Monday, April 11, 2016

Gaatha - A tale of crafts (Featured e-shop)

Gaatha, an online brand long associated with iconic Indian inspired designs and built on the idea of persevering disappearing art and craft of Indian heritage is what we are cheering today via snippets of their collective pursuit.
Well thought out ethics, strong sense of styling of products reflecting traditional charm, and above all promoting the efforts of artisans that went in making that one of kind artefact shows how team Gaatha has beautifully capitulated cultural preservation.  
Amazed by the rich detail on their website, I reached out to Gaatha to find more about some exclusive facts and inside scoop. Led by imaginative forbearers and visionaries with strong social conscience, Gaatha holds committed team of 8 people at the moment, of which three are the founding members viz. all Alumni  of National Institute of design, Ahmedabad . One team member is a software engineer from reputed engineering college of India. One applied artist, graphic designer and a couple of content developers.  Gaatha also keep collaborating with volunteers, researchers and photographers who help adding research volume into their craft documentation on project/freelance basis. 

When elements like passion, mindset and dedication to fortify local crafts coalesced in a unique and artistic way, Gaatha was germinated. As termed out by team Gaatha:
Passion for handicrafts was seeded while doing academic research under Prof. M.P.Ranjan and Aditi Ranjan at the National Institute of Design (NID). We (the core team) learnt how many beautiful traditional Indian crafts are fighting for survival today. When a craft dies, we not only lose the time-tested techniques but we also lose generations of faith and wisdom that went into making that object.

To uplift the pride and prosperity of the wearing away Indian legacy of handicraft, Gaatha is reinstating that faith and respect via their fruitful marketing prowess. As coined out by team Gaatha:
Gaatha was originally created for researching and documenting Indian craft clusters and heritage which are experiencing rapid erosion. However, we learnt from artisans themselves that need was not to do research alone but to restore ‘pride and commercial opportunity’ in their ecosystem. Today Gaatha thus aims to bring the lost respect and wealth back to these heirloom artisanal clusters. 
In an effort, Gaatha not only connects with artisans from far-flung villages, but also shares visual journey of their products. Gaatha affirms:

As Indian crafts are so varied, so is our inventory; ranging from extremely sophisticated and high end products like Kashmir Pashmina shawls, Gold Theva jewelry to utility based items like kitchenware but one thing that runs common to everything we keep at Gaatha store is the quality and good aesthetics.

Chiefly motivated by Indian origins, Gaatha, since last three years, has only been doing research and documentation of various crafts across India. They started e-commerce portal a couple of months ago. Gaatha intends to cover everything from pottery to ship making and even the simple daily utility-based crafts such as rope or broom making.

Sky is the limit when you shop Gaatha, as they have hundreds of items through their e-commerce platform from the deepest alcoves of vibrant India. So, what are you waiting for, head straight to their website here and bring a handmade Indian vibe to spiff up your home by one of a kind piece from Gaatha. Like Gaatha's facebook page or follow their fancy feeds on Instagram.
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(Image courtesy: Gaatha)

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