Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shakiraaz - (Featured Homeware Products)

When feminine aesthetic gets infused with traditional glam and when self-directed observation and exploration take a leap,  a home ware brand like "Shakiraaz" is built. Shakiraaz has made that brilliant name by blending outstanding meticulous skills with an elegant projects imbued with great attention to detail and pride in home decor accessories. Captivating combinations with handmade designs and personalized prints fashions the space at Shakiraaz.   

Just because every successful story begins with a carefully devised past, having admired by Shakira's body of work, with that extra little zest, I reached out the lady Shakira herself to know few tricks of her trade.  
Shakira traces her passion of art since early years, where she used to draw, sketch and paint inspired by both of her parents’ amateur drawings. Her eyes still lit well up at the memory of recalling her mom’s days of styling vignettes and photographing from where she picked up the interest in home wares and décor. Fueling her interest by building a remarkable educational degree in textile designing, Shakira took a nosedive to pursue her passion and strike out a new path by opening her brand “Shakiraaz”.

It’s not a secret that being in a creative environment breads creativity. Shakira defines the initial moment of her business before she excelled the brand in her words:
"I actually started my business by hand painting designs each one off & exclusive on cushions, bags, scarves. Apart from friends and family, exhibiting my products in small galleries kick started my brand. Putting hours as an apparel textile designer for children's apparel coupled with my hand done work strengthen a lot to further my brand as well.”

Start-up comes with lots of uncertainties but giving never crossed her mind. She redrew boundaries of work and home when she welcomed her daughter. Shakira adds in her cautinary note about her success mantra:
"The only thing that has brought some success is my hard work and prioritising.....sometimes for a home based business your house work piles up and  you need to get to it...but setting the priorities with a sense of calm focus has helped everything fall into spaces.. Immense support from my husband has also helped in this; I could not do it without him! My husband is the one who put together a printing table for me (Bless him) and since then I am on a creative roll and I did not have to look back."

Shakiraaz design strategy focuses on strong shapes and patterns. Her lavish and feminine aesthetic has shaped the space with personalized designs and print textiles. Shakira crackles proudly about her design strategies:

"At Shakiraaz, I design blocks by hand or using the computer and get them handcrafted by Indian artisans. Each block is an aftermath of my own design. Hand screen printing is also a part of my designs in my studio. “Shakiraaz” home ware brand only practices on ecofriendly dyes with linen and cotton materials for most of the products. Art prints on watercolor is something we recently launched which illustrates my love of tribal design and fondness of succulents and cactus, is available now online."
Constant craving for creativeness and change has made Shakira source few of her designs from India as well. Though, expertise of running on an ethos of creating everything handmade and leaving a good carbon footprint echoes in Shakiraaz merchandises. Full proof formula of no mass creation and only handmade and handcrafted production is well served at Shakiraaz.

Delicious designs, pleasing patterns and yummy colors grace the work of a talented lady. Tending her own unique muse, she nurtured her creative spirit and built a remarkable brand name. As we conclude today's post, we wish "Shakiraaz" much more growth ahead along with warm thanks for letting us take a deep dive in her mushrooming brand. You may connect on her Instagram page here, place an order from her online store here and visit her itsy store here.

Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

(All Images: Shakiraaz)


  1. hi pinky,
    I have been following your blog for a while now!! I always thought of writing back to you about how wonderfully you write and how beautifully you decorate your house interiors!! I am also an art admirer and in future would want to decorate my house like all you talented ladies do!!
    All the best to you and keep up the good work.. People like you inspire me��
    Cheers to the good work!!

    1. Your lovely gesture of dropping by here made my day Radhika :) So happy to hear that you enjoy my blog and it has been a source of inspiration for your future home décor. Thank you for a lovely comment and I look forward hearing from you more often :)