (who respects the craftsmanship and fine detailing of traditional elements) is also inspired by the pared-down approach of contemporary and decided to go with a transitional kitchen. Transitional style is usually a marriage of traditional and contemporary designs that resulted in giving a clean classic look for her kitchen. 
Along with getting swept up in the latest fads, Poornima goes for a good fit for her family’s personal needs in her kitchen. From the earliest phase of the kitchen project, Poornima wanted the kitchen to feel good and be functional. However, she confesses that they played blind on the kitchen floor plan as the builder had no model house for the kitchen. She is happy that they both inclined to their instinct and they could balance the beauty with functionality in the kitchen.  
There is no denying that countertops take the brunt of daily food preparation. Still, given the fact, that they are major players in the kitchen Poornima wanted them to look fabulous. Striking quartz countertops along with marble look alike backsplash in her kitchen adds the seductive good looks. I love the fact, how this decorative marble look alike tile up to the ceiling creates a handsome cabinetry and high-tech appliance stand out even more.   
If the kitchen is the heart of any household, the island takes one step’s the core of the kitchen. Beyond its visual beauty this kitchen island is another appealing attribute in Poornima’s kitchen. Island doubles up the storage space while the small style sink turns her island into a handy food prep area as well.  
There is no hard and fast rule in Poornima's kitchen that everything has to match. In fact, contrasting colors are on the rise and her kitchen highlights the trend beautifully. The eye-catching contrast here between the color choice of island and cabinets is much refreshing.  
The oversized island in Poornima’s kitchen is an entertainer’s dream. With its perfect size, it expands the entertaining possibilities within the kitchen. While Poornima prepares the meal, her guests enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the same room.  
From large dinner parties to more intimate gatherings, the open-concept island makes this kitchen an inviting one for entertaining groups of all sizes. This functional island gives an opportunity to Poornima to interact and enjoy the company of her guests within the kitchen. Here are some glimpses of  Poornima’s ‘CHAT-PARTY” that she hosted in the comfort of her own kitchen island.
There is something warm and wonder about sunshine streaming into the kitchen literally. A great view is an asset to Poornima’s kitchen. Not only it adds to the room’s natural appeal but an overview window visually blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Don't overlook those colorful cups with succulents, Poornima does not give up any space to show up her style.
Surrounding yourself with familiar and favorite things not only give you something pleasant to look but is also uplifting where you spend hours to cook. Her quirky approach to aesthetics is carried forward beautifully in her kitchen as well. I am sure you are ogling at her colorful serving collection...that's where my eyes also landed when I saw it for the first time :)
Long gone are the days of an in-store purchases were your only option. Shopping online puts a plethora of choices at your fingertips all in the comfort of your own home. Poornima’s kitchen towel is surely one of the things that I will be adding in my online shopping cart from Cost Plus WorldMarket. Her other colorful kitchen accessories are also collected over the time from Home Goods and WorldMarket. Her collection is a statement of exclusivity, high taste and her impeccable choice. 
Given the amount of time spent in the kitchen comfort and style are always a high priority. And at the end, it all comes down to what speaks to the home owners and what the family will be comfortable with on a day-to-day basis. Above all, proving that fashion and function can go hand in hand Poornima’s kitchen can tick off all the boxes of a dream kitchen. 

That's it folks, this feature brings the conclusion to our exciting tour of Murthy family's home. This home definitely exemplifies creativity beyond our imagination. I wish there are part 4 and part 5 (what say, Poornima).

I want to extend many thanks and my appreciation beyond words to Poornima for the confidence she showed in me for tackling this home tour and putting her energy into cracking photography. Thank you again for generously sharing your home with us. Sending the best of the wishes for you and your family. 

Stay connected dear readers until we meet again, toodles!

(Image Courtesy: Poornima Murthy. The pictures can not be used without a consent  from the home owners, however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account)  

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